More Chanel & Denim

Here are a few more images I forgot about! All Runway shots from various collections.

I am still so in love with these Chanel boots – I think they were last S/S. Ahh I could write an entire post on shoes that I wish I had got and didn’t and now regret it (sighhh). But how shiney and beautiful are they!!! If anyone does come across a pair still available please let know x

Plastic Fantastic!!

Melissa Shoes!

Ok so the thought of wearing plastic shoes filled me with dread – you can thank Croc’s for that, however these are plastic shoes with a difference. Not Crocs, not wellies but bang on trend shoes made from breathable PVC! Great for vegans but even better for those who live in the rainy capital of the world! Yep they are totally waterproof so you can splash around in the puddles too if you should so please. I certainly do.

But what is truely special about Melissa shoes is that Vivienne Westwood has colaborated with them as part of her Anglomania collection! Currently this is the third collection with the next coming along soon (for a sneek peek see my post ‘Vivienne Westwood gives you wings’).

The collections includes a number of differnt styles, peep-toe ballet pumps, triple strap roman pumps, brightly coloured and glittery mary janes, wellies with the pirate squiggle print, tripple strap heels and the Lady Dragon which is a heeled sling back with an orb, bow or heart on the toe – the heart shoes caused a total storm and have been instant sell-outs with each delivery. Each design is either based on a VW original or a Melissa orginal with VW twist such as the Ultragirl pump!

So bright and at such reasonable prices, you need these shoes!

I have four pairs of Mary Janes, a black glittery pair of Lady Dragon’s and a black pair of flat three strap pumps. Some of the last season Melissa’s are actually half price on the VW website too (!

Chanel & Denim

I wear a lot of Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, which is great as there are lots of fashion shoots and runway shots to take inspiration from. I love wearing Chanel tweed with denim – though I think I get this from my mum! But here are a few images I have. I actually have loads more Chanel images saved up (sorry if I borrowed one of these images from you – please let me know if I have), as I originally saved them up just for my own inspiration and never intended to have a blog! I just love them and so will divide the up between posts to share with all the other Chanel fans.

Hope thats faux fur! FYI I am definately against the use of real fur, its just so unnecesary! Though I do wear leather, in my opinion if I eat it, I can wear it. Though I really commend Stella McCartney for standing by her decision not to use any animal products in her collections. Also if you don’t want to wear leather shoes, check out MELISSA shoes, for fashionable shoes. Ah I totally can not belive I havent done a Melissa post…

All that Glitters – J Maskrey

Think back a couple of years to the summer you were spending all you time sticking tiny crystals all over your body, remember? They were like jewelled tattoos! Well that was down to the designer, former make-up artist, J. Maskrey! Turns out she decided to stick the crystals all over clothes too, and has been designing gorgeous glittery fashion since 2000. Take a look at these shots for her new collection – I love!

Anyway, what got me thinking about J was that whilst I was hunting for more sneaky peeks of the new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes, I found that J also did a collaboration. How cute are these clear pumps, I think they would look like you just had lots of crystals covering your feet – so pretty! Seriously though I have to look away from this collection as I am already hankering after those crystal leggings, and the gloves are gorg, and um I would probably need that sweater…

Michael Jackson, Style Icon

I had been compiling a post on who my style icons are, and who have been an influence throughout my life. Michael Jackson was second only to Boy George, with his ribboned hair he was my first style crush when I was about five years old! Michael, however was to be my second and biggest style icon, who remained so throughout my life. I am deeply saddened by his untimely death, and so decided to list the section on his influence as a separate post, as a tribute.
Michael Jackson will have influenced most of you out there, children of the ÔÇÿ80s! In fact he was to influence my style until I went to high school, and of course had to ÔÇÿfit inÔÇÖ. Whilst most other young girls were obsessing over Madonna and Kylie, I wanted to not only look like, Michael but be Michael when I grew up. I would sit and watch his videos over and over, but I think my first and all time favourite will always be the red leather jacket!

I never did get a red one, but I did get a brown one (black was far to predictable 😉 ). I wore this with my red satin baseball boots, and pretty much everything else, including school uniform. There was also a time when I would not remove an orange tutu (I wore it under my school skirt!!) but thatÔÇÖs another story!
The thing I find most intriguing is how current now, MichaelÔÇÖs look is. I think we can sincerely thank Michael for leather jackets, socks with shoes, 7/8th pants, epaulettes, sequins, trilby hats, aviators and most of all military jackets. I have always loved military jackets, I adore frogging, and they are a constant every A/W. But it was striking to see the beautiful Balmain military jackets this season, surely another Michael influence. I also thought it was charming to see Michael sporting an A/W Balmain sequined t-shirt, like some kind of mirrored admiration.
It doesnÔÇÖt stop there either, I am currently seeking out Russian inspired pieces for my A/W wardrobe and yep, you guessed it Michael was there first too, I wonder what other Michael trends will surface in the future?
So I will leave you some photos of our Icon, who for me will be the one and only King of Pop, but also King of Style.

Russian inspired red and gold check, military frogging check, sequins check ÔÇô this is surely the perfect jacket for A/W.

A selection of MichaelsÔÇÖ jackets ÔÇô WOW!

A Balmain military jacket

White trilby, white blazer = two of this summers hottest items, and spats as seen at Prada last year, and I am sure to be seen again

Who isnÔÇÖt doing sequin blazers, they are everywhere. I always think of this look when I wear black trousers with flats!

A Russian influenced shirt

Militry shirt and leather / wet-look trousers – you so will be come Autumn!

Another trend will be anything spider man, more as in cobweb detailing with sequin and chains, as opposded to red and blue catsuits. Just like this shirt of Michaels’.

I actually switched the images so that this one was last, I love this photo of Michael and was going to include it to show how stylish he still is wearing Balmain. But now I want it to represent my lasting memory of him, with a swagger in his step and a smile on his face, he looks at peace with himself and the world.

Westwood gives you wings!

Wowzer! These are the new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes! They are a version of the classic rocking horse aka slave shoes (below image: grace-world.web) with wings on the strap. I seriously can’t wait to try these on in the shop, I dont think I would wear them out, but I am still strangely enticed by them. Maybe I will buy a pair to do the cleaning in! I could totally see them looking cool with a Harajuku look though, they are made for knee socks, if anyone does get a pair please, please send me your photos x

Vivienne Westwood Shots

I have had these shots from a Vivienne Westwood shoot saved for some time, sorry I didn’t make a note of the reference (if anyone does know, please let me know!). I actually have the white blazer so I know the collection is from a few summers ago. I just really like to look at Westwood clothes and liked the styling for the shoot. I was intending to follow up yesterdays post of the quote which I photo’ed at the VW exhibition but am having issues re-sizing my images, hopefully I will get that sorted out soon!