Ebay Bargain of the week: Ann Demeulemeester Lace Boots

I know some of you guys haven’t yet given up the search for the shoe Holy Grail that is the black Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots, so though I best report back that their is a pair of 38 / UK5 brand new on German ebay, item number: 290344715218, current bid is only 102 Euros. There are also a couple if pair in white and a brown on worldwide ebay should anyone fancy a look, as there haven’t been any on there for ages!

Couldn’t resist the chance to add this runway image!

And here is some proof that the boots are wearable in winter too, I certainly won’t be putting mine away. They will be perfect with socks and tights!

Yep, these smug fashion editors agree!
I also know some of you are hankering after an Ann D alternative – so sorry its taken so long for me to post this! But here are my best finds:

The Bronx Shani are £70 and also available in lots of differnt colours, these felt pretty comfortable.

There are also these from Aldo also £70 and slightly influenced by Givenchy too if you ask me!

I was considering both of these before I scored my Ann D’s and would have gone for the Bronx on sheer comfort factor, the Aldo’s felt a bit less padded and more dressed up, but looked great! I did, however find a pair even better than both of these on ASOS.com, they aren’t boots though but shoes and I think they are pretty cool. I will be putting them in the next post as I am wearing them. (Actually that post would have been this post until I saw the Ann’s on ebay and decided on two separate posts!)

So whilst we are on the subject let have a swoon over the new season Ann D’s

These are my favourite £575

The riding boots are £795

And the wedges ┬ú590, all available in the UK at Brownsfashion.com. I am personally in love with the Alexander Wang buckle boots, and am refusing to post them as it will only feed the addiction and I don’t happen to have ┬ú700 to spend on boots (please go on sale, please go on sale)


I did see this version a while ago but didn’t realise they ship to the UK so thanks to Dana at http://www.egotrippingatthegates.blogspot.com/

you can get these online at freepeople.com for $198 plus $35 shipping (but beware you will get charged extra for the import tax which can be expensive). These definately are the closest to the Ann D’s, and thus a bit more expensive. I know this is weird but I hate that her toes stick out the end so much too – sorry I am so picky and odd with some things LOL. They do come in a dove grey too which is a really gorg colour.
What do you guys think? Which would you go for? Did you get any of these?

Siena Steals: Stylish finds from around the globe

Yep, it was far too hot to be wearing leather leggings and a furry gilet but I just miss these pants!!

I really took to them last A/W and just think they make a real base for my style, these are Topshop PU – I didn’t like the low waist on the real leather ones (and at ┬ú45 a lot cheaper). The gilet is new so I am eager to wear it! The shoes were a bargain charity shop find, they are vintage but had never been worn and were only ┬ú7, and the wooden bracelets are vintage too from ebay. The belt is Vivienne Westwood so breaks my recessionista outfit, I have had it for years though such a good buy as I wear it most days! My favourite thing here though is the dress. I was in Siena, Italy for work and so pretty stressed out. Siena is a mecca for beautiful designer boutiques, however if you head off to the other side of town there is a little street with a fantastic couple of vintage shops and this is were I found the dress. It is silk with the name Pecci signed on the print, it was around 10 euros (or the equivalent price of the pizza dinner I went without to buy it).

Love this print!!

Siena is also home to budding new designers, this dress was hand made and designed by the guy I bought it from. It is made from a printed chiffon doubled over to create the bubble hem – simply stunning! I am sure I have a card for him, so let me know if any of you are heading over for your holidays. He had such amazing pieces, and this dress was so cheap, I think around ┬ú25 (I didnt eat much that trip, but it was worth it, who needs a meal when you have gelato anyway).

Worn with primark sandals for £10 and pearl headband £3.00 from accessorise.

The beautiful print really reminded me of the Prada collection that summer, I would love anything from that collection.

Siena was such an inspiring place, I just had to show you a few of my photos.

