(Topshop shorts, I have no idea where this blouse is from as I cut out the tags I really hate visible tags in chiffon, Chanel shoes & brooch)
Taken on a freezing cold and very wet day, I am not sad just bloody freezing! The main point of this outfit was the experimenting with slight bolts of colour whilst wearing all black so I took the opportunity to work with the Chanel Jade and Jade rose colours in my nail varnish and brooch. I will be trying this out with differnt accesories and make-up. But for now I will leave you with some Chanel. Just a short post as I am exhausted this week, however have some fantastic news: I had my PhD viva exam yesterday so I am now a Dr! Yay! In Biochemistry not fashion – its a very long story!
Have a absolutely wonderful weekend by lovelies, I am off to celebrate / sleep / party / shop (maybe not in that specific order),
Pearl xx

Givenchy – Shoe Geniuses!

Hello! Just when I have finally gotten over my summer shoe dilemma (I couldn’t decide on Wang or Chanel, Chanel won), Givenchy take the ‘perfect shoe’ image from my mind and create these. The coolest, sexiest and most practical shoes I have ever seen! Though at ┬ú670 they even cross my line on expensive shoes. Right then, how many months wishing these go on sale do I have?

The clever people at Givenchy didn’t stop there, oh no check out these other fabulous offerings! From perfect peeptoe ankle boots, to the chunkiest of studded wedges. I mean if you owned all these you would never need another pair of shoes right!

Hubert would be proud!

Broken leg?

(tights fancy dress shop, dress Primark, shoes & bead necklace Chanel)
How amazing are these tights! They are actually tights to go with a Jester fancy dress costume I could also have had traditional Jester green and red! What I wanted was something a bit different whilst still getting away with looking appropriately smart. What I didn’t expect was so many people doing a double take as they caught a glimpse of my one white leg, someone even thought I had my leg in a cast LOL!
I think they really emphasise the black and white in my shoes, I am obsessed with these heels! I don’t have my bag in the photo – but I used a white bag to balance out the tights. But what I would love is one of the Chanel half and half upside-down bags, how amazing are they!

Pages from my scrap book
There are so many ways to do monochrome, it can actually be quite subtle if you go for mainly one colour and just add small accessories
Chanel runway S/S 08

Or if you go for small prints.

I have such a fashion crush on Jennifer Connolly, she always looks phenomenal! (montage mylifestyle.com)

Monochrome florals are a soft way to try the trend

What I love most though is really playing on the contrast.

Oh yeah, you know Rhianna will be the one to really stand out!

The best thing about monochrome is that it is such an easy look to do!
Hope you all had a great weekend,
Pearl x

Valentines Chicken!?!?! Well if Marc Jacobs says so!

If I have said it once I will say it again, Marc Jacobs is surely my soul mate / evil twin…

The man is a genius, I mean what do you want for valentines day? Do you want anything red, pink, heart shaped, crotch-less? No of course you don’t. What you want is a chicken, but not just any old chicken, a Louis Vuitton Chicken released as a Valentines special edition. You can also have a blue bird, but me I want the damn chicken. At LV: ‘Actually madam it is a fire bird’ – which has us all in hysterics – it looks like a chicken to me!! Now I find myself obsessing once again about expensive and if I am honest pretty useless, yet beautiful, oh so beautiful LV.

So whilst I am at it, I will take one Damier Azur stole, this seasons leopard. Modelled here by the gorgeous Daisy Lowe. You bet your ass there is already a full wait list.

Damier Neverful, and red bangle, hmm go on add those to the list too!

Nope its no use, I have seen it and will not rest until I have a damn Chicken!! LV Lover has got his hands on a birdy and is teasing me having it on his blog title (http://louisvuittonlover.blogspot.com/2009/12/louis-vuitton-monogram-vernis-animaux.html).

Just when I was doing so well, not even a month into the new year and I my I-wont-buy-anything-until-summer is not working very well at all!

Do you Lvoe it?

Pearl x

It’s all the Greige!

