Happy ‘High Fashion’ Halloween!

Usually I am first in line for a wacky Halloween costume, but this year I want to save money and decided to go for something I could wear again.

So I went for a more glam-goth look, this was just a trying on session but for the real thing I hope to find a sparkly spider brooch and do full on glam make-up with tons of eyeliner and big purple glitter eye shadow.

Wearing Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, Topshop velvet leggings, Primark feather hair band, Phillip Lim belt, Burberry boots and joke shop mask.

Chanel Maniac lipstick is my favourite this season and perfect with this look!

And a close up of my beloved boots (must remove ‘made in Italy’ label!!), love the thick tread. They make me so tall, I am never going back to flats!

The is so much high fashion out there which you could get away with for Halloween and also wear for a long time after, her a few of my favorites from Christian La Croix, Luella, Garath Pugh, Rodarte and Sonia Rykiel.

Finally some more Halloween High Fashion with Tim Burton for Harper’s, such an inspiring shoot!

What costume will you be wearing?

Happy Halloween,

Pearl x

Fashion News: Sophia Coppola Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo H&M, Christopher Kane Topshop

Just a quick post of some fashion bits and bobs, firstly the Sophia Coppola Louis Vuitton bags are now available online: http://www.louisvuitton.com/ and have already been snapped up by Kate Moss and Garance Dore!

The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection is now available for preview online http://www.hm.com/.

And finally some of the Christopher Kane for Topshop pieces have been reduced in price – very discreatly you just have to check each item as they are not classes as sale! The one shoulder dress I bought was reduced from ┬ú75 to ┬ú50, I think the hoodie, beaded t-shirts and bags were too.

Thats all for today, a longer post tomorrow, untill then have a lovely evening!
(Photo credits: LouisVuitton, Jak&Jil blog, H&M, Topshop)

Confession of a Shopaholic: Regression and revelation

You might remember that the reason I started this blog was to channel my energy usually reserved for extreme shopping into something more creative and well, less expensive! For the past 5 months that has been working really well. I have stopped buying things that I donÔÇÖt need, and have even come to enjoy the art of window shopping.

Erm but well, I caved, I mean I totally caved…

So let me explain!

The Birthday: I blame Chanel. As you know a few posts back I posted my ÔÇÿwish listÔÇÖ which included a pair of winter boots, a scarf, a ring and a brooch. I decided that I did actually need (yeah not just want) a good pair of boots and these Chanel biker boots were perfect, practical and chic what more could you want in a boot? So after nearly, very nearly wavering and succumbing to a pair of the buckled Alexander WangÔÇÖs (I donÔÇÖt need another pair of stiletto heeled ankle boots, but oh yeah I WANT). I saved up to get them on my birthday. But they had sold out (Wahhh so on my ÔÇÿone that got away listÔÇÖ). Then I got the flu.

Sick in bed: I decide that I can just have my old biker boots reheeled and that I should instead buy my winter essentials all in one go, and thus be fully prepared in the wardrobe department. I am thinking how smart I am, as this was a concurring downfall in the past. I would usually go shopping on numerous occasions for bits at a time, and pick up other stuff I didnÔÇÖt really need along the way. So behold, my NEED IT List:

-Black long knit (jumper/ cardigan/ coatigan)
-Short long sleeve crew neck wool / cashmere jumper
-Grey peg trousers ÔÇô high waist
-Leather biker gillet (as in jacket with no sleeves)
-Faux fur hat (Russian style)
– Wool beanie hat

Day of Shopping: Of I set with my list. I actually get everything on my list!! Woo! Yay!?

Erm no actually. Whilst I was very pleased to be finding everything perfectly on my list, ( Zara, M&S, Topshop, Primark, ASOS-back home obv.) it just wasnÔÇÖt exciting. Nice sure and satisfying but more like a sandwich than a cheese cake!
That was until I find a pair of black velvet leggings in Topshop ÔÇô not physically on my list as I had given up on ever finding them, but I had been hunting them for ages. Suddenly I got the ÔÇÿwoooÔÇÖ ÔÇÿyayÔÇÖ feeling and the hunt was on.

