New Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf (Out Fri) & Vivienne Westwood Socks

Grazia mag – with Westwood lookbook and Stylist mag, yep that is my work desk, they are very important documents!

Grazia reports that there are four new colours of the Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf being released for the launch of the new flagship store in London – irritatingly this is the only place they will be available for purchase too. Prices have gone up to ┬ú620, but if you want one I am sure they will still sell out fast. Available from Friday 28th May 2010. Nice as they are I won’t be queueing for one, I will be spending my Friday with the girls watching SATC 2.
(Wearing vintage Chanel blazer, Zara trousers & tee, Nine West sandal clogs- somewhat slippery with socks)

This is my outfit for the day, please excuse the bedraggled appearance, summer has abandoned the UK for rainy and it is quite chilly too! Another pink and brown outfit, hmm unintentional but hey when you are onto a good thing!

This is my favourite pair of Vivienne Westwood socks, they have just got lots of new designs on their website ( starting at £12 they are a perfect little mid-week treat. I got some amazing over knee ones last week I look forwards to showing you.
So let me know if any of you bag a new LV, some socks or if you will be seeing SATC2?
P.S If you wear socks with sandals and it rains, they get rather soggy!

17 thoughts on “New Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf (Out Fri) & Vivienne Westwood Socks

  1. I can't believe the scarfs have gone up by £200! so glad I have mine, mind you I waited long enough for it, as they were always sold out!
    Friday night at 8pm, I will be watching the film, can't wait, wanted to go at the first showing in the morning, but I am working – gutted!

  2. The scarves are more expensive as they are a limited edition run of 125 each colour to celebrate the anniversay of the Bond Street Store in London – which is what the manager of the Leeds LV store told me yesterday when I went in for another reason and asked about them!
    The other reason I went in was for confirmation of what I suspected which was – embarrasingly – that I have been scammed with a Fake Bleu Nuit bought from Gumtree website which seems to be awash with them at the moment.
    I paid via paypal with a credit card and so should get my money back which I'm trying to do first with a request for a refund from the vendor. However, as I was researching the problem – I wish I had found your very information blog on the subject first but then again the photo on the website had all the genuine hallmarks and as I have an original marron leo I do recognize them – I discovered a website called Beubag which worrying sells not only the replica scarfs but replica LV receipts as well!!
    I'm off to the LV shop in Leeds today with dets of this website as they really need to do something about this.
    Just found your blog yesterday and really enjoy it!
    Mrs S

  3. love your outfit! the pink and brown looks great together. and those shoes are adorable! i love them! my oh my… 620 for a scarf? yikes. that is a bit excessive for my likes. xx

  4. @ Mrs S – good for you, I could bang on about this till I am blue in the face but LV and the other companies really need to do more to stop counterfeits. When you google LV you get endless websites selling fakes I just don't understand how this can be legal (if indeed it is?). I would happily work for LV and other brands as their cheif counterfeit detector maybe I should sent them my CV 😉
    Do let us know how you get on, and you can also email trading standards about it,
    P x

  5. Pearl I will let you know how I get on. I'm absolutely furious with myself about this but its so sad that you really can't trust anyone these days.
    What I find particularly worrying as I said is that not only are companies faking the scarves which are sold as real but companies are now making this trade easier by by providing fake bags, boxes and even receipts!
    I was absolutely appalled to find that website so something has to be done and I'm going to try my best to get something done.
    The point about trading standards is well made and I will follow it up as well with gumtree who are about to get it in the neck. They really need to have some sort of feedback for transactions done and in the absence of t his they are condoning whats going on.
    Well enough ranting I'm off to do something about it!
    Thanks again and i will be reading from now on!
    AS for ┬ú620 for a scarf yes it is a fortune – would I pay it assuming I could get one – probably. I bought my marron leo from the shop in Manchester and it went up ┬ú15 overnight before I bought it. It was ┬ú400 and I really did feel sick as I paid for it but……on a cost per wear basis it probably cost me nothing by now as I wear it all the time and it really does go with practically everything! so definitely a case of if you have it wear it and you pay for what you get – which I should have remember!

  6. Back from the LV shop in Leeds and left the details of the beubag website with them which they were very interested to see and which is apparently going in a big envelope to be sent to their (huge)anti counterfeiting department in paris!
    Now for gumtree and trading standards!
    Mrs S

  7. Good for you Mrs S, every bit we do will all add up!
    To be honest if they had a red scarf in I would totally buy it £600 or not LOL. They are an investment as the value doubles as they are so rare. As you say for something you wear every day the cost per wear is worth it, and if you love something why not have a treat! x

  8. I LOVE your blazer.
    I shall indeed be going to see S&TC, with Emma on Tuesday as our first post-exam trip which has actually been planned many months.
    I do like your sock combo!

    Oh dear, those scarves just get more and more expensive! As gorgeous as they are it would make a slightly too bigger dent in my univeristy fund I think. *dreams of having a proper salery*

    Florrie x

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    I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother! You can also join my GIVEAWAY!

    Love, Cindy.

  10. Well ladies not doing too well at the moment. Paypal wont sort out the refund situation and the seller is playing up for the fake LV and the seller who just didnt send me anything still not responding. So I've reported them both to gumtree – I think we should steer well clear of this site please – and they have pulled any remaining adverts from both of them and will not accept more. My credit card company will now try to get a resolution and if I can prove it is fake they will refund and pursue. Problem is that LV wont give a report to confirm it is fake so I'm having to rely on the advert and pictures which clearly show a real one to prove that the item advertised is not the item I have. Pearl, I am going to send them the string from your blog detailing all the fake signs and, as it is so informative, I'm hoping that it will add weight to my argument.
    I'm also going to alert the police and trading standards but its not as easy as you might think but I'm going to have a bash as its just not good enough this sort of behaviour.
    Now, as for the Leo's i think the next batch issued – if they decide ever to do more colours – won't be ┬ú620 – this was just for the limited editions so there's hope yet!
    Mrs S

  11. Hi Mrs S, This makes me so mad for you!!
    Don't worry about getting confirmation from LV, if you go to trading standards they will get this from LV on your behalf (thats what they did for me) so I would make an appointment with them ASAP.
    I will help in anyway I can,
    Take care x

  12. Oh I'm so glad I found you pearl. I'm having a problem as I live in Manchester, work in Leeds whilst the two scammers live in Stornoway and Carmarthen – which trading standards office and police station to call?! I'm opting next week when i've got more strength to call both the police and trading standards offices in Manchester as they are local to me and see what they suggest. If you can point me in the right direction I'd be most obliged!
    Mrs S

  13. Hi Mrs S, I'm in Manchester too, but I went to Bury trading standards. What I will do is find the name and contact details of the lady at trading standards I dealt with and give you her number. Then she can advise you and also see if there is an office nearer to where you live. If you email me on: [email protected] I will get the details over to you tomorrow.
    Hang in there xx

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