Where to Shop in Tampa? & Chanel Giveaway Winner

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood everything, jacket, skirt, belt, shoes & Chanel bag)

If there is one thing Vivienne Westwood can do it is cut a perfect suit. I am going to a conference next week so I was playing around with ‘appropriate’ outfits, this one I figured the skirt was to short so I wore it out today instead of packing it!

I have never been to Tampa, Florida before so I need any tips you all might have on where to shop, especially for vintage and discount designer! Any good places to eat, and site see please let me know too.

You can just about tell I have had my hair cut, first time in about 4 years!! I basically had a thicker fringe cut and lots of layers. I took these two photos with me as I usually have it very straight like Lily but wanted to try something more relaxed like Nicole. My hair was EXACTLY the same as Nicole’s but of course I haven’t yet mastered the wavyness trick yet -I am working on it!

Congratulations! If you drop me an email to [email protected] with your details I will get it to you ASAP.

Also a huge thank you to everyone who entered, and stay tuned as I am having another giveaway once I get back from my trip,

Happy May Day,

Pearl x

Carrie, Camellias and Corsages!

(Wearing: Chanel everything – pants, clogs, corsage, ring, bag, random wool sweater possibly M&S I cut out the tag, I have a million identical sweaters)
Long time readers may well remember these pants (from here and here), I have had them ages but they keep verging between the love / hate divide. They are actually part of a suit, but that just looks insane all that pink! Anyway I do like a bit of matchy, matchy and I love how the Camellia corsage brooch looks with them. I think this outfit will also look good when it gets warmer with a simple white vest. Usually I can only wear these pants with really high heels, but the clogs are the perfect height too. The huge flower did bring out the Carrie Bradshaw in me!

Just a quick look at the newly updated Chanel window – ooh what’s that we spy? Yep Chanel clogs, apparently they have a few of the high ones left (probably because no one could stand up in them), though I doubt they will be there long.
I adore Chanel Camellia brooches, I think it looks fabulous how they bunch them together in for the windows.

Carrie is pretty famous for wearing huge corsages. But I did struggle to find photos of her wearing them. Anyway I couldn’t resist picking out some of my favourite Carrie outfits, only a few weeks to go till the SATC 2 movie!
I think I would described my style as a mix of Carrie and Charlotte, but my personality is more a mix of Sam and Miranda – LOL!
How about you guys?Do you love Carrie, does anyone else actually prefer one of the other girls?
Pearl x

Finally Chanel Clogs!!

(Wearing: Matthew Williamson H&M jacket, vintage blouse, Topshop jeans, Chanel brooch & clogs. This Pomeranian is Baby Boo have you met her yet?)

Chanel low heel black lambskin leather clogs

Love these textures and colours right now

Yay! Finally I have my lovely clogs, however it was a really hard decision. In the end both pairs of clogs I had pre-ordered came in on the same day. After agonising, I left with the suede poppy ones and swiftly ran back and swapped for the leather. I am really happy with my choice and clomped off straight from Chanel wearing them. The ones with the poppy were stunning but I just felt they were a bit fussy for my style (if money were no object I would have got both though). I also tried on the high heeled beige tweed with jewel detail but I couldn’t even stand up, sky high is an understatement!

(The ones I almost kept, Chanel low heel black suede with white poppy)

I am also looking forward to wearing them into A/W, Chanel have a clog-boot hybrid and Betty Jackson’s shoe-boot clogs worked wonderfully with her russet tones. Chloe didn’t opt for clogs but so many of the looks will work perfectly with them.

Betty Jackson and Chanel A/W10

Chloe A/W10

FYI in case you were Chanel clog hunting, and I know some of you are, I thought I would share my info in response to a few emails I have had. I always pre-order Chanel straight from the runway when it is something I have my heart set on. If for example there is a highly demanded item like the clogs, I think a wait list is opened for any extra stock that may be sent or if someone on the pre-order doesn’t take the item for whatever reason. For example I ordered both the leather and suede but only bought the leather, so the suede pair will go to whoever is first on the wait list. If you missed out getting on the wait list it is still worth double checking in the boutique in case a spare pair crops up anywhere. There have been a few pairs already listed on eBay (at a high mark up) but I guess it is always worth a haggle! Failing that there are lots of high street offerings out there. Also Chanel don’t always make exact versions of the runway for retail, such as many of the differnt clogs so it is always best to check the item you liked actually went into retail.