That was it! I then decided that I actually really needed this little pair of studded boots IÔÇÖd seen in Zara, where IÔÇÖd got the grey trousers (so perfect I couldnÔÇÖt have designed them better myself). Ok so thatÔÇÖs not really over budget right!
Then having no luck with the crew neck jumper (why is crew neck and long sleeves a holy grail item!!!) I popped in Primark and found the perfect pair of flat suede overknee boots. My beloved pair having been so over worn last year, have succumbed to gravity and wrinkle down, so this is my third pair of these sort of boots. I know I will wear them so much.

Then I kind of think f*** it and go buy a Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, Louis Vuitton scarf, Chanel brooch and Burberry wedge boots. Know what? It felt goooood!

Back home: Now this is the real test. Do I feel guilty? No. Do I regret buying any of it? No. Is there anything that I wonÔÇÖt wear? Nope. Hmmm. Is this why it feels good?

That even though I did not stick to the plan, I still only bought things I actually needed. I still have a pile of stuff from my last shopping spree in the summer sales that I have never worn and regret buying (ebay graveyard for them). But I can now see WHY! Buying something because it is 75% off isnÔÇÖt a bargain if you will never wear it. Buying something because you came out shopping, is not a reason to buy. Buying for the sake of buying is pointless. Snaffling a designer dress at an insane price might make you feel good there and then, but if you never wear it, it is a waste of money!

But buying things that will help you build your wardrobe, or something you will wear everyday is. If you want a trench coat by all means getting a very good designer one at 75% off is a bargain. But buying one full price is still a bargain if you wear it all through autumn for the next couple of years. It is all about ÔÇÿsensible shoppingÔÇÖ not ÔÇÿshopping till droppingÔÇÖ. It is much more fun updating and finding new ways to wear your already beloved clothes than buying heaps more new things. Know what else? Not only do I appreciate my past great buys more, these days I always have something to wear.

I really hate it when loads of celebrities are seen in the same things, so I was delighted to find the only celebs sporting these boots were two of my fav girls Mary-Kate Olsen and Alexa Chung!

Disclaimer: Three pairs of boots in one trip is not unreasonable – I can justify every pair and will do in an up coming post on boots. I got the Chanel ring, Prada belt and Marlene Birger bow necklace as Birthday presents so they donÔÇÖt count! Oh yes and of course I will post in more detail what I got, but also what old things I will update with the new! Ok, I’m off to prance around in my new boots some more xx

Why clothes are like boyfriends!

A slight glance from the corner of your eye, and you heart begins to race. Up close you lock eyes and your heart flutters, as you reach out to touch. A slight flip of guilt crosses your mind. You’ve been here before, you know you shouldn’t. But you can’t resist. You snatch up that last pair of studded ankle boots and leg it to the check out before you regain your senses. It was love at first sight! But will they break your heart when you get home and they are too tight, or even more so when you get your credit card bill at the end of the month and they are still fresh in the box?

You see, clothes and accessories are like lovers, they can make you feel on top of the world (Marc Jacobs skirt 80% off that you wear all the time) or the lowest of the low (the Vivienne Westwood skirt that is always going to be a size too small).

So I thought maybe if we outline the clothes that are like the bad boyfriends we might get luckier with the princes!

1. The two timer: the perfect cheap-chic buy, the fashion forward must have item, like a Balmain inspired jacket. So beautiful it updates all your outfits. It is perfect. Until you turn up at a party and 5 other girls have had the same thoughts about their identical jackets.

2. The one that ‘got away’: You know the cute guy you met on the train but didn’t pluck up the courage to ask for his number? Your mind throws him up out of nowhere every now and then, there will always be the ‘what if’. As in, you see a gorgeous pair of boots, you daydream about how well they will go with most of your wardrobe. But you refrain, they were expensive. But then you think, no I need them, head back to the shop and they have sold out in your size. Months later, outfits pop into your head that would be perfect if only you had bought those boots!
3. The one night stand: You get invited to a party at the last minute. You, of course have nothing to wear. You see the cutest dress in Primark window, and with minutes to spare you rush in, buy it and get changed in the back of taxi. The night is great (the parts you remember) and you look fabulous of course. Erm until the next morning. Your best mate facebook’s the party’s photos. OMG! You really should have checked out your dress in a mirror! It is way to short, half way through the night a rip seems to have appeared under the arm! And so you spend the rest of the day de-tagging yourself in the photos. Said dress is in the bin.

