A Random Selection of Oufits!

Sometimes some of my outfit photos don’t make the blog, not because its a bad outfit but usually because I am too fussy over how I look! I decide to post the ‘leftovers’ as my friend has just been in stitches over my explainations about why they weren’t going on the blog, so I thought I would give you all a chuckle too


(Wearing vintage Jaegar cardi-coat, Topshop jeans and tee, random jumper, M. Birger necklace, Chanel brooch, ballet pumps and bag)

The Chanel tattoos are holding up pretty well still! I got 5 days out of these ones.

Pouty & Fuzzy Photos

(Vintage faux fur thing, Topshop old leather jacket and jean, Burberry snood, Chanel boots)

Shruggy and odd leg angle!

(Left: Topshop new leather jacket and jeans, Primark shirt, Chanel boots. Right: Topshop jumper-dress, H! boots, Miu Miu bag, Burberry snood, Vivienne Westwood lanyard)
Actually typing it makes me realise how daft I am! But I am sure I am not the only one who is over critical regarding there own phots!
Pearl x
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There will be 3 days in total, the winner gets Leigton Meesters Dress!!!
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TK Maxx Challenge & Vintage Dress Winner!

Butterscotch dress £34.99 TK Maxx

TK Maxx set me a challenge to style up this dress from their new range for three different scenarios. So I set my hands to an evening with Polyvore and this is what I came up with.

Please don’t hold my Polyvore / photoshop skills against me (if anyone can explain how to import an image to polyvore when you have vista, please do).

Meeting the Boyfriends Parents

Meet the parents
Items in this set:
Jersey Lined Lace Blazer, $125
Toile clog with jewel detail, Chanel,
ðíÐâð╝ð║ð░, Chanel / ðíð░ð╣Ðé ðÂÐâÐÇð¢ð░ð╗ð░ Glamour ð┐ÐÇðÁð┤ð╗ð░ð│ð░ðÁÐé ð▓ð░ð╝ ðÀð░ð┐ð¥ð╗ð¢ð©ÐéÐî Ðüð▓ð¥ð╣…
Chanel Camelia Brooch

Job Interview

Items in this set:
Blinn Naval Blazer by Theory, 340 GBP
Dries Van Noten Pump with Metallic Python Heel, 330 GBP
Oversized Alexa leather bag, $1,250
22-karat gold-plated bib necklace, $740
White Silk Crest Scarf, Givenchy, 80 GBP

Night Out with the Girls

What do you think of the outfits?

You might have noticed I just made a facebook page – though I confess I have no idea what I am ment to do with it! But if you want to check out the TK Maxx Facebook Page you will be able to vote for me and the other contestants!

The first set ‘meet the parents’ is now live: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=196731&id=109651927078&ref=mf You just need to become a TK Maxx fan and ‘like’ my outfits.

I’d be very greatful to anyone who can spare a minute to vote!

Ah if only I had all these lovely things in my wardrobe!

But a new addition to someone elses wardrobe, the winner of the Vintage Dress Giveaway is…


Congratulations, just drop me an email to [email protected] and let me know where to post it!


Chanel Tattoos – Something more elaborate!

I decided to get a bit more elaborate with the Chanel transfer tattoos for an evening out last night. This is the large sprig on the right and the smaller sprig and a CC logo on the left. I was surprised at how realistic the tattoos looked.
(Wearing Topshop leather jackets, M&S trousers, Primark vest, Prada clutch, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Sock shop socks (new discovery and bordering on obsession)
I don’t know what got more most odd looks, the tattoos or the socks!
Er yep you can also see I only got around to painting half my hall, I hate doing the gloss paint its given me a cough.
Happy sweet Sunday,

Blog Awards

Thank you to http://hauteworld.blogspot.com/ for giving me this Blog Award!! I would like to pass it on to http://sharonrosepixie.blogspot.com/ whose blog I have only recently discovered but I love her bargain hunting skills!!
Next is this Blog Award from http://makedostyle.blogspot.com/
This award comes with the task of listing 7 things about yourself:
1. I am slightly obsessive when packing my groceries up in the supermarket – I have a system and I do not need any ‘help’!
2. I love my dogs more than anything in the world, even when they ate my brand new Vivienne Westwood cardigan.
3. Grey is my favourite colour.
4. Cheesecake was my favourite food in the whole world until I developed a dairy allergy, now it is vegan carrot cake.
5. Like Kate who gave me the award, I too can swear like a trooper, usually F.F.S it bellowed a good few times a day.
6. I cut my own hair.
7. I read Vogue, Elle, Harper’s, In Style and Grazia every issue, secretly sometimes I read Look just because it is the exact opposite of anything I would ever wear, its so WAG, I love it!
I get to pass this on to 7 other bloggers:
Have a great Weekend,

Chanel Tattoos

You all know I love a bit of Chanel, especially make-up so getting some of these tattoo transfers to play around with has been amusing me no end!

