When you have a Pair of Chanel Ballet Flats, Why Would You Ever Need More Flats?

(Wearing: vintage Chanel cardi, Zara shirt, Topshop pleather leggings, Chanel ballet pumps, Vivienne Westwood lanyard)

Oh look at me so happy and carefree, what I didn’t know was that about half an hour later disaster would occur! My beloved Chanel ballet flats got a soaking that morning and the heater must have dried them out too quick, that combined with the thick rubber sole that go put on them (the nice guy at Timpson’s added it when I got them reheeled so the would last longer – I was slightly horrified at the time, they look a bit Frankenstein’s monster, but he was right and you can only see it up close), made the sole come away from the shoe at the toe, on both shoes!!

I was pretty close to hysterical behaviour, luckily I had a spare pair of shoes in my office so I bolted off to Timpsons and the nice guy assured me he could rescue them! Ok, calm down?

No-way because I am going away in a few days and I ONLY HAVE THIS ONE PAIR OF FLATS!!!

For real, I mean I have plenty of flat boots but really I am not a flats person, and when you have a pair of Chanel ballet flats why on earth would you need another pair? I like heels! Just in case you were wondering I don’t own flat sandals either. I only wear them on holiday so I tend to buy a pair from Topshop or somewhere just for that trip, then wear them out and leave them in said holiday destination. I will be taking a horrendously scuffed pair I got in Egypt to Florida. I think I have some kind of flat shoes disorder, they just repel me. I have bought Jimmy Choo sandals before and returned them. It doesn’t matter how pretty they are, I just don’t like them! They just aren’t comfortable either, all those straps and some don’t even support you foot, and don’t even get me started on the agony of toe posts!

So anyway back to the dilemma, I am doubtful that my flats can be fixed, or if they are that they will just break again so I run from the cobblers straight to Chanel (whilst thanking God I work in the city centre). But then I get all, ooooh Chanel, and decide maybe I don’t want the exact same pair – I mean they might fix OK – so have to try on every single different style!

I love the patent Mary-Janes, but think they are a bit too cutesy for my style, so decide I defiantly want a pair of classic ballet flats. This season they did a limited edition in black caviar leather with a white pearlised toe – SOLD. Erm but not quite, they have to order them from another store Ok, we can FED EX. Nope second disaster the shoes in the other store are in the wrong box and they don’t have my size after all!

In the mean time

Lovely Timpson’s Man has fixed my shoes, and for free, guess I am a real good customer! But what do I do now? I am still debating getting the white with black toe classics’s but I also quite like the idea of getting the caramel with black toe. Or do I just hope my black classics last a while longer, hhhm decisions decisions. That and the fact that the Paris-Shanghai collection will be out very soon!

Do any of you have the white or caramel? I just wonder if they are very easy to scuff and get dirty?
What colour do you prefer?

Oooh also are there any American brands that we don’t get in the UK I should check out, such as J Crew?

Pearl x

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18 thoughts on “When you have a Pair of Chanel Ballet Flats, Why Would You Ever Need More Flats?

  1. Mhmmmm I have simple black ballet flats from Chanel and I can't forget my Chanel animal printed ballerinas. YAY!

  2. J Crew is coming here, can't remember when or where, is it NAP? I've forgotten. I always wanted those neon pink ones, love them. Treat yourself, get the white, I would if I could!

  3. Gotta be caramel and