Mother of Pearl: Hand Muffs, & Chanel Cossac Boots

aka the blog jacker! In my last post I said I was going to post my two new shoe finds in posts all of there own, however since my mum got the same boots and looked so chic I decide to post her instead. The boots are of course the Chanel Paris-Moscow (Moscou) Cossack boots, in glazed leather and trimmed with Mongolian wool. My mum and I have a rule that whoever sees it first can get it, as we have such similar taste this happens all the time. But we agreed that since we both saw these at the same time we could compromise, so long as we gave the other advance warning who was wearing them.

She is also wearing this faux fur Vivienne Westwood jacket and just got the matching hand muff! Jill ( and I both agree that we should bring back hand muffs they are just so chic!

Here I am! Wearing so much vintage, faux fur hat and coat no label and Chanel bag. The boots are Jimmy Choo, shorts Zara.

Here are some close-ups of the boots, this is my pair all box fresh, such a shame my mum and I are different sizes.

The shape of the boots is extra special for me as it is very similar to two of my vintage pairs
(I will tell you more in my next post on vintage boots), these days it is so rare to see this shape with the long slender foot, almond toe and 1″ cone heel.

Here they are in gold, they were also show on the runway in white and red.

So I don’t need to say it again as I am sure you all know by now, but I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreaming of visiting Russia,
Pearl x

Have Plastic, Will Shop!

What is the best part of Christmas (yeah aside from the visiting loved ones, religious reasons, pudding) yep, presents and the sales! Here’s me, one eager shopper, outside this fab Louis Vuitton window. Which reminds me of a quote that had me in stitches. A young girl was deliberating over two bags, so she asked the sales advisor which had more discount. To which the SA replies ‘No madam, we don’t do sales’, gotta love LV!

(Wearing Topshop pleather pants, McQueen scarf Chanel blazer & bag, M&S beanie)

But before we go off to the sales I cannot believe how lucky I got this year! For those of you who have been reading for a while you will know I have a bazaar fixation with A/W 07 collections, and that my most favourite thing ever was the Fendi convertible clutch in multi-colour.
(In case you missed it
So you can imagine how totally blown away I was to get this from my mum…

I couldn’t get even hold of one of these when they were in season, so she did well to find it!! It will be perfect for S/S, the perfect colour pop. I love it sooooo much!!!! (check out the shopper with a bow on it, no one in my family can gift wrap except me).

I also got this stunning Chanel necklace, which is also from A/W 07!! They had some limited previous collection pieces sent in. I was going to wait until the sales in case I saw something else but, decided that even 75% off Louboutins were not going to impress me more than this, and this of course was never going to go on sale. So, I bought it with my sales savings and as it was wrapped so pretty kept it to open on Christmas day: to me, from me.

This is the collection the necklace was from, same collection my riding boots are from.

Such amazing accessories!
Anyway this brings me to my sales rules, I posted about this in the summer:
but I have some new additions!
1. Pretend there will not be any sales
2. Would yo still want it if it was Topshop
The first rule I went with over the necklace, because I knew it wouldn’t be on sale, and the only reason I wasn’t going to buy it was in case I saw ‘something in the sales’. This is the advise often dished out in glossie magazines but really it makes no sense. If you find something that you love, and in this case is an investment piece, what else exactly do they expect you to ‘find’ in the sales that you would want more?
Which brings me onto rule 2, I was deliberating over a Balenciaga top at 75% off, wow bargain right. But I put it back because I really only wanted it because it was a piece of Balenciaga, if the same top had been in Topshop I wouldn’t have given it a second look, so I didn’t really want it, it was the lure of the sales.

So I am very proud of myself this year, I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need or didn’t really want. I only bought 3 things (yes, really). I got another pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa’s in silver glitter.

So pretty they are real Cinderella shoes, and I know I will be living in them come the summer!