(Coat Chanel, Belt Vivienne Westwood, Jeans vintage Wrangler, Boots Chanel, Bag Chanel)

What do I have to tell you today? The snow might be gone but it is still icy cold. Here I am wearing my ‘best’ winter coat, I love it as it looks totally different worn belted / unbelted. This is my Vivienne Westwood Pelle belt, it has to be one of my best ever buys. It is a lovely chestnut thick leather belt, but extra long so it can be tied at the front. This trend seems popular on the runways of late, but Westwood totally invented it years ago. This belt works with everything and had the ability to transform a mediocre outfit into something much more interesting.

This is also my ‘best’ bag, as it is canvas I don’t want to use it too often in case I get it dirty! I love the pattern so much and its thick chunky chain.

Ah but what is this? It is Chanel’s latest nail colour in Particuliere or ‘Greige’ as it’s been tagged! Jill (http://streetstylelondon.blogspot.com/) and I have been puzzling about this!! It really is a strange colour, a brown-grey-beige I guess, the exact colour of mud! I love it and couldn’t wait to try it out, but I will be saving it for summer. It looks good with winter colours but I think will really come into it’s own with the muted summer pastels.

Colour testing, and I still can’t decide, it looks different in brighter light too.
First seen on the runway

Already on the fashpack

Here is some more of the RTW S/S 08, I adore this patterned fabric!

Will you be adopting greige this summer?
Pearl xx

Closet Dilemma: What to wear on a first date?

I was asked to write a piece for the UK dating website http://www.cosmiccupiddating.com/ something fun and upbeat but also tackling a dilemma lots of their members have. What do I wear on a first date? We got lots of great feedback for the piece so I thought I would share it with you guys here.

What to wear on your first date
Ok, well done! YouÔÇÖve got your first date lined up, how exciting! But also slightly scary!! The most important thing on a first date is to be able to relax and enjoy it. To do this you need to feel confidant and comfortable, so the first date outfit is very important. You want to look glam and attractive but not overtly sexy, you want to look smart but not like you just came from the office, pretty but not too girly ÔÇô but the best thing to aim for is to look yourself, but with added effort.

Problem 1: Full out glam outfit
Helen knew the exact thing to wear, a sequined long black cocktail gown and a killer pair of LouboutinÔÇÖs. Yep, as she twirled in front of the mirror she looked amazing. As she walked into the pub to meet Nick she started to feel uncomfortable, all eyes were on her ÔÇô mostly belonging to a bunch of builders from the site next door! Nick greeted her but it was awkward. He was dressed casual in jeans and a shirt. Though slightly awkward they both settled into a good conversation over a few drinks, then Nick announced his big plans for the rest of the date ÔÇô a hike around the local beauty spot for a picnic lunch. Needles to say Helen made her excuses and that was the first and last date.

Dita looks hot, perfect for an awards do, but perhaps a bit full on for a pub lunch!

But this could have been a perfect date with a bit of planning so listen up ladies and gents:
– Always wear something that makes you feel confident yes, but make sure it fits the location, for an afternoon in a local pub a pretty day dress or jeans and a blouse would have been much more appropriate.
– Always wear comfortable shoes ÔÇô killer heels are great if you know you can sit in a fancy restaurant for the evening. But for day try wedges or kitten heels you never know if walking will be involved. Guys a very important note, your lady will be wearing her nicest outfit so prior warning of walking far, in mud or risk of grass stains must be made!
– Ladies a lot of men are shorter than you in 5ÔÇØ heels!
– Men can be intimidated by beautiful women, save the full out glam until he is confident he can actually talk to you.

Kate, we think you are a most fabulous rock chic, most men think you are a bit scruffy

Problem 2: New outfit
ÔÇÿSally, you cannot wear one of your frumpy floral dresses on a dateÔÇÖ exclaimed Marie as she pulled her through the rails and rails of clothes in the store. Sally had nailed her look many years ago, a variation of pretty floral tea dresses which she wore with sandals in summer and boots with socks in winter. She wasn’t Kate Moss on the fashion front but she knew what suited her and what she felt comfortable in. But Marie was adamant, she would get dressed up!

Come Saturday night Sally was thrust out of her front door feeling ridiculous, in a boob-tube top and skinny jeans. By the time she got to the restaurant she had to hold the top up with one hand as it kept falling lower and lower. Josh was met not by a usually calm and cool Sally, but by a flustered one. Luckily they were both known for their outlandish sense of humour and the first conversation was more of a rant about the ridiculous top! Ever the gentleman Josh took of his jumper and gave it to Sally. They are now happily married!

