Wide leg pants, are they a good thing? Even if they are Chanel??

I need you help! I have a thing about wide leg pants, (I know J. does too LOL), I just think they look weird! I have complied some images of my favourite ladies and even Kate Moss looks weird in them. Perhaps it is just because I am used to wearing the exact opposite – high waist skinnies.

So my question is do I get over my phobia and embrace the pants? Or run screaming to Oxfam with them? This is the great thing about this blog, as I do find myself experimenting more! Oh and why can’t my fringe always look like it does in the second photo?

Crocodiles & Beetles, could only be Christopher Kane!

Finally got a few hours of dry weather! So, here is my first wear of my croc dress by Christopher Kane at Topshop. I know I distorted the print a bit with the belt, but I really needed it! I think if I wore the dress simply with heels I would leave it loose (this is me and my obsession of buying everything a size to big – I hate tight fitting clothes)! I am also wearing my Chanel overknee boots, which I find amusing are so in fashion right now, Ive been wearing overknee boots for years. My first pair was a flat suede vintage pair, which I had to chuck they were so worn out, but I managed to replace them with a near identical pair from Office a year or two ago – you will be sick of the site of them by the end of winter!

I love these boots, from the almond toe, to the 70’s/ folksy stitching and wooden heels! Only problem is Chanel design their boots for model sized ladies and at 5.2″ they are too long really, they are meant to sit just above the knee but are mid-thigh on me! So I am debating getting them altered as they really aren’t too comfortable when I can’t bend my knees! Jones the Bootmaker are amazing and can pretty much alter your boots however you want.

What I would like with this outfit is one of Chris Kane’s new jewellery pieces for Swarovski, I really like the cuff. Although I don’t know if I would start to feel guilty about wearing a dead bug? They remind me of the dead bug keyrings I always buy in Egypt!

Modelled her by Winona Ryder in Beetle Juice (wish I had saved the source for this)! I really wanted to be her in this movie, she was my idol!

I just love this outfit with knee boots, the little skater skirt is so pretty, yet tough in leather.

I wouldn’t have considered wearing a dress that actually comes longer than the boots if I hadn’t see it on the catwalk, usually I would wear these boots with leggings.

A Huge Chanel Bag full of Thanks to my Readers & Followers!

There is nothing nicer and more exciting for a blogger to get a new follower or a lovely comment on their blog! So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your support to everyone following, reading and commenting on the blog. If I were a millionaire I would buy you all a huge Chanel bag to show you how much I love you.
You might also notice I finally got the links list in alphabetical order, so if you follow this blog or are a regular reader and I missed out your link, please just let me know. Also some links I couldn’t get to work so you might have to send me the direct hyperlink.
Love & Chanel,
Pearl xx

Things that have been bothering me and some inspiration!

Firstly a ‘pearl of wisdom’ courtesy of Marc Jacobs ‘fashion should always be fun’, love this photo it always makes me smile!

This post doesn’t really have a theme but it is lots of little things that I have been thinking about!

Such as why do these Ann Demeulemeester boots go with everything? Even harem pants?!?!

Why does Jennifer Aniston accessories her Louis Vuitton scarf with random crockery?!?!

Who did steal carries shoes in that episode?!?

Guess she should have invested in one of these signs!

So there you have it, some of fashions greatest mysteries!

Now for some images that have been inspiring me…
You know its Paris fashion week when team French Vogue appear en masse!

Animals, pearls, lots of jewellery, leather, plaid, black and white, shirts, Christopher Kane are all inspiring my A/W.

Rhianna wearing J Maskrey, Italian Vogue

You know how much I adore J Maskrey right! Well looks like Rhianna does too. J sent me these images from Italian Vogue featureing Rhianna looking absolutely amazing, in J Maskrey body jewels. Can’t wait for J’s new collection, not that I am brave enought to do a Rhianna, but the jewels would look amazing under a chiffon blouse or a backless dress. Or you can always stick to the bejewelled clothing.


