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Hopping around at Liverpool Tattoo Con with a massively swollen knee! Photo by Alice Snape

Outfit: Cherry Shoes


 Today I’m Wearing: vintage 80’s dress from Mooch Vintage, Sheffield; Shadowlands sunglasses, Michael Perry cherry shoes

 Picked up this dress last week, its one of those 80’s weird things that are just so peculiar you can’t help but think they are cool – once the shoulder-pads have been binned that is! Its got something like a wicker basket print and a little bit of exposed middle. perfect with tutti-frutti sunglasses and cherry shoes.



Outfit: Marie Claire China



 Last year I opened up my shoe collection for Marie Claire China to do an interview and photo shoot. I agreed not to share any details until the magazine was published. Sadly they let me down and never sent me the promised copy of the issue or any of the photos from the shoot. So if anyone did see the feature please let me know.

Anyway I thought I would share a few snaps I took myself from the day, especially as I adore the outfit I wore, Vivienne Westwood Worlds end jumper and Gold Label skirt and shoes.


These gold shoes have been my go-to favourites for a while now and sadly they are now a little worse for wear – multiple trips to the cobbler can only take them so far. Since I love a bit of gold metallic I’ve been on the look out for something a little more summery so I can give these a rest and these Michel Perry gold t-bar sandals really caught my eye. I already have a cute pair of Michel Perry sandals with cherries on which I adore so these are up on my wish list.





Shoes: Nike High Tops


This weather is impossible! It’s meant to be summer but it really does feel a lot like winter. You can’t beat a good pair of high-tops for these days, paired with baggy ripped jeans and a slouchy jumper. As I’ve been living in these Nike’s I am currently really wanting to add another pair to my collection. I’m currently lusting after these amazing Nike Blazer in shimmery red, you can’t really go wrong with a bit of glitter right!


New Candle Obsession


My best friend got me into candles, after being forced to smell every possible scent in Jo Malone and Molton Brown each Saturday I eventually gave in and jumped on board the band wagon. Now we have trays of candles in every room, a different fragrance for any occasion or mood imaginable. I had been wanting to try the Flamingo Candles* for a while, I’d heard only gushing reviews of the wonderfully creative scents and you can’t deny the come in the prettiest flamingo branded jar. These Flamingo candles are from Flamingo Gifts

who offer a huge selection in the range, with fragrances from the tradition such as Oriental lotus & Rose otto to Blackcurrent Jam there will be something to suit everyone! They really do fill the whole room with scent which lasts and lasts, I am a real convert and am already making a list of which to choose next. Flamingo Gifts have 10% off at the moment too (usually £11) so well worth taking advantage of that and having a treat, or two.

I’d love to know which fragrances you have tried?

Outfit: Tokyo Laundry


 Wearing: Sweater Tokyo Laundry, ‘Mom’ jeans H&M, shoes Vivienne Westwood Gold Label

For someone who loves fashion and loves getting dressed up at any possible occasion, I find myself seeking out simple basics more and more at the weekends. After planning work outfits five days a week on top of any outfits for nights out its reassuring to have comfy bits I know I can just pull on to go out for lunch or a walk around the shops. I’ve been living in a mix of jeans and these two sweaters from Tokyo Laundry*, simple classic basics you can dress up or down as you like. I hadn’t shopped with Tokyo Laundry before but was impressed with their fast delivery and quirky packaging. Both jumpers were under £20 and yet really great quality, both lovely and soft – my purple sleeves even got stroked. They do a Menswear line too so one for the guys to check out. I really am looking forward to dressing these two pieces up, I would wear both to work with a pencil skirt and heels for a smart-casual look.

You can also see my new photo spot on our balcony, its a real sun trap and we are looking forwards to sitting out on long summer days- when they get here anyway!


Wearing: sweater Tokyo Laundry, shorts River Island, shoes Converse

Outfit: Censored, or not

10407748_873442382695815_1919198405861426860_n 10363787_872673829439337_837103512019057701_n

I have had this little Vivienne Westwood kilt for years, its one of those pieces I can rely on – easy to dress up or down. Lately I’ve been pairing it with either this cream jumper or my Worlds End boobs t-shirt, I like how simply changing the top makes a hugely different statement. The boots I’ve had for many years too, the super high stiletto means I don’t wear them all too often but when I do I think they make quite an impact. If you are looking for similar this pair from Charles Jourdan are beautiful and Bronx are generally a great brand for boots.


Moving House

11001726_930321407007912_2604819571831854250_n - Copy


We’ve been moving these past few weeks, all I can say is what a nightmare! Still surrounded by boxes but getting there, if slowly. First thing’s first, getting all the shoes out of their boxes and back on the new shoe wall.


1743572_922656994441020_9036915679185559706_n - Copy

Outfit: Those Boots You Are Sick Of Seeing



There aren’t many things I will wear to death, but when I do find something I really, really like then I will wear it until it falls to pieces! These black suede Ash Jalouse boots, which I have mentioned far too many times to remember, haven’t left my feet since I got them. They are the perfect heel high to be both comfortable and a little dressy and really do go with everything. As I love these so much and have really not been kind to them I also got a pair of the Ash Jess boots in a soft grey-brown, but I am trying to save those until the weather is a bit more friendly. I took my Jalouse to the cobbler for a re-heel and he also gave me some black suede dye so I can try to revive the colour – will let you know how that goes.