If you don’t usually dress like Gaga, a first date is probably not the time to experiment!

But this could have gone wrong; I know I would have slunk off home having to call and say I was sick or something, as I cannot cope with being uncomfortable:
– ItÔÇÖs nice to treat yourself to a new outfit, but give it a trial run first ÔÇô someone squirming all night to keep their top up is not attractive, and you need to feel comfortable.
– New fashion is great, but a totally new look is something that needs trial and error. Always stick to what you know suits you and you feel happy in. Sally always wears tea dresses; she could have tried a new belt or necklace to glam up and old favourite.
– DonÔÇÖt try to be someone youÔÇÖre not, if you usually dress head to toe in Gothic black, wearing pink on a first date is pointless, you want your date to see YOU! Not a version of your friend Marie!

Mrs O, what did we ever do without you? A perfect example of smart and chic yet comfortable.

Helpful hints for girls:
-Wear a smarter version of what you usually would
-Wear something you are comfortable in
-Revealing doesnÔÇÖt necessarily mean sexy, less is more
-Most men donÔÇÖt understand high fashion ÔÇô wear something verging on this side of normal ÔÇô not full on Lady Gaga
-Men are attracted to ÔÇÿgirl-next-doorÔÇÖ types as they look approachable, go for smart casual

The lovely Cameron nails dressy-casual, is that why she always looks so happy?

Helpful hints for guys:
-Have a wash ÔÇô be clean and you can get away with the rest
-Socks with sandals is not a good look for anyone
-Leave the footie shirts for the weekend
-A simple t-shirt or shirt and jeans looks smart but is comfortable too, you donÔÇÖt have to wear a suit!

But most importantly be YOURSELF!!

I hope you liked the post, it’s always nice to do something a bit different!

I think one of my funniest is after a date the guy said to me ‘I was surprised that went well’, me ‘er why’, ‘well you hadn’t made an effort so I though you probably weren’t interested’, me ‘whahhhhhhh?!?!?!’ Turns out that wearing my hair in a pony tail (do you know how hard it is to get my hair to behave), with a jumper dress (Westwood, you fool!) and footless tights (they were NOT leggings) was obviously way to fashion for him to comprehend! Please can someone just clone me a Marc Jacobs,
Pearl xx

I would love to know if you have any dating tips, or disaster stories? Come on spill!

Tales of a Librarian

(vintage faux fur collar, ASOS blouse, vintage Mulberry belt, Chanel skirt A/W/07, brooch A/W08, boots A/W 08)

This has to be one of my absolute favourite outfits! It reminds me of that old school librarian look. I also like how you can see the skirt pattern through the chiffon, it is really high waist, and looks great with tops tucked in too (though that look will have to wait until the Christmas ‘festivities’ have been taken down the gym). Luckily Lily is kindly modeling a very similar skirt, possibly from the same collection.

I wanted to keep the Jade nail colour so went for black shoes to make it more edgy, but I also love it really matchy-matchy with brown heeled brogues, grey socks and red nails. I am really into huge jewellery at the moment too, this cross was a Chrismas treat to myself. It’s a shame you can’t see the details due to the lighting, but it matches my lipstick perfectly!

(Primark shoes, Vivienne Westwood socks, Chanel nail varishes in Fire and Fantastic)

Some inspiration…

Tori Amos the original in librarin chic

Alexander McQueen



Victoria Beckham reall suits this look, I have a feeling this is McQueen

Again in grey tweed (David surprisingly suits this 70’s cardi)

I love this take on the look by Miroslava Duoma, adding a touch of granny-chic

I adore Chloe’s Miu Miu outfit but really wish she had gone for a bandue top rather than a push up bra, that way she could have still flashed the midrift whilst still looking classy.

Some looks from the Chanel runway

I really like the scarf used as a belt, I think a bright vintage one would look great with a plainer skirt and blouse – might have to try this!