I also got a gorgeous oversized black jumper dress (which I forgot to photo), since my other black jumper dress is starting to look a bit grey, I was well over due a new one! This one I had had my eye on all season so was very happy to find one left in the sale.
I also got two other pairs of shoes (one was as a gift so doesn’t count) but I am going to save those for another post – you will totally agree when you see them, they need their own post!
So looking back a whole year now, to the insane amount of stuff I got last winter sales, I have well and truely mastered the art of investment buying and sales shopping. Hmm maybe I should buy something to celebrate (just kidding).

So, what did you guys get?!?! Any fab pressies, any sale bargains?!?!
I do wonder is it just a girl thing, or just that I am a nosey parker, but I love knowing what other people buy! I guess that’s why I love blogs so much, I genuinely love seeing inside other peoples closets, what they wear and what they buy! I am interested in other peoples choices and views on fashion. I also have an anoyying habit of scoping out what other people are buying at the cash desk LOL!
Pearl x

Come Shopping With Me

This post was inspired by Jill ( we both have a thing for Chanel windows, so I love to see her Chanel’s (London) windows in comparison to mine (Manchester). So if you follow the link you can see the London version of this Manchester version above, and also a fantastically, yet totally unstaged, composed photo!

Then I thought wouldn’t it be the perfect thing to go window shopping on a snowy Christmas Eve. But since this is only virtual window shopping you can do it from your nice warm house. So come with me on a fantasy shopping trip, and visit Chanel collections past and present.

This is from the early A/W 09, I love the fuchsia pink knit, in fact this very set now belongs to my BFF, the colour is stunning with her dark hair – she would kill me if I put her photo up LOL!

This is the over sized 2.55 reissue, it was so heavy even when empty, I would still love one though!

I think that Chanel Jade will be long remembered due to the nail varnish phenomenon, A/W 09.

This was A/W 08, I have a very interesting story about this collection but I cannot find the accompanying photos so will leave it till I do. But to give you a clue I have actually worn the dress Claudia Schiffer wore in the ads for the collection.

(all the above are of Chanel, Manchester taken my me)

This was taken by me too, but of Chanel, Milan, I would love to go back and actually have time to take it all in, but I only had half an hour to spare.

These little boots are so perfect, just like skater boots, we didn’t get them over here though. I also really like the coin accessories.

I have tons of Paris-Moscow (PRE 09) photos but they are eluding me! These two examples are very different to what our window was like. The whole collection was just so sumptuous, from the brooch embellished bag to the layers and layers of necklaces.

I totally wouldn’t have been able to resist these boots if we had gotten them in, and I love the brooch on the furry collar. What better colours than red and gold?

How about we get out of the cold and take a trip to spring/ summer! I never really wear pale colours in winter, but I do like to wear my Camellia brooches in my hair in summer.

Stars and stripes! I would have loved one of the star print dresses, but I did get my big red and white 2.55 from this collection.

Back to cooler climates, this gold bag is also from the Paris-Moscow collection, doesn’t it make a simple brown suit out-of-this-world!!

If Marc Jacobs designed Chanel this is what I envisage! Chanel-grunge! Beanie hat, loose layers, chunky boots, perfect for a totally modern twist.

Ah Chanel A/W 2007 this has to be one of my all time favourite collection, I have both the boots in this photo, my riding boots are black and cream however, slightly more versatile but equally desirable as bright blue houndstooth.

I would love to know where this Chanel is, its so different to anything we would have over here, very minimalist yet the chains give it an edge.

So festive! Why does my tree not have bags and Eiffel towers dangling from its branches?

The stickers on this window are fab!

This is Selfridges, London to celebrate the London make up collection, I love all the framed photos!

Of course its the Coco Brickbear!!

And now for some of the more avant gard, this is quite surreal.

I think this has to be one of the best windows I have ever seen!

Last stop we meet Karl, and of course he takes us for afternoon tea.

