What Pearl Wore! Looking back over 2009

(Vintage shoes, bangles and dress, Topshop pants and gilet, Vivienne Westwood belt)

This post was inspired by one of my favourite blogs ‘What Katie Wore’ if you haven’t seen it (where on earth have you been), the blog was started by Joe, Katie’s boyfriend, who pledged to post a photo of Katie’s outfit everyday for a year, as a romantic gesture! Personally, I applaud such dedication, if it was me you would have endless photos of me in disgusting hoodies as I hate getting dressed if I don’t have to leave the house. Sometimes I do like to wear over the top accessories with the hoodies just to make me feel better!

Anyway as the whole year of Katie’s outfits came to an end last week, Joe asked all the readers to send in a photo of themselves in an outfit which makes them happy! For this week we have so far had 5 days of ‘What You Wore’ and I am up there today: http://www.whatkatiewore.com/2010/01/15/what-you-wore-the-fifth-installment/comment-page-1/#comment-7292

But it was choosing a photo that really got me thinking, what do I wear? Looking through all my outfit posts, some I admit are a bit odd! So, these are a few of my favourite outfits!

Leather Pants:

(D&G top, Topshop pants, Chanel shoes, bag and necklace)

This photo and the one at the top feature the absolute greatest invention ever, leather leggings! I just love them, they really are so me!


(Christopher Kane tee, Topshop shorts, Chanel boots)

I do like shorts in the summer, but best of all I like shorts with tights! This black pair are the best ever as high waists are my thing! I also love this tee sooooo much!! Well done Chris Kane, for making my perfect tee, I love the print of course but the size, fit and fabric are spot on too. Also this shoes boot go with everything. In fact if I could only ever wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be this!

(Miu Miu top, Comme des Garcons shorts, ASOS shoes)

I love this outfit as it is just a bit odd, the top is Miu Miu and made of a really stiff kind of airtext.

Smart Casual – Peg leg pants:

(D&G vest, M&S trousers, Ann Demeulemeester boots)

Ask me to describe my perfect trousers? High waist, peg let, turn ups, black. I found these in M&S and couldn’t believe I had finally found the perfect pair of pants! Worn here with my Ann Demeulemeester boots and below with my vintage Chanel cardigan.

(vintage Chanel cardigan, M&S pants, Topshop vest, Primark necklace, vintage cuff Chanel shoes)


(Chanel jacket-vintage, brooch and bag, Christopher Kane tee, American Apparel leggings, Vivienne Westwood shoes)

For the ridiculous amount of Chanel jackets I own, I realised that I hardly have any photos of me wearing them on the blog! Same can be said for Westwood, I have a lots of amazing vintage too. I love this little cream jacket, its fairly vintage, has a hole and the buttons need replacing but that kind of makes me love it more! These are one of my favourite pairs of Westwood shoes, along with my red mary janes.

Super Smart:

(Vivienne Westwood shirt and shoes, Day Birger necklace, Fendi clutch, vintage leather trousers)

These are my ‘ I am a responsible adult’ outfits, the kind of thing I wear for lecturing. I love ever piece in this outfit!

(ASOS blouse and shoes, Topshop necklace, Miu Miu skirt)

I don’t often do lady-like but I love this pretty skirt and Victorian style blouse together.

(Prada jacket and clutch, Karl Largerfeld for H&M tee, Zara pants and boots)

Ah, happiness is Karl Largerfeld and some fluffy Prada!

Super Casual:

(Chanel denim jacket, vintage chiffon shirt, Topshop vests and leggings, Ann Demeulemeester boots)

These outfits are typical of my I-am-in-a-rush wardrobe, when I am just working on the computer in my office I like to be comfy so layering things up is perfect for me.

(Acessorise hairband, Chanel jacket, Vivienne Westwood tee and lanyard, Louis Vuitton scarf, Primark hareem pants, Ann Demeulemeester boots)
(Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, Calvin Klein slip, Primark belt, ASOS shoes)
After years of agonising over what to wear for a night out, you know the last minute shopping trips, the emptying your entire wardrobe over your bed and still not having anything to wear! I now have my winning formula, dress, belt, shoes! Works every time for me. These two both just happen to be Chris Kane for Topshop. The beige one I particularly like as it is so easy to totally change the look of it with accessories.

(Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, Vivienne Westwood belt, Chanel boots)

So my blog resolution for this year is to actually photo every outfit (except for sweats and hoodies), that I really like instead of what I randomly throw on / experiment with. I will also be doing more in depth posts about specific designers or pieces with a great story behind them. I have only been writing this blog since the summer but have enjoyed it so much, the best part is all the lovely bloggings friends I have made along the way, thanks to everyone for your support.
Have a fab weekend,
Pearl x

34 thoughts on “What Pearl Wore! Looking back over 2009

  1. I love looking at your outfits =) My personal favourites are the one with the fuzzy Prada bag and then the Miu Miu skirt.
    I spotted you on WKW today, you look lovely.

    Florrie x

  2. Love Ur shoe collection!

    Cool post. I really love essie nail polishes.

    P.S.: ÔÖÑPlease don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!ÔÖÑ

    Good luck!


  3. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! I love your stlye and blog man! YOu have such awesome pieces!

    Thanks for the comment! be back soon!

  4. The prada clutch is beautiful, it's great looking over all your past outfits, i suppose it gives you a good perspective on what looks and styles you go for. I really love the M&S pants with the a.d shoes. Looks really great
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  5. Just saw the 'what katie wore' post! I think that's my favourite actually. They're all great, esp. the Christopher Kane tee with those boots.

    I'm going to link you in a post that will go up tomorrow. I think you're right about the Chanel colour, I don't know why I got it confused with Trapeze. I think someone @ Grazia called it griege and then someone at the Times Style section mistakenly thought it was the Trapeze colour and I quoted them.. it's like that game of telephone. It's all so silly, but fun.

    I'm really into that colour now, tho. And I will always love that jade – the real colour, not the too green version that was in some photos – but I've realised I'm not good with blue or green on my nails. I've been walking around here in Florida with navy blue on my toes and fingers and I look like a cadaver.

    Actually I've changed my mind. My favourite shot, and outfit, is – big surprise – the Chanel vintage striped cardigan.

  6. Just read your comment on LeahÔÇÖs blog about the poem I wrote, ÔÇ£Ode to LeahÔÇØ. Thanks for your kind words, theyÔÇÖre much appreciated!

    Barry from
    ÔÇ£Life in QuotationsÔÇØ

  7. Great post! So nice to see how how other people put their outfits together, love the layered looks, very nice!

  8. Thanks for all you comments guys!!

    @Jill – I have that problem with cetain shades of beige, 'corpse beige' I call it!

    @En Vanite – Nope I'm far from being rich, I just spend my money very wisely, and am a total bargain hunter, for all the outfits in this post I probly paid more for the highstreet pieces than most of the designer! Ebay is my life!

    @Barry- I loved it is was so nice of you to do that for her!

  9. Well posted – I keep meaning to take proper photos of outfits but never seem to find the time. Love your pics and I do want your Miu Miu skirt!

    I'm also a big fan of your brick wall xxx

  10. Great re-cap–I love the Christopher Kane pieces. You should see the most amazing CK dresses are Barney's has–and they are marked down to nothing!! I'm tempted. ;)) thank you for the award–I have never received one, and have no idea what to do with it. 😉

  11. Pearl, you look adorable in all the outfits. My fave is your Christopher Kane dress.

    I was done with fever so I wasn't able to visit your blog. Hope you are having a great weekend. xoxo

  12. Great overview of the year! I love your Westwood belt the most out of all the pieces, something about her logo recently has struck an obsession in my mind. Perhaps it's time to acquire some pieces of my own in 2010.

    And in re: to the Ralph Lauren mannequin, I think she looks cross eyed and like she has a missing tooth or something awkward like that. It's interesting to hear other peoples perspective. I wish Ralph had better mannequins, they're so busted looking to me!

  13. Wow you seriously have soem great peices here, I love the Vienne Westwood top, The karl for H&M and the vintage Chanel just to name a few =)

  14. I loved this post – the looks are all so great, you have such great style and some AMAZING shoes!!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment, i'm so glad you enjoyed reading it as much I as I enjoyed writing it

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  15. those look! I'm officially gonna be your follower! it's cool how you can look cool in any aoutfit! and your cristopher kane are so coool!!!

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