I would love to know what you all think if Chloe’s look, does she need a bandeu or do you like the cleavage?
Hope you guys have a great week,

What Pearl Wore! Looking back over 2009

(Vintage shoes, bangles and dress, Topshop pants and gilet, Vivienne Westwood belt)

This post was inspired by one of my favourite blogs ‘What Katie Wore’ if you haven’t seen it (where on earth have you been), the blog was started by Joe, Katie’s boyfriend, who pledged to post a photo of Katie’s outfit everyday for a year, as a romantic gesture! Personally, I applaud such dedication, if it was me you would have endless photos of me in disgusting hoodies as I hate getting dressed if I don’t have to leave the house. Sometimes I do like to wear over the top accessories with the hoodies just to make me feel better!

Anyway as the whole year of Katie’s outfits came to an end last week, Joe asked all the readers to send in a photo of themselves in an outfit which makes them happy! For this week we have so far had 5 days of ‘What You Wore’ and I am up there today: http://www.whatkatiewore.com/2010/01/15/what-you-wore-the-fifth-installment/comment-page-1/#comment-7292

But it was choosing a photo that really got me thinking, what do I wear? Looking through all my outfit posts, some I admit are a bit odd! So, these are a few of my favourite outfits!

Leather Pants:

(D&G top, Topshop pants, Chanel shoes, bag and necklace)

This photo and the one at the top feature the absolute greatest invention ever, leather leggings! I just love them, they really are so me!


(Christopher Kane tee, Topshop shorts, Chanel boots)

I do like shorts in the summer, but best of all I like shorts with tights! This black pair are the best ever as high waists are my thing! I also love this tee sooooo much!! Well done Chris Kane, for making my perfect tee, I love the print of course but the size, fit and fabric are spot on too. Also this shoes boot go with everything. In fact if I could only ever wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be this!

(Miu Miu top, Comme des Garcons shorts, ASOS shoes)

I love this outfit as it is just a bit odd, the top is Miu Miu and made of a really stiff kind of airtext.

Smart Casual – Peg leg pants:

(D&G vest, M&S trousers, Ann Demeulemeester boots)

Ask me to describe my perfect trousers? High waist, peg let, turn ups, black. I found these in M&S and couldn’t believe I had finally found the perfect pair of pants! Worn here with my Ann Demeulemeester boots and below with my vintage Chanel cardigan.

(vintage Chanel cardigan, M&S pants, Topshop vest, Primark necklace, vintage cuff Chanel shoes)


(Chanel jacket-vintage, brooch and bag, Christopher Kane tee, American Apparel leggings, Vivienne Westwood shoes)

For the ridiculous amount of Chanel jackets I own, I realised that I hardly have any photos of me wearing them on the blog! Same can be said for Westwood, I have a lots of amazing vintage too. I love this little cream jacket, its fairly vintage, has a hole and the buttons need replacing but that kind of makes me love it more! These are one of my favourite pairs of Westwood shoes, along with my red mary janes.

Super Smart:

(Vivienne Westwood shirt and shoes, Day Birger necklace, Fendi clutch, vintage leather trousers)

These are my ‘ I am a responsible adult’ outfits, the kind of thing I wear for lecturing. I love ever piece in this outfit!

(ASOS blouse and shoes, Topshop necklace, Miu Miu skirt)

I don’t often do lady-like but I love this pretty skirt and Victorian style blouse together.

(Prada jacket and clutch, Karl Largerfeld for H&M tee, Zara pants and boots)

Ah, happiness is Karl Largerfeld and some fluffy Prada!

Super Casual:

(Chanel denim jacket, vintage chiffon shirt, Topshop vests and leggings, Ann Demeulemeester boots)

These outfits are typical of my I-am-in-a-rush wardrobe, when I am just working on the computer in my office I like to be comfy so layering things up is perfect for me.

(Acessorise hairband, Chanel jacket, Vivienne Westwood tee and lanyard, Louis Vuitton scarf, Primark hareem pants, Ann Demeulemeester boots)
(Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, Calvin Klein slip, Primark belt, ASOS shoes)
After years of agonising over what to wear for a night out, you know the last minute shopping trips, the emptying your entire wardrobe over your bed and still not having anything to wear! I now have my winning formula, dress, belt, shoes! Works every time for me. These two both just happen to be Chris Kane for Topshop. The beige one I particularly like as it is so easy to totally change the look of it with accessories.

(Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, Vivienne Westwood belt, Chanel boots)

So my blog resolution for this year is to actually photo every outfit (except for sweats and hoodies), that I really like instead of what I randomly throw on / experiment with. I will also be doing more in depth posts about specific designers or pieces with a great story behind them. I have only been writing this blog since the summer but have enjoyed it so much, the best part is all the lovely bloggings friends I have made along the way, thanks to everyone for your support.
Have a fab weekend,
Pearl x


Due to the freezing, snowy weather we are having in the UK at the the moment, my outfits are all variations on huge coats, hats and boots I can actually walk in (but are ugly). So, they aren’t very interesting to post. Here I am after venturing out this morning wearing my faithful vintage faux fur coat (are you sick of seeing it yet) and my huge Vivienne Westwood bag. I do love Viv and I have had this bag a couple of years, it’s my everyday bag I can even fit my laptop in it! I love the tartan pattern in the pastel colours as it works in winter and summer.

I also have to thank the gorgeous Hanh at http://life-in-travel.blogspot.com/ for this Glamorous blog award, it really cheered me up especially when I am feeling far from glam in my snow boots!
I would like to pass on the award to:
Judy at Atlantis home (http://atlantishome.typepad.com/my_weblog/)
And also to everyone of my readers who I am sure are a very glam bunch!
Speaking of glam, what could be more so than the new lust-have Chanel nail colour! This season Particuliere (on the left) is set to be as much of a sell out as Jade was last season, due to it being featured on the runway. The summer collection is due for UK release on 29th Jan, but waiting lists are already getting filled, so if you want one go get your name down sharpish! At ┬ú16 that’s a sure fire recessionista style update.

So this was a bit of a random post! But I am working on a couple of longer posts as you all loved my History of the Chanel 2.55 bag post (http://fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com/2009/11/chanel-255-handbag-history-facts-and.html) so much, thank you all for your comments and emails from it! And since I am gushing, thanks to everyone for your continued support for the blog.
Shivering up North,
Pearl x

Follow Your Fashion Instincts!

This bad weather is bad for my blog! I can’t take any outfit photos because a. I will ruin my shoes, b. my camera man will not go out in the snow and c. my camera does not like to work indoors. Hence this rather dodgy looking photo, where you might mistake me for a ghost. So, until this damn snow melts please bear with me and my attempts at being arty. Oh yes, I have been messing around with photo-shop attempting to make these photos remotely acceptable – not really working though is it? Black and white – great way to hide that you couldn’t be bothered putting on make-up!

Anyway a wiseman* once said:

“It doesn’t go with anything, but it goes with me”

(*said wiseman was Chandler from Friends, in regards to his old armchair, but that’s not the point)

And that is my fashion mantra. Sometimes you will just fall in love with something and that’s, that. This is what happened with this belt, it is Chanel A/W 08 Paris-London, bright patent blue with a big Union Jack buckle – trust me it is alot less subtle in real life!

It really was one of those I-NEED-IT-NOW buys. Usually I will give serious consideration to everything I buy and I have to do a run-through of my wardrobe in my head of what it will go with, cost per wear blah, blah. I couldn’t really think of anything in particular that would go with this, so did the sensible thing and, erm well no I didn’t, I just bought it anyway! And you know what? I wear it with everything. Sure I have black and brown neutral belts that work with everything, but sometimes you need something special.
Worn here with simple black and white basics is the easiest way to wear it, but I also wear it with totally clashing prints and colours too.

(wearing leather skirt Next, monkey print tee Vivienne Westwood Man, wedge boots Burberry, bonkers hairband Primark)
The belt with other items from the collection (that sadly are not mine)
(with clashing pink print skirt Marc by Marc Jacobs and leo print scarf Louis Vuitton, tee as before)
Agyness Deyn and I must have been on the same page with this collection, as she wore the Union Jack bag on the runway, and quite obviously couldn’t bear to give it back! She works it with basics, complimentary colours and colour clashing too.
on the runway, with muted colour basics

matching with her red Vivienne Westwood boots

totally co-ordinated with other pieces from the collection

working it with other statement pieces such as her Hermes cuff

who ever said red, blue and yellow wouldn’t go
So next time you fall in love with something, let your instincts guide you, you might be pleasantly surprised! (Besides you can always return it if your aren’t).
Have a great week,
Pearl x