Siena is famous for its horse race and this is the traditional costume for the event – love the mixed colour leggings!

Whilst we were there the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace was being filmed…

I couldn’t resist sneaking over to get a look at the costumes, those on the right were for the horse racers and those on the left for Danial Craig – that’s all I got as security wasn’t too happy about nosey parkers LOL.

The Italians do love their Cavalli and Prada. I love the contrast between the new and old, beautiful Siena. x
I have also just joined lookbook.nu so please, please go give me some hype! Also a big hi to everyone following the blog now, I love seeing your colourful icons everyday x

Recessionista Style: Save money – make your own Chanel bag

Don’t know about you guys but I am so sick of articles on saving money. Mainly due to the fact they are mostly ridiculous! Cue recent More Dash than Cash in Vogue, don’t worry that the cheapest item the model is wearing is ┬ú200 she used a ┬ú2 piece of ribbon as a scarf! Or Look magazine don’t splash out ┬ú300 on the new D&G butterfly shoes, buy a cheap pair of shoes and adorn them with D&G butterfly brooches – right at ┬ú30 each and say four per shoe, er how much am I saving? Plus how the hell do you stick the damn thing to the shoes?!?! So, should any one come across an article that is any use please share!!

I personally like this DIY Chanel ha ha how creative is that!

I also found this hilarious article, very tongue-in-cheek and well worth a read, here’s my favourite snippet:
On buying an item, wearing it and then returning it…
“Unless you don’t walk, returning shoes can present problems, as the soles can be dead giveaways come refund time.
If you’re the eccentric artistic type, you might be able to get away with wrapping those strappy Pradas in Baggies, but it does take away from their timeless, yet modern elegance. There’s also the risk that logo watchers might think your shoes were designed by Ziploc. On the plus side, the Baggies can help camouflage the crappy pedicure you had to do yourself. “

Read the full post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lesley-stern/how-to-live-on-0-a-day-wh_b_264342.html

So a note to the dear journalists out there, please if you can’t help us out financially at least make us laugh!

You should take a look at this great post by Oskar, it is a lesson to all on the very wrong way to be recessionista – but seriously soooo funny, I mean so hilarious you shouldn’t watch the clip if you are supposed to be at work, it had me in tears! It’s about a woman being filmed by her sister who just bought a sack full of fakes, if getting arrested won’t put you off counterfeits surely this will!

The wonder in the All Saints window!

Most days I walk past All Saints on my way to work. Today I was over joyed that the window display had been changed. But not just a change of dress, now all the windows look like a fortress of Singer sewing machines!!! There were 10 in each row so there must be nearly 200 of them!!!

The best thing was the amount of people stopping to check them out. Most were older people who had actually used a Singer, there was like a mini community building around the store. People stopping to go in and have a look and chat! So, well done All Saints I for making such a little piece of joy on a rainy day! FYI I do own an All Saints Gilet which I can’t wait to wear!

This is what I wore today, I love this outfit just because it required no effort, it is really simple but I adore layering. This is very me-when-I-have-to-be-practical. The brown chiffon shirt was 60p from ebay and is perfect for layering over vests. The rest of the outfit you’ve seen far too much of I know!
What do you guys think of this display – do your All Saints have cool windows too?
Pearl x
Note: I took the photos on my way to work = lack of rain and people, I stopped off for a second look on my way home = rain, rain, rain and lots of people! This is very normal weather for Manchester and also encourages an appreciation for layering 😉

Fashion Swap Shop at Walrus last Sunday

I posted that Manchester Fashion Network would be having a Sunday Swap Shop – clothes swapping event at Walrus Bar Manchester: http://fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com/2009/08/manchester-clothes-swapping-event.html

So here’s what happened!

The day was kicked off by top model Alex Leigh, who has graced the cover of Vogue and been shot by David Bailey and Rankin to name but a few! She was happy to help with styling and modelling tips, and was running the competition to see who hunted out the best outfit! The prize being a place at Alex’s academy and a dress from Manchester boutique Renegade Marmalade.

