Karl Largerfeld Quote – a side order of Chanel

So true Karl, so true!
However the more I look at the Lily Allen images for the coco cocoon bag I still cannot decide if I like them or not! Maybe I need to go and touch one, they do look like they would double up nicely as a sleeping bag.
I am working on a couple of bigger posts so bear with my random thoughts for a little while 😉

Has anyone seen this incredibly stylish man?

It is a very, very rare occasion when anyone can out style Miroslava, but Ive just come across the second photo of this man. The first time I saw this photo I was blown away with his look, but to find out that he does it in other colour ways!!! I wonder if it is his signature look? So please does anyone know WHO IS THIS MAN??? So I can style stalk him a bit more.

The lines of this look are so sharp and those are surely the most perfect trousers I have ever seen!

From the tuban, scarf, trousers and jackets these looks are perfection!!! I love it! (I am expecting he is someone really famous and I am going to look dumb not knowing who he is).
Oh and doesn’t Miroslava look amazing as usual, if I could have anyones wardrobe it would be hers (or David Bowie).

Lily Allen for Chanel, what we got and what I wanted!

Lily Allen for Chanel Coco Cocoon Handbags

I posted a couple of weeks ago that Lily was to be the face of the new Chanel handbag collection, and here are the shots. I was really shocked to see them actually as I had in my head what I thought they would do. I don’t know if I like these or not, they are kind of a characature of an Audry Hepburn look, and whilst they are fun, I don’t know if they are Chanel if you see what I mean.

When Kate Moss and Kiera Knightly were chosen for Chanel, for example, both girls we are used to seeing glammed up and also rock chic laid back, but for Chanel the shoots made both women instantly glamourous, the empitome of beauty and luxury. So I had two thoughts on how they might want to shoot Lily, one as a total glamazon like Kate and Kiera, or two something a little more street as thats the look Lily usually has and encorporates her Chanel into this really well.

Lily in her Everday Chanel, and below glammed up in Armand Bassi and patent Chanel bag.

What I was really hoping for was the ‘street Lily’ a bit (image from my own mind):

As we all know its a classic Chanel image to be all glamourous and lovely, but I really wanted something new and a bit risque – basically I wanted this:

Images from a shoot for UK Elle – style lessions on how to wear Chanel in a super cool way!

So Karl if you could just fix that for me that would be ace, thanks!
P.S Does anyone want one of the bags? I think they’d make a usedfull laptop bag but looks wise they just aren’t doing it for me.

No Sucker! A striped view.

Nothing says summer to me more than Seersucker, I just love the sky blue and crisp white, and of course you can always mix it up liek SJP and go pink! I was looking at these photos of Giovana and Ashley and then the Sartorialist put up this photo (below) and I had to share. My photo was taken a year or so ago in London – it is not sunny in Manchester in case you were wondering! In fact yesterday I pulled out some of my winter stuff already, I feel very guilty but I am cold, and I really miss leather! I am wearing Vivienne Westwood shoes and skirt erm and bag and brooch, topshop vest and mac.
(credits: jak&jil, Sartorialist, Advancedstyle, Maydele.blogspot, HBO)

Treasure Chest of Vintage Jewels

Ive always loved old tin boxes like this and love all manner of sparkly things to put it them! When I was very young my first teacher was absolutely lovely, she was called Mrs Joseph. Mrs Joseph has an old box a bit like this and inside were lots of tiny little parcels wrapped up in coloured tissue paper. Everyone got a turn to go up to the front and pick out a parcel, then they could unwrap it. There were all sorts of random objects from buttons, to broken jewels, watch parts anything you could imagine. On my turn it was a beautiful piece of green glass that had been smoothed by the sea. Mrs Joseph would have a different story for each parcel, mine was pirate treasure wash up on the shore…

This I am convinced is what started me off collecting anything pretty and shiny, in lovely old tin boxes, mostly found at car boots sales. A couple of years ago I got into jewellery making, unfortunately I don’t have the time these days, but I really enjoyed making new pieces from the old. So I thought I would show you some of my designs. I still have all of these except the huge charm necklace, which I wish I had kept now, but it went to a good home!

Vintage cameo cuff bracelet, I just adore the cameo on this and all the broken glittery bits.

This one is quite big so I wear it over a black long sleeve jumper, I love these colours.

This was a huge piece which could be worn as a bracelet or necklace, it was made up from so many different things!

This was just two broken earrings, but I love how they work together, like the cat silhouetted against the moon!

So, don’t throw out any broken or old jewellery recycle or as Vivienne Westwood says ‘do it yourself’. Making jewellery like this is pretty easy all you need is some old junk and a tube of glue suitable for metal, or to make charm braclets jump ring to attach the bits and a pair of mini plyers (all readily available from craft shops and ebay).

(all images and designs are my copyright)

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Ebay bargin of the week – it could be yours – YSL booties!!

So, since I do seem to have a skill for finding amazing bargins I thought I would share with you. Also if I pass on the bargin it will stop me buying it!

I found these YSL white leather booties with brown croc trim and amazing bow detail!

Aren’t the amazing! And if you are a UK 6 / 39 they could be yours 1 day to go and only at ┬ú49.99!!! You can find them on ebay by going to advanced search, serach by item number: 400062176164. They would be mine if I could master such a dangerously high heel! How perfect would they be worn with Le Smoking style!!

Sorry no idea what the last image is all about, just made me laugh – wonder if they had him at Hogwarts?

Chanel Man Bag strike 2?

So I stumbled across a couple more of these David Byun shots – still not sure what the intention is? Men should buy Chanel bags? You should get yourself a hot naked guy to carry your Chanel around for you? Who knows maybe we should just enjoy the images!

Apparently Karl himself is partial to a man-bag, infact all bags:

“They make your life more plesant, make you dream, give you confidance and show your neighbours you are doing well. Everyone can afford a luxury handbag”
Karl Largerfeld

Guess he didn’t see the recession coming! I do like his reasoning though LOL!

(quote from bagbliss.com)

Quick outfit post, a bit preppy, a bit Damien, and D&G loafers!

Just a couple of photos of my outfit I wore to go shopping this weekend. I actually only went to return a coat I bought last week, and didn’t need so was feeling guilty! The second photo my mum thinks I look like Damien from the Omen, when he is wearing the suit and has that evil glint in his eye, I thought I looked quite preppy! Either way I am in serious need of a haircut! I am wearing Topshop jeans, Vivienne Westwood shirt, Chanel coat / dress thing, Chanel bowling bag and some brown shoes, guess where from?

Go on guess? I decided that I love everything I am wearing here but chose to feature the shoes as everyone thinks I am winding them up when they ask where they are from. Most people guess Burberry as they doo have that snub tip and hidden platform. But nope they are from primark, serious like ┬ú12! WTF I know, so I got them in purple too. Ok so the quality isn’t great and they aren’t real leather, but I can say the same for Stella McCartney shoes. Am I the only person in the world to wear Chanel and Primark, is that a punishable crime? I just wear what I like. But I do accept the fact that if I get caught in the rain they may well fall to pieces, so I bought some back up plan shoes..

Cute huh! And on sale!! So erm yeh I got both but they were too much of a bargin not to!

They are both from D&G A/W 08 I loved this campaign, and both these shoes will look good with black peg trousers and grey tights and a short skirt, I am thinking! What do you guys think of the huge metal heel in the brogues, my friend and I had a huge debate about this, she thinks it is plain hidious, I agree it is hidious but in a good way, strangely compelling to the point that I just love it! So, so glad I got these, I’ve actually tried them on a few times but decided they were too impractical for the price (as in I may never make it out of the house in heels so high), god bless the Harvey Nics’s sale! x

Excuse me whilst I hurl myself at the feet of Alexander McQueen!!

Alexander McQueen Knuckleduster clutch bag

So I was just minding my own business checking out some of my favourite blogs when Natalie (natalieinboots.blogspot.com) does a great post on pre-fall McQueen (check it out link on the right, it is actually just the full stop, why I don’t know!) Right at the bottom is this metalic knuckleduster clutch and seriously my heart skipped a beat! I always like McQueen who doesn’t but never to the extend of obsession! So, I went over to McQueen.com and they do it in red snake too!!!!! Is this the most amazing thing ever! Do I wish they just did the knuckleduster too? You bet!

I was actually checking out McQueen this weekend, I love the Faithfull clutch with the biker glove, but its not really my style, I just like the concept.

I also really like the regular skull clutches, and some of the looks are spot on, where do I get a hat like this?
This brown outfit would look perfect with the gold or red clutch!

Argyle socks!!! yay!! I have some of these, they are amazing, but wait, how much more amazing with these boots…
Sock boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course the over the knee winter essential!

Ahh OK I feel much better now I have passed on the warm and fuzzy McQueen love, and erm actually ready for winter!