Chanel Coco Cocoon Special Preview

I posted a while ago about Chanel’s new bag collection Coco Cocoon, for which Lily Allen fronted the campaign. Chanel have launched a special preview website solely for the collection! If you are a Chanel fan you need to go over and check out the mini video clips right now, you will love them! The feature the model (same girl who did Chris Kane, please remind me of her name), being terribly chic and Parisian going about her business with the bags in a number of different scenario’s, love it!

Christopher Kane-iac

Ok, ok I know this post isn’t what I promised! I know I said next post would be a fabulous flaunt of my new Christopher Kane goodies, but the weather has been so bad none of the photos would work, so I will sit and pray for a beam of sunshine – otherwise you end up with the mirror photos I take in the loo at work. So bear with me and we will get some crocodile outfits very soon. I am looking forward to playing around with such a recognisable print, it will take some good styling to avoid any OMG same outfit horrors! Luckily I had these photos I was going to use on a post about different ways to style a dress so you get more wears out of it! This dress was from Kane’s first Topshop collection based on his graduate show and first ever catwalk show in 2006. For me this was an iconic collection because it really was the first time a designer had translated their mainline to high street.
The first time I ever saw Kane’s designs were in a magazine photo shoot featuring this collection, and it was the first time in a long time I was just speechless, as I took in the little rings bound with the immense layers of fabric. Still, today I find it just as mesmerising, and this was his graduate collection!!

So of course Sir Phillip Green must have seen this shining star too, getting that Topshop collection so fast! I was lucky to get my dress as I was totally broke at the time and could only afford one of the tops, I think they were around £50. Unfortunately there was a flaw with the fabric and they kept ripping so I ended up getting it replaced twice before I gave up. Then in the sales there was this one lonely dress, half price and my size! Which my mum bought me. I love its neutral colour and the way it can be dressed up with accent colours. The flouro belt was from primark, the slip is Calvin Klien night ware, shoes ASOS. In the black the belt is Givenchy.
LOVE how even back then Kane was channelling the brogue, which is a big feature of his A/W this season.

Works so well with boots too (if only I had those Wang boots to pair with my dress).

So there you have it, the reason I fell in love with Christopher Kane. I will be doing more Kane posts this week as there is so much more I want to say.

Swag! Christopher Kane for Topshop

Incase you didn’t know the third Christopher Kane for Topshop collection launched today, I got my bag of swag – will show all tomorrow (sorry so tired, still busting a gut trying to get my thesis finished).

In case you want a bag of swag for yourself see http://www.topshop.com/ and get it whilst you can.

To be honest I think only the croc tee’s are running low, there was no H&M style frenzy. I really liked the collection but think the impracticality of most of it combined with the high price was putting people off. I would have loved the ankle boots, but who can afford to buy something they could never walk in – don’t see why they couldn’t do two heel heights? I also really liked the leggings but for ┬ú75! Same for the sweat-pants ┬ú75 and dry clean only – I really don’t need to look that good at the gym! Also Manchester didn’t even get the jeans (very practical), cream angel sleeve dress or pink body-con dress I was considering and I don’t want to go to the hassle of buy online as I thought they looked a bit see-through so not a good look for me!

What I did appreciate so round of applause to Topshop was that they give 10% student discount on the range! I think the pieces I got were fantastic prices and really good quality. Also they limited it to one piece of each style and a max of 5 pieces per customer to try and combat people selling it on ebay. Also I got a free sheet of stickers, any form of stationary pleases me immensely!!

Little tassel box bag £65

Croc print dress £60

Croc print tee £45

That said I LOVE what I did get! And you guys know I LOVE Christopher Kane!!!

‘Me loving Christopher Kane’ (I actually didn’t wear this to go to Topshop LOL)

Did any of you venture into the world of Kane today? What did you think of the collection??