From Russia With Love

I love this hat! A superb ebay find, it is faux fur trim with velvet centre and very Russian. I adore anything Russian from clothes to films, and I had intended to wear the Chanel brooch I bought a couple of weeks ago on the hat, as that had a Russian feel. It looked like it would be part of the Paris-Moscow collection but wasn’t. Unfortunately disaster occurred, I was wearing it on my military jacket (which it looked perfect with) and it fell off and smashed – hence near tears. So, it is now on its way back to Paris for emergency surgery. The bezel on the back must have been too loose, and yet I still felt really guilty having to take the poor broken ruin back to Chanel. I did feel like I wasn’t responsible enough to have been entrusted with it, even though it wasn’t my fault!

I am also wearing my Jimmy Choo for H&M furry gilet and erm this necklace…

Yeah you know how I said I only got a gilet and leggings, well I was lucky enough to snaffle this necklace and a pair of the gladiator flats from the returns pile. Know what? The sandals are really good quality – I got to check out some of the bags and heels and am still under the opinion that they are cheap quality. The sandals however, I was really impressed with, in fact I like them better than my main line ones. Will post some photos – don’t expect me to be wearing them for at least 6 months!

And of course some Chanel treasure, my two rings and 2.55, the crystal ring is my Vivienne Westwood leaf ring, from back when her jewellery was real silver and not faux rhodium plate – WTF! I am living in gilets, plaid shirts and leggings at the moment. Nail varnish is Chanel Fantastic from last A/W I love the matching lipgloss too. Know whats annoying me? I developed the habit of shoving my hands in the pockets of my leather jacket and its gone out of shape a bit, looks like a kangaroo pouch! Can I take some time to express my love for this bag! I haven’t bought another bag since I got this one, and I ebay’ed half my others after. It is perfection. I might have to do a post on Chanel bags and their history actually, I would enjoy that.

Official necklace photo, I wasn’t impressed by the other jewellery.
Anyway what better to do on a wet and miserable Monday that gaze at some lovely images from Chanel. Love these original sketches from her ‘Russian Period’.
Which of course brings fond memories of the Paris-Moscow collection last pre-fall, I will never get bored of it.

I also love this Naomi Campbell shoot for V magazine.

Hmm sure I had more to say, perhaps it will come to me!
Have a great week,
Pearl xx

21 thoughts on “From Russia With Love

  1. Lovely, lovely lovely post! I've loved the Chanel Russian constructivist (sp?) windows I've been seeing in London, & I agree: with that bag, you need no other. Ever.

    That's great that you were able to back to H&M for the returns!

    Hope it's better where you are, weather wise, Pearl! xoxo

  2. Yah for the Russian Hat – I've lost mine which now makes two lost in total over the years. I need to get a new one.

    And your poor brooch issue reminds me I need to take my Chanel belt in for repairs!

    Which store did you pop into?

  3. Oh you poor, poor dear. I hope the brooch comes back all shiny and new! I know that feeling, I shall not mention the brand as I still love them and it was a very rare thing that happened (the ladies in the store had never had one back like that before!) but I had a stone fall off a very lovely earring that was very special to me, in that moment my heart broke. 🙁 So much tea and sympathy.
    I love your shirt nail varnish and the pretty Chanel pictures posted. =]

    Florrie x

  4. @ make do style: take it to any Chanel and they will sort it out for you, thats one of the best things about Chanel, your purchase is for life. They will repair or renew all items.
    @ Florrie: Thats awful I hope you got it fixed, as I said above you cannot fault Chanel for customer service. Even when its my own fault they fix things – such as heels that I keep getting stuck in cobbles! But yes, my heart just sank, I'd have been less upset if I'd broken my leg ha ha!

  5. I love your bag and necklaces! Moscow is such a beautiful city with a very unique history and amazing Chanel pieces that were inspired by the city. That Naomi Campbell photo shoot is fantastic as well!

  6. Your look is great. Not only the fur jacket is great but the boots aswell. And all the pictures are so inspiring. Love the little matriuska dolls.

    B* a la Moda

  7. it's wet and miserable here too 🙁 the necklace looks much better on you than in the web pics. And I love my 2.55 bag as well -it's the perfect Chanel staple!

  8. First time on your blog, but I'm loving it. What a fabulous post. I love all the fur in your outfit; it just makes it look so cozy and lovely. Ahhhh, I feel like I should be snuggled in your outfit, right by a cozy fire!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. hi pearl!
    wow, you're so blessed to have a chanel 2.55 bag.
    i'm super!

    your hat just remind me of my brown hat i wore and
    posted in on my blog. isn't it cool,ayt?!

    naomi is indeed a super model. her outfits are superb!

  10. hi pearl!
    wow, you're so blessed to have a chanel 2.55 bag.
    i'm super!

    your hat just remind me of my brown hat i wore and
    posted in on my blog. isn't it cool,ayt?!

    naomi is indeed a super model. her outfits are superb!

  11. hi pearl!
    wow, you're so blessed to have a chanel 2.55 bag.
    i'm super!

    your hat just remind me of my brown hat i wore and
    posted in on my blog. isn't it cool,ayt?!

    naomi is indeed a super model. her outfits are superb!

  12. Love that furry hat- it does have that wonderful russian feel. I recently got a white fauz fur kangol one, brand new, from a local charity shop! I was so pleased with that find.
    Love the chanel photo's you've posted here. My favourite has to be the Rusian doll bag. An inspired idea..
    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  13. that hat looks fab on you darling! those are some amazing images, the editorial with Naomi is fabulous! Love it!
    Thanks so much for the lovely words and the amazing award,so honoured. Thanks sweetie

  14. Love the Russian hat paired with the fur gilet! So sorry to hear about your Chanel pin though… what a shame :/ I really hope they get it fixed soon, but at least something can be done about it. I adore the Paris-Moscow Chanel range as well, especially the Matroshka doll bag (even though it's not exactly timeless). But you definitely can't go wrong with a 2.55 – a true classic!

  15. Love the hat! love the whole outfit! So sorry about your tragedy…so sad!

    Your purse was a true fashion investment, you couldn't go wrong with that one.

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