Clogging off,

Pearl x

P.S don’t forget to enter the Chanel Particuliere Nail varnish giveaway!

Pucci Dreams and the Wise Words of Wendy B

Pucci goodies!

Do you ever have those day dreams, I am sure you do, of what you would buy should money be no object? I have this dream of me wafting around St Tropez head to toe in Emilio Pucci. I just absolutely adore the bright prints and vibrant colours. I did worry when Matthew Williamson left that my Pucci dreams were going with him, but I couldn’t have been more stunned by Peter Dundas, though less vibrant and much more graphic I fell in love all over again. Of course I would never buy Pucci, being rather expensive and only getting worn on holiday not really cost per wear effective!

So when I received a TK Maxx gift voucher for taking part in their styling challenge I heeded the wise words of Wendy B

“I decided that gift cards should never be used on something I would have bought anyway. No ÔÇ£I urgently need a new pair of black pumps for workÔÇØ purchases. Gift cards should be spent on items that would normally be too expensive, or not a good match with my wardrobe, or at risk for water damage on rainy days. WendyB has spoken.”

And so I went all out for some Pucci! I bought an I-will-only-wear-it-once-a-week-per-year-if-I-am-lucky Dundas design graphic print sarong, a these-are-ridiculous-but-I-love-them pair of palazzo pants which need shortening by about half the leg and an it-might-get-ruined-on-the-beach lovely bright, it must be one of Matthew Williamson’s print kaftan. I also bought the cat-eye Lulu Guinness sunglasses I was wearing in the last post.

Matthew Williamson at Pucci S/S 08

Matthew Williamson at Pucci S/S 09

Peter Dundas at Pucci A/W 10

The wise words of Wendy B also rang true in reply to my clog dilemma ‘Don’t go for “versatile” and “practical.” Go for what you LOVE. You will find ways to wear it. Never settle’ right you are Queen B, I know that there is no point stressing over it, I will just get the ones which I see and love, practical or not! Maybe I should have called this post Wendy B’s Pearls of Wisdom!

Have a great week, in clog anticipation,


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Grey Is My Favorite Colour

(Wearing: vintage blouse, Chanel jacket, bag, shoes, jewellery, Topshop shorts – the light was quite right to pick up the details)

(Wearing: Left- Jaeger cardi, Topshop jumper dress, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Miu Miu bag, Lulu Guiness sunglasees, Chanel necklace. Right: McQ scarf, Rick Owens sweater, Topshop leggings and gilet, Ann D boots)

These outfits show my steady decline in standards over this week, from important meetings to hiding out in my office. I have had a bit of a grey week outfit wise, thoughs of you who regularily read the blog will know grey is my favourite colour. I love wearing simple grey, black and white and also breaking the fashion rule of pairing grey with brown. But most people avoid it other than the odd grey marl sweater, so here is some grey-speration!

Two random nutters

(Actually these are my lovely girls who don’t moan one bit about taking my outfit post photos all the time, though they didn’t belive me that I would blog them for making me laugh taking my photos – infact I should get them to do outfit guest posts, Aimee is very girly chic and Mina is my goth-chick).

It appears matching your boyfriend in grey is in vogue!

(Photo credits google)
Looking at the London bloggers such Jill from London Street Style and Jen Style Crusader I am getting the feeling you actually have summer down south, up here it is sunny but still pretty chilly!
Hope you are al having a fab week,
Pearl x

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Set your TV for Frock Me

Frock Me With TK Maxx is back with a bang, check out the trailer.
It features the show’s trio of presenters (fashion mag fave and TV Presenter Alexa Chung, designer of the moment Henry Holland and Radio 1 style expert Gemma Cairney) in a cheeky homage to the famous fragrance ad that featured Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova.


Because there really aren’t enough fashion TV shows!

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Pearl x

How to Wear Clogs and other Important Clog Musings!

Chanel clogs with and without flower
This week I have been on a secret mission, to view a pair of Chanel clogs. The thing is they are being produced in such limited numbers they will never hit the shop floor in the UK. In fact they will never even make the window display. So not only will most people not be able to buy a pair, they probably won’t even get to see them! This brings with it a few problems, yep I am at the top of the pre-order list but I had only seen the clogs on the runway, and guess what? Of course the retail clogs aren’t going to be exactly the same! Even Chanel doesn’t have pictures, only descriptions of each style to be produced. I have my eye on either the plain black leather or the suede black with white poppy flower – both low heel.