4. The lovely Ex: The first love, the lovely ex your are still friends with (he is probably gay). Is just like the lovely leather jacket you have had for years, but these things can only last so long. Like the high school boyfriend, the time has come, you need to go your separate ways. It was good whilst it lasted, and you have fond memories. But seriously you have to let go of the 90’s and get yourself a new model.

5. The rebound: Heart broken you hurl yourself into a new relationship. Just like when you buy the season new ‘it’ item. It might not be your style, but hey why not give it a go. You wear your new bleached jeans everyday, how did you live without them!! Until one day you just realise that, you really don’t like them at all. The just aren’t your style, but hey, it was fun whilst it lasted.
6. The blast from the past: You know the really embarrassing guy you dated for like a week! Just like that shoulder padded fluro mini dress you have in the back of the closet. You know its there, just hope and prey no one else ever finds out!
But do not despair dear friends because the best fashion buy is like ÔÇÿthe oneÔÇÖ. The one that really is the night in shining armour. Or at least that Chanel bag!

Forget Pete and Jamie, Kate Moss found ‘the one’ in her Hermes Kelly Bag!

Pearl x

Chanel Spring / Summer 2010

The man:
The singing:

The set:

All built up for one of the most adventurous Chanel collections yet S/S 2010. I love the whimsical lace paired with mini-crini skirts for structure. All smartened up with blazers and toughened up with biker boots. The fake tatoos added a naughty edge to Karl’s peasant princesses.

The front row:


And as simply as that I find myself wanting a pair of clogs! The black low heeled ones with the white camellia flowers totally won me over.

I was actually compiling a post of my favourite looks from all the S/S10 collections but got carried away with the Chanel!
(photo credits: Garance Dore, Style.com)

Honest Scrap: Blog award

A huge thank you to the lovely Florrie (http://intrinsicallyflorrie.blogspot.com/) for tagging me for this award!
Here are the rules I must follow:
1. Say Thank You and give a link to the presenter of the award
2. Share “10 Honest Things” about myself
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4. Tell those 7 people that they have been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines.

So here goes:
1. I am always cold – always, I hate air-con and even had the heating on in my hotel in Luxor!
2. I have a weird thing about numbers – I don’t like certain things in odd numbers and vice versa.
3. My mum is my best friend.
4. I have eight dogs – Pomeranians
5. I am addicted to all things fashion related, I love to read learn and breath fashion from designs to production, every detail.
6. Counterfeit handbags mortally offend me!
7. Seven is my favourite number.
8. I have an odd love for buttons!
9. Chanel is my first love.
10. I wish I had gone to Central St Martins.

So now I get to tag 7 other great blogs (only seven!!) in alphabetical order:
http://blueisinfashionthisyear.blogspot.com/ – If you ever need stying inspiration then this is your place to go, I love the montages showing many different ways of wear one thing!
http://iseejanemary.blogspot.com/ – Jowy’s illustrations always take my breath away! She also has fabulous styling skills.
http://leoandcasper.blogspot.com/ – Lisa and Cathy say it best themselves ‘fashionistas in training’ I couldn’t agree more, with their eye for detail they are surely going to big in the fashion-future.
http://makedostyle.blogspot.com/ – Such a personal take on ‘making do’, always make me smile with her stories.
http://momfashionworld.blogspot.com/ – I defy anyone not to fall in love with Mr Freddy and his sweet and stylish mom.
http://ninistyle.net/ – Nini take us on a journey though her remarkable wardrobe and I just love her way with words as she offers style tips.
http://streetstylelondon.blogspot.com/ – Jill Dot has a remarkable take on street style, I always feel like I am right there with her.

I would love to make this an endless list, one thing I never realised when I started my blog, was that there were so many great blogs out there and many more for me still to discover, making new friends along the way!

Pearl x

Lipstick Royalty Magazine: Laura Crane Trust

The October special edition of Lipstick Royalty is available HERE for ┬ú1.50, all proceeds go to The Laura Crane Trust for youth cancer care! Info inside on how to enter our exclusive sweepstake featuring Fashionvictime.fr and C.TA Glam Couture!The issue features Sugar Mafia Jewellery, Darimeya, and American-Asian girl band Nylon Pink as well as regular features and the all-important sweepstake! A great magazine with a great cause! What’s not to love!!

Fashion on the move: Harvey Nichols Winter Fashion Show

So this is me just prior to my week of the flu, on my Birthday. I love the view with the Big Wheel in the back ground! I really love this outfit too. The jumper dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs and I bought it on what must have been the hottest day of summer – trying it on in that heat nearly caused me to collapse, but it was well worth it and 75% off in the sale. I am also following my own advise from the second to last post and wearing my over knee boots.

Harvey Nic’s considerately held their A/W fashion show on the night of my birthday, which was perfect as there really isn’t much to do on a Wednesday. I had planned on hitting the shops and picking up all the things I wanted from my wish list but due to the flu really didn’t feel up to it, so that will have to wait till later in the week. I did make it to Chanel but after all the indecision over which boots I wanted, they had sold out of the biker boots (worldwide!!) so its back to the drawing board on that one. I did get the heart ring which I posted about as my present off my mum, which looks perfect with my other rings. I also went a bit over the top at the beauty counter, but I will put that in another post. Here I want you to sit back and enjoy some of the gorgeous things I saw paraded down the runway. I just think the clothes come alive when seen on, something you just don’t get seeing them online or on a hanger.
One of my favourite dresses was this perfume bottle print dress by Mary Katrantzou, I adored the necklace print dresses she did last season too. Perfect paired with YSL bag and boots – I love YSL boots more and more with each season.

This Alexander McQueen houndstooth dress worked like an optical illusion, with the print getting smaller towards the waist, giving the perfect hourglass figure to the wearer. Clutch McQueen, shoes YSL.

The pink pop of colour from these D&G soles was a cheeky flash against the grey Joseph coat, and Balenciaga clutch.

The shimmering effect of this Calvin Klein jacket prompted many ‘ooohs’ – must go and try this on! Paired with shoe angel of the moment Camilla Skovgaard shoes, love the chunky treads. Also worn with Gucci leggings and Givenchy clutch.

Of course this is a Matthew Williamson gown, no one does heart stopping, colourful glamour better, clashing fantastically with McQueen pink clutch (and a bit overkill but also pink Louboutin’s).

Deep wine red looks sumptuous due to the differing textures, the satin McQueen dress, patent Louboutin’s and leather Tory Burch clutch.

This look wins hands down for me, of course because it is black but the stark contrast between the hard leather gloves (La Bonia), sexy sleek bubble dress (McQueen) with the super sweet Mary-Jane Louboutins – perfection!

This look is pure city sophistication, but with a turn the inner collar is vivid yellow (sorry you can’t see that), adding a high fashion twist. Coat Jill Sander, boots YSL, bag Bottega Veneta.

These studded Louboutins are a thousand times more amazing than I thought! I am seriously considering a pair (possibly the loafers), worn with McQueen dress and clutch – there were so many other designer dresses but I am only noticing as I am typing that I have some sort of McQueen obsession!

There was an equal amount of men’s wear, but the male model were too quick down the runway and blurred my photos, this is the only salvageable one! No idea what hes wearing but I really like this look, military coats are a total winner in my opinion. (For great mens fashion check out the link at the bottom).

These two photos make me laugh as you can see above me prior to the show and feeling ok, and then after the shopping and my decent into a total fever and my week of flu 🙁
That isn’t added blusher, that’s fever! I really, really love this outfit though, I am definitely a winter girl. There is nothing like pulling out all your snugly jumpers – especially one you’ve had new in its tissue and bag since you bought it in the summer! Everything else is erm Chanel – do they have a Chanel addicts anonymous!!
Half the proceedings from the show went to the Manchester Cathedral fund to help repair the roof, however it did feel a bit sacrilegious to hold the show in the Cathedral – hope they go back to using the store next year – they could still donate though, just saying!

For those of you who want an online fashion show check out:

This great new site offers the best quality in designer clothing for men and women, but I particulairy LOVE these winter jackets from Canada Goose – just what the guys were wearing on the runway!