I hope you enjoyed out trip, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (alternate religious occasion / other festive holiday),
Big hugs,
Pearl xx

Stella McCartney and embracing dodgy knit wear

This marvelous creation is a scarf-hood hybrid of gigantic proportions by Stella McCartney A/W 07 (I know again with me and A/W 07 again). My mum bought it me that Christmas as ‘something sensible to keep you warm’ and ‘you love polar bears’ both correct actually, but this is not really the most practical of items. Perhaps if I was of model proportions it wouldn’t come down to my knees! But I kind of like its hugeness, and I certainly love its polar bears!!

This collection has got to be one of my favorite from Stella so here’s some of the pieces I would love to own…

I did actually own these boots and the black version with the knitted tops, for all of about 10 minutes. I was so excited to get them on sale but so disappointed to get them. I have never tried on such painful shoes in my life, they were literally making my foot spasm they were so tight. Hence they were sent swiftly back. I’ve never tried any other Stella shoes since!

If I had a spare £4000 I would buy one of these totally kitch Judith Lieber bags to match!

What we do have Stella to thank for is the making dodgy knit wear cool again, so apres ski!

Which is funny as due to the snow this week I have been wearing some random 70 / 80’s clothes dug out of my mums wardrobe – I have no practical clothing it seems!

I love this ancient Burberry sweater, especially with my modern snood, this black M&S beanie (I would have preferred it with a pom-pom) and these lovely Vivienne Westwood gloves.

I found these jeans in the summer, they are vintage Wranglers with a proper high waist – no body wants low jeans when its so cold! I also have been living in these little snow boots, so that’s it my perfect winter dog walking attire!

Whilst we are on knit wear I am in love with the super cool creations from Sibling, menswear but hey it would be selfish not to share! In fact a perfect gift for the boyf – then you can pinch it right back on Boxing day, under the poor shivering girlfriend routine 😉
Hope you are all keeping snug (or enjoying not being frozen to my readers far away in sunnier climates),
I would love to know if any one else starts ‘borrowing’ clothes when the mercury drops? Or is it just me that cannot bear to part with cash for sensible clothing when there is something shiny in Chanel I can get instead?
Pearl x

Lady Gaga wears Holly Russell

Back in August Holly Russell won The Best of Manchester Fashion award which was exhibited a the Urbis, Manchester. The collection was stunning and so I was delighted to see Lady Gaga wearing the full length gown.

If you missed the exhibition (or the posts covering it) check out these:

Into the Blizzard!

So this is me before I embark on a mission in what was soon to turn into a total blizzard! Trusty vintage Russian hat, Burberry snood, Chanel coat and bag, Topshop jeans and Clarkes biker/Chelsea boots. I love this hat sooo much!!! I was stomping off to go pick up my own Christmas present I had reserved, so it was far to important to miss!

These are my two favourite inspiration pictures at the moment, I will be adding my brooch to my hat as soon as it come back from being repaired (is it just me or have I been waiting years for it).

Also gotta love the long skirts! And who wouldn’t want Chanel skies!!

Sirius and Baby were not convinced by Bella’s sartorial choice.

Hope you are all having fun in the snow,
Have a fab weekend,
Pearl xx

Just as I fall for you, you stab me in the heart…

… oh alright I am being a bit dramatic but I am rather heart broken…

My day started off fantastically with the arrival of my Burberry SNOOD!!!! Yay, it really is so soft and warm. I much prefer it to the long double over snoods (or circle scarfs) as it tucks in your coat neatly and you can keep it on all day.

If you care to imagine it with an outfit similar to the one below (but I look like a wild thing today so I don’t have an actual outfit post). It all started with the Burberry boots, I love them. I managed to stomp my way around town all day shopping in them, they aren’t actually that high due to the wedge, though uneven pavements have to be approached with caution! They do need insoles though as the soles are really hard – note to Christopher Bailey shoes need padded soles, especially shoes this expensive.

Well since I am on the subject, I really think I will be wearing these boots into Spring too. Wouldn’t they look perfect with a pastel chiffon skirt, something like Gwen is wearing here!

