Internships available at Vivienne Westwood, Manchester

STUDENT 2010/11 INTERNSHIPS (Reasonable traveling and lunch expenses paid)
Manchester (Head Office)We have a limited number of ongoing internships for undergraduate students wishing to gain basic merchandising, customer service and dispatch, website management, visual merchandising and stock experience within a successful and pressurised designer fashion environment. Internships are available either Full time or Part time (minimum 24 hours weekly), for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months only.


Hervia Ltd no longer hold the Vivienne Westwood franchises therefore all internships for Vivienne Westwood should go direct through Vivienne Westwood. You can apply online here:

Internship Opportunities

Vivienne Westwood offers a variety of internship opportunities.

An internship is a great way to start your career; it gives you valuable leadership experience and important networking opportunities that can help in a competitive job market.

Look below at the opportunities now available and see if any of them match with your skills.

If there are currently no work placements that match your criteria, you can send your CV for a future application stating:

– department/role you are interested in;
– period and length of availability

Please make sure your CV is formatted in Microsoft Word and does not have embedded images, supporting images should be sent in a separate .pdf document which should not exceed 5mb in file size.

Click here to send an updated copy of your CV and covering letter

For Vivienne Westwood London Head Office internships specific positions available can be viewed and applied for also online here.

Hervia Ltd still have their own independent designer boutiques Hervia and Hervia Bazaar in Manchester as well as Y3 in London. There head office still resides in Manchester and you can find out about and apply for their internships online here.

25 thoughts on “Internships available at Vivienne Westwood, Manchester

  1. Hello Pearly!
    I missed you so much, sweetie!
    My gosh, wish I was around Manchester. These students who will be get hire are so lucky! I'm so jealous.

  2. Hello Pearly!
    I missed you so much, sweetie!
    My gosh, wish I was around Manchester. These students who will be get hire are so lucky! I'm so jealous.

  3. Hello Pearly!
    I missed you so much, sweetie!
    My gosh, wish I was around Manchester. These students who will be get hire are so lucky! I'm so jealous.

  4. Oh my God, I would love to do this! But I live in California…would I have to apply for a work permit to work over there?

  5. hi pearl,pls ild like to know if there are internship openings for 2012….i currently reside in southafrica&wld loove the opportunity!…ild check the link you sent to heather taylor also…&i loove dem shoes*

  6. i live in manchester and i am currently in college but i really dont see where the coure i am doing will take me in life and how it will get me where i want to be.i just wondered what qualifications and age you habe to be to do the internhip because this would be perfect for me also because i am a huge fan of vivienne westwood.

    • Hi Nicole, generally you need to be over 16 and no specific qualifications unless specified in the criteria, but it wouldn’t hurt to email them and ask. If I were you I would write an email letting them know a bit about you and why you would like to intern, good luck.

  7. I would love to take that opertunity but i am wondering as it is an old post of it has been carried on into 2012.

  8. Hello, I am a fashion student at manchester univeristy. Are you doing an internship this summer?

    Best wishes,

    • Me? Oh no I already paid my dues ha ha, getting an internship over the summer is a great idea though whilst you are studying x

  9. I Sanjay Nageswaran from India. Have finished my MSc International Fashion Marketing in Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009 pass out.

    I got your contact from your website and my friend suggested your service.

    One of the UK clothing retail company is ready to offer me unpaid internship for 3 months duration and after my internship get’s over, the company is ready to sponsor for my visa with work permit. At the same time, they are not ready to sponsor visa for 3 months internship.

    Now, what kind of visa I can apply for to do my 3 months internship and pls guide me too.

    I can show my well bank balance and enough funds for the process.

    I don’t wont to miss this opportunities from them and I wish to attend the 3 months internship.

    Will be looking for your mail.


  10. Could you possible send me the email address for the internship? the link to send my CV will not upload using my laptop.
    Thank you

  11. hi i’m Maryum from Sheffield. I have graduated in fashion design /manufacture but did a foundation degree. I just wondering if you had any placements available or any kind of advice to get into the fashion industry.

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