Alex Leigh – wearing Topshop Vintage


Renegade Marmalade

Before the swapping got going there was the chance to enjoy mini manicures, beauty make-overs, bra fittings and browse local designer clothes from Renegade Marmalade and HussainDeyn. Renegade Marmalade had some gorgeous girly dress and tees, whilst HussainDeyn (yep that’s little sis to Agyness Deyn) had a treasure chest of customised new and vintage finds. Whilst chilling out with a glass of Eve (a new girly drink) and listening to the fabulous Second Hand Wings.

Second Hand Wings is a three piece Bolton band, fronted by the three ladies you see on this page. We play subtle acoustic pop songs with fun harmonies that lie on top of down to Earth lyrics that mean so much.”

These girls were amazing, you can check-out their myspace http://www.myspace.com/secondhandwingsmusic and listen to there tracks, Siempre is a number one in the making!

To add to the excitement check out these babies! I am extremely fussy when it comes to cake, but these were delicious the icing was so thick yet light ahhh just go try them for yourselves http://cakeylove.blogspot.com/

So the swapping commenced!!! You can just see Alex in the top left – yeah that’s her the really tall gorgeous blond! Everyone was really chilled out and friendly. It was such a great atmosphere!

As you can see it was like an Aladdin’s cave! The rails were divided up into Treat and Cheap and going off what you donated you were awarded a number of Treat and Cheap points to swap for items!

Every one was clutching bag fulls of goodies, especially those from Renegade Marmalade!

This swapper and I were having a chat – how amazing is her sequin jacket!! Actually she was trying to convince me to add my CK monkey t-shirt to the next swap! When her daughter came to show us her find…

A pair of grey skinnies that I had swapped – I have long stopped convincing myself I will ever get into size 8 jeans again!

This girls outfit was one of my favorites – red shoes fit for the Wizard of Oz!

As you can see everyone got so many great things!! I loved how everyone really got involved and brought loads to get loads!

This is what I wore, Christopher Kane monkey tee – this is practically free now on a cost-per-wear-basis! Topshop leggings, Anglomania PJ jacket, Chanel pumps and Chanel bag kindly lent to me by my mum.

And this is my swag! A chiffon embroidered vintage dress, vintage pink and gold ruffle blouse over David Bowie tee, black lace Karen Millen jacket, vintage white lace blouse, gold h&m shrug over Vivienne Westwood tee – I know, I nearly had a heart attack over this, I wanted a galaxy tee for ages!!! It does go to show though that you really do get back what you put in. I donated two big bags of mixed high street and designer on behalf of me, my mum and sister-in-law-to-be Suz. My mum actually got the lace jacket but swapped it with me when we got home for a white top and a grey slouchy shrug thing, Suz got a gorg vintage little black dress, a brown and blue dress and a retro print satin tunic. As well as a fab yellow bag from the Renegade Marmalade stand for a bargain ┬ú15!
So, this week I decided that because I was feeling a bit guilty about the amount of stuff I had found unworn, still with tags in my wardrobe – guilt now lessened as it went to the swap, that I would wear one thing I got from the swap everyday!

Vintage pink shirt – worn with fav basics Topshop jeans and tee, and Vivienne Westwood belt (yep I had to take these at work, love the salmon bathroom?!?)

David Bowie tee – Love David Bowie so much!!! Worn with my other two practically-free-on-cost-per-wears the VW bustle high waist skirt, Chanel denim jacket and belt, and VW Melissa pumps.

I gave up on taking my own photos and recreated the looks this weekend!

Vintage chiffon dress – Primark lace leggings, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Givenchy belt, vintage necklace, Cavalli for H&M ring.

How pretty is the embroidery on the dress!

Karen Millen lace jacket – Worn with Topshop shorts, CK monkey tee and Chanel boots.