Ah but I digress, also in the top photo are my new BROWN leather shorts. I’ve been hunting for brown leather for ages as sometimes black is just to, well, black. So joy at finding these in my new love Zara (did you know it is supposed to be pronounced THara as it is Spanish). I was enjoying a good wander in Zara, trying not to be seduced by the perfect displays (did you know that all the displays for every store are laid out in head office so they are perfect prior to being recreated in store). I love how the mix and match items are right there for you, with no effort required to look totally chic (sorry what the hell is wrong with me and all this trivia!). So, I was all ready to pay for my shorts (this is the last trivia, and no Zara are not paying me, the tag states the leather used is from meat production animals raised on farms, not animals from ‘battery farms’ or slaughtered solely for their hides).
When I spot this monstrosity of a display:
Photo taken sneakily with my phone. These boots are exact rip offs of my Chanel’s!!!

I was just gobsmacked. I mean I know Zara’s whole purpose is to provide the high street equivalent of the designer stuff. I think that their tweed jackets are the best Chanel inspired ones around. But there is a bloody strong line between ‘inspired’ and ‘rip off’.
Zara make loads of amazing clothes and accessories like my studded suede boots, that are inspired by the general trends on the runway but not direct rip offs!! So, I am at a total loss, I just cannot shop somewhere that condones this. Yet as you know I love the rest of the store.
Gah, ok am I being overly dramatic? I know that not everyone can afford designer shoes, but seriously would you want the rip off version? I have always preferred the low key high street or vintage when I couldn’t afford designer, I just would rather not have any than a cheap imitation.
The thing that hurts most is that these are my favourite shoes in the world, I paid A LOT for them and it took some time to save up, but it was so worth it for something so perfect for my wardrobe and so unique. Now do I have to see everyone wearing the cheap versions, as of course Chanel only make things in limited numbers so it is highly unlikely you see anyone in the same thing! Ok so it is not as bad as blaintant counterfeiting but surely it is just as equal to theift to the designer! This subject has been raised on a few other blogs especially with Camilla Skovgaard – who I adore – and her shoes getting ripped off (
It makes you wonder where the line should be drawn, basically it is theift of the design, so surely it should be just as illegal as counterfeiting? I read a really interesting comment in a real / faux fur debate, the commenter said that she feels buying cheap ‘throw-away’ fashion would make her feel more guilty than an animal being killed due to the conditions that people making them were subject to. It really makes you stop and think doesn’t it? Are these crimes of fashion.
Would love your thoughts on this everyone!
To quote my BFF ‘Is nothing sacred’.
Pearl xx
P.S. Link for those of you who missed the Burberry post:
P.P.S To Jill Dot – these are the Burberry wedge boots that I would wear with a gown!

An ode to Carrie again: Sequin beret, faux fur & vintage Chanel backpack

Following on from this post: the general consensus from the comments was that I need a sequin beret too! I knew I had one from last year, mine is black though, and I went to dig it out. So thanks to Wendy B and Make Do, here it is! I am wearing it with another vintage faux fur coat in a dark chocolate brown/black. Since I was on a role rummaging about in closets I thought I would help my mum out and go through her closet too. This is her Chanel pearl brooch and her Chanel 80’s vintage backpack! How amazing is this bag!! It is a 2.55 but with backpack straps! I am keeping an eye out for one myself. Since my mum is as big a bag hound as I am for shoes, I am loaning this bag for a while. So, I will do another post on it and some other Chanel bag styles. Thanks mum xx

Do you borrow things from your family? I always wanted a sister to share stuff with!
Hope you guys are having a good week,
Pearl x

Would you like to win a vintage Chanel handbag for Christmas?

Would you like to win this vintage Chanel handbag by any chance?

Yep so would I! It is really hard finding mint condition white vintage Chanel bags but the lovely Julianna over at Rare Vintage is holding a competition to win this very bag!!!

So stop drooling over your keyboard and hop on over:

For any new readers if you would like to know more about vintage Chanel (featuring some of Rare Vintage too) check out my recent post on the history of the Chanel 2.55 bag:

Good luck to everyone that enters,
Have a great weekend,
Pearl xx