The pictures above are the closest I have seen. As they are so limited they are being shipped individually from Paris so even though I have my name down for both styles I won’t actually get to see them both at the same time to compare, I have to chose before then! I have at least been able to now go and view the first pair to arrive, they were a half size to small so I have to wait for my size to come in, but they were in the black leather. What are they like? For something so simple as a pair of clogs they are AMAZING!

A pile of the runway clogs

Anyway, this is where I need your help! The leather will come in first, I can buy these and be happy, or I can not get them and wait for the suede with flowers. But not having seen the suede I can’t say which I prefer and I can’t afford to get both.

On aesthetics alone I would choose the flowers, they were the ones that had me dashing to pre-order right off the runway. But having given it some consideration I am wondering if the plain clogs will be much more versatile. I know the flowers will look amazing with dresses, skirts and shorts but will they be too much with trousers (the peg leg kind I wear)? Also what about winter, will the flowers work with winter wear or will they look daft and too summer? Also practically suede with white flowers are not going to withstand any rain! But the flowers really do make them stand out as an amazing piece of Chanel.

How to wear Clogs:

If money were no object I would also love a pair of the white high heeled ones, worn here by Garance so fab for evening!
Although it pains be to give publicity to Jeff Campbell (and other “designers” who just produce copies yep Sam Eddleman, Jessica Simpson et al), I totally understand that people need a clog fix that won’t break the bank. So my top picks are th J. Campbell high clogs rrp approx ┬ú100, and the Zara low heel rrp approx ┬ú70.

(So sorry I didn’t note now half the image refs for this post as it wasn’t intended to be one- but they include Garance Dor, Vogue, alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com)

I don’t know, come on guys which would you choose?

Also don’t forget to enter the Chanel Particuliere Nail varnish giveaway!

Pearl x

People who Wear more Chanel than me #2

I am sure this is one lady who needs no introduction, Caroline Sieber super stylist (she used to be an accountant) and Chanel ambassador. There aren’t many people who I would swap wardrobes with but Caroline is a possible exception, I think it is because we have a similar style – Chanel with everything and a penchant for shorts!

Also don’t forget to enter the Chanel Particuliere Nail varnish giveaway!



(Wearing: Matthew Williamson for H&M jacket, vintage dress from Retro Rehab, Chanel shoes & ring & vintage Chanel bag)
So this is just what I wore for a bit of shopping today, I am impressed how my jacket matches my nails!
But that wasn’t the point of this post, the fab prize I have been waiting for is here! Yep it is your chance to win a bottle of Chanel Particuliere nail colour!!! Why? Just because I feel like it, and it means I can say a little thank you to my readers!

To enter:
1. Leave a comment containing ‘WIN’ so I know who wants to be entered and I will put all the names in a hat to draw the winner.
2. You must be a follower of this blog, new followers are welcome (Google or Bloglovin).
3. For an extra entry tweet or retweet about the giveaway and /or mention it on your blog (and leave in the comment that you have done so).

4. Everyone who voted for me in the TK Maxx challenge will also automatically get an extra entry.

The giveaway is open internationally so everyone can enter. I will announce the winner on the blog in two weeks (1st May) so that everyone gets chance to enter.
Good luck,

"There are two things fashion folk hate…

(Wearing: Matthew Williamson for H&M leather jacket and scarf, Topshop jeans, vintage blouse vintage Chanel shoes, Primark bangles, Chanel necklace)

“There are two things fashion folk hate, Fat and Moths”

Alexander McQueen

I was only just commiserating with a fellow blogger over her recent moth infestation, when I spot one on my bedroom curtain this morning! I swear I almost felt my heart stop. I squished the blighter quick time and abandoned all plans to make a mad dash for some moth repellent. I searched the closet and fingers crossed it must have come in through the window that morning. I just don’t know what I would do if any thing got nibbled, everyone thinks I was overreacting but they aren’t just clothes! They are my loving gathered and collected treasures, they are part of me (especially the Chanel).

Which gives me great pleasure to share with you my vintage Chanel shoes, an eBay bargain if ever! I call them my tiger shoes!

Subtle, neutral colours are definitely my thing this season but that’s not to forget the beauty of brights. Taking influence from my inspiration post I decided to wear this petrol blue blouse with lots of clanky bangles. A moth fear inducing outfit if ever I saw one!

So besides the moth repellent closet hangers, any tips on keeping them at bay?