H&M shrug and VW tee – This cute shrug looked great with the tee, worn with VW Viking print shorts.
All this talk about free clothes got you in the mood for a go? Well then check out this great website – covertcandy.com it is an online clothes swap! (a bit like ebay but all free). You can list all the clothes you never wear and when someone wants it, you get points which you then swap for clothes you want, and the best bit is its all free! I met the Covert Candy guys at the event, their site is fantastic and also has an online community.

Wait it gets better still, they also have a vintage online shop so you can purchase some fantastic unique finds at reasonable prices!

This pink dress caught my eye, at £15 its a steal. I would wear it now with heeled sandals and piles of bangles, and for winter just layer it up with tights, boots and a thick belt. It is well worth a look for ladies and menswear!

Covert Candy also has a fantasic blog on vintage fashion:
and a blog portal with other recommended blogs – such as this one:
All in all it was a fantastic day, everyone really enjoyed themselves! It really got me thinking though too. I couldn’t believe the amount of things I found in my wardrobe that still had the tags. It is easily done the odd primark top at ┬ú5 or sale dress for ┬ú10 really adds up. Then there was the stuff that didn’t fit me anymore or things that I had only worn once just horded away! So the swap gave me the chance to pass on all these finds to someone who would actually wear it. Of course getting to trade it in for just one thing that I liked would have made me happy enough but I actually got loads of great pieces. Everyone there had an armful of clothes and there was plenty on the rails so it looked like everyone had really gotten into the spirit of the swap and had total wardrobe culls! My mum and I got talking to the girl who had donated the lace jacket and she said she liked it but just didn’t wear it. I think the same could be said for everyone there. As they say one mans trash is another mans treasure! I hope whoever got my stuff really enjoys it, I certainly am grateful to everyone who donated my finds!

Finally a big thank you to everyone involved, especially Kate and Linn from Walrus – it was a fabulous day!

Did you go to the swap? Want to share your photos? Have you got any of your own swap stories to share? Did I find any of your donations or you find mine? Want to add any comments please do!!
*Note: I just found out that it was Linn from Walrus who brought the Bowie tee I got – so big thanks to Linn there 😉
Thanks also to Linn for the extra photos!

CHRISTOPHER KANE for TOPSHOP Full Collection – sure is snappy!

Since I first saw this croc print used on the invites for the Christopher Kane for Topshop launch I almost haven’t dared hope that it would feature in the collection. But it does!!! There are diamantie studs, frilled dresses and some leather, ok go look….

Ok I will come back and talk about this later when I have calmed down, just had to get you the photos! Let me know if there is anything you want me to go try find out x

Ebay Bargain of the Week – Super shoulder D&G jacket

No need for me to point out that the fashion world has gone mad for shoulders this A/W, from the tennis ball smugglers at Balmain to the circular at Dolce & Gabbana, shoulder are huge – literally! So my Ebay bargain find this week is this gorgeous leather jacket by D&G with such fabulous shoulders – supersize leg of mutton shape! Size 8, brand new, ending in 1 day, bidding currently at ┬ú32!! Item number: 220466184909.

Here is a recent D&G lovely in polka dots.

And the infamous Rhianna tux, love it or hate it, it certainly got her talked about (yep I hate it)

And Victoria in the leather Balmain.

If you are hunting out any of the super-shouldered looks head down to Zara, just as their jewelled sandals were the best selling Balmain-esq this summer, their leather jacket is sure to be the best seller this autumn. They also have some balloon shouldered tops and tons of Chanel-esq jackets.

I really like big shoulders Rhianna’s are a bit too fashiony for me, I prefer original 80’s shoulder pads and the rounder ones. Either way there is something really empowering about big shoulders! But that leads on to another post I want to do – just waiting for someone handy with a camera to bother!
What do you think of the big shoulders? Anyone bought any?
(Zara lookbook images from Nitrolicous.com)