I started off with a single swallow in case they were tricky to apply!

Everyone had lots of questions about them so I thought I would do a post on them.
They come in this lovely presentation box all wrapped up with ribbon, as you would expect from Chanel.

You get 5 sheets of different designs all for £49.

The application instructions are on the back and they are easy enough to apply:
1. cut out the design you want to apply
2. peal off the transparent cover
3. place the design face down on the area you want it
4. press a soaking wet towel over the back and hold firmly down for 3 minutes
5. slowly lift up the backing a check the design has attached to the skin, if not press down with the towel again for a few more minutes
6. once the design has attached to the skin peal off the backing
7. leave to air dry for 1-2 minutes
The girls at Chanel and I found the tattoos last for around 4 days. I had mine on the wrist where it rubbed against my key board and got washed ever time I washed my hands so I think one placed on the collar or leg might last longer.
They are totally shower proof, providing you don’t rub it.
Make up remover just wipes the tattoo right off.

Once you get the hand of it, you can make some of the more elaborate designs as seen on the runway.

Let me know if you have any more questions,
I can’t wait to try out something really elaborate!
N.B You totally have to check this post out for the most creative tattoo use ever:
(Photo credits: Tommy Ton, Google)

Double the Denim, Triple the Fun: How to Wear Double Denim

(Wearing leather jacket Matthew Williamson for H&M, denim shirt Primark, jeans Matalan, shoes, brooch and vintage bag Chanel)
Double denim was a huge shock trend appearing on the S/S10 runways, my absolute favorite was Ralph Lauren who totally embraced the trend, closely followed by Chloe’s subtle one look inclusion. It wasn’t however a trend I thought I would be embracing, and yet I found my self pairing my denim (it is chambray actually) shirt with my jeans. It just felt so fresh and so now!
(Since I was breaking out my summer crop sleeve leather jacket I thought I would try out one of the Chanel tattoos, more on these when I try something elaborate!)

Ralph Lauren S/S 10

Chloe, William Rast, D&G all S/S 10

Twenty8Twelve one and two S/S 10, three A/W10

The designers broached the trend from full on pants, shirt, jacket and hat in denim, to more subtle takes such as Twenty8Twelves A/W 10 where the shirt and shorts are broken up with the cardigan and tights. I think the less is more approach is a safe option, try a denim bag with jeans. Alternatively break up the denim by wearing light on top ad dark on the bottom. Or just embrace it full on, its summer (nearly) and time to have some fun. Here are some of my favourite looks.

(Image credits: advancedstyle, blueisinfashionthisyearyear, denimology, denimblog, sartorialist, stylebubble, whoshotbambi)
Will you be trying out this trend?

Skinny Cow Celeb Swap Shop!

Skinny Cow (the yummy hot chocolate) hosted two Clothes Swapping Events in London and Manchester this weekend. Not just to help out us recessionistas but to raise money for the Marie Curie Charity too!
Kelly Brook was the face of the event and she got together her celebrity friends to donate some of their own wardrobe to the swap, along with some special designer items such as a Mulberry handbag and Jimmy Choo heels. The deal was bring 3 items you no longer wear and get three new items back.

Kelly’s hot pink coat was the absolute most wanted item

So I packed up 6 items (3 for my mum who I took along to the event), I took a Giles for New Look mini mac, Karen Millen lace blazer, Next safari blazer, vintage pussy bow blouse, New Look sequin top and a No Angel gold lame dress (stop laughing the gold dress looked amazing when I was really skinny and small chested in a Studio 56 kind of way – now of course it is tighter and I have more bust so yes I looked like a stripper hence it getting donated, but I know it will look amazing on the right girl)

The Manchester event was hosted by the Midland hotel, which was given a make over by Skinny cow with all cow print faux fur and fuchsia pink lighting, the whole place smelled amazing as Skinny Cow hot choc wafted around.

All the clothes were set out in by colour so it was easy to see which rail to head for

There was a hot chocolate bar so everyone could relax with a drink after the swap. There would be permanent hot choc bars all over the world if it were up to me!

All the celebrity and designer items were hidden amongst all the other clothes so it was a real treasure hunt. The special items had gold star prize tags tucked away inside, this is Kelly’s coat hidden away before the swap started. So lets take a look at what the lucky swappers bagged!

Swappers finding Danielle Lloyd’s tracksuit and Holly Willoughby’s dresses

That jacket looks familiar, and so does that coat! Kelly will be pleased her coat went to such a good home!


The lovely Tracy modeling our finds – check out my Henry Holland stocking tights and ever-so-Givenchy H&M jacket.
I spent most of the swap being nosey finding out who got what, and was most chuffed with myself for snaffling the H of H tights. My mum got a cream blouse and a black polka dot dress and a little bracelet. It was only when we went to check out our bargains, that the girl on the goodie bag desk started congratulating my mum. Confusion! My mum bless her hadn’t found a ‘little bracelet’ but a Tiffany bracelet! ‘I can’t see I didn’t have my glasses on’ was her reasoning, so funny! But they had been devious and just put it hidden with all the other jewellery, keeping the box, gift bag and star prize tag until the check out. I am really pleased for her as she hasn’t been too well lately and really deserved a treat. But there must have still been Jimmy Choo shoes, Links of London jewellery and an Hermes scarf still hidden in there somewhere – how exciting! Do let me know if you found them!

(Wearing Bally dress, Westwood belt and Zara boots)
As it happens my third item was a very lucky find too, it might not have been a celeb or designer star prize, but it may well have been to me. I picked it up thinking it was a cute summer day dress and only when I got home to try it on did I realise it was an amazing floaty chiffon Bally dress, with sleeves like wings – so Thank You, who ever donated it!!!
The swap was only available to competition winners who were lucky enough to win tickets on the Skinny Cow Facebook Page but there will be a chance for everyone to win some fantastic goodies by entering the Skinny Dip contest online, just follow the link for more info.
A big THANK YOU to Skinny Cow for organising such a fun event!!

Also don’t forget you can still enter the Win a Vintage Dress giveaway on this blog.

Hope you all had a great weekend,


The Importance of Online Shopping and Ralph Lauren

Much as I shop online I really wish I didn’t have to. I would much rather be able to go into the store and try things on, touch and feel them. Isabel Marant recently said much the same thing about not wanting to sell her clothes online as it is so impersonal.
Watching the live stream fashion shows is great if you can afford it, but what about the rest? Well working with this the first online fashion show for Lauren by Ralph Lauren is now available to view online, and ASOS have also have mini runway clips of the clothes. I do like Ralph Lauren they do the best military jackets and preppy blazers but have never given the Lauren line much consideration, why? Have you seen the House of Fraser website where it is exclusive to? It really does nothing for me, the clothes all look the same no matter what the designer, which is a problem with a lot of online retailers such as Debenhams and M&S.
Anyway having seen the online show for the new Lauren collection I must say I was seriously impressed!

Lauren by Raph Lauren S/S 10
You can bet every summer the two main trends will be Nautical and Safari so anything inspired by either look will be a great investment piece. This season I am verging more for Safari (must be the influence of the Chloe sandals) and I absolutely love these four looks. The safari jacket and white blazer are very me, and I really love the crop pants and tunic.
So, I clicked over to H of F where low and behold there were these very pieces. Gorgeous garments with really reasonable prices. So lessons be learnt online retailers and applause to Ralph Lauren for realising that we need to see clothes come to life, we need to fall in love with them.
House of Fraser online
If you want to check it out for yourselves:
From ┬ú49 tops – ┬ú270 jackets http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/

Hop on Hoochie!

(Wearing House of Holland Tee, vintage leather skirt, Dior shoes, D&G sunnies)

Ever the technology fan Henry Holland made it possible for everyone to buy these anagram t-shirts via i-phone live at his A/W 10 show!
This one suits me to a T, I must say F.F.S at least 10 times a day! My stable in summer is white and black print tees so I will be wearing this alot.

For F**ks sake Alexa Chung, Chill the F**k out Aggy
They mostly sold out straight away but if you check the website you might get lucky. But don’t worry if you missed out, they will be available with the full A/W collection around August.

Not a lot going on with this models nails, one happy pair of pants

Mr Holland has indeed been a busy boy as his diffusion line H! for Debenhams in out now, I was really impressed. Full of quirky and fun pieces, and style staples with a touch of Holland.

The H! boots, and Miu Miu bag sneeking in on the photo!

My picks of the H! collection
These are my favourite pieces from the collection, I snapped up these leather boots and two crystal skull rings in gold and gunmetal (said bloody rings have given me a cheap jewellery rash but are very pretty). If I didn’t already own a gazillion jackets I would have picked up both of these, a soft grey jersey blazer and a longer length tartan one which would look perfect with these cycling shorts and heels. I also love the tartan pants which would be perfect with a tee and heels. There are also some bright floral print dresses and electric neon shoes, I say snap it up whilst you can.
What do you guys think of both collections?
Have a great week,
P.S Don’t forget to enter the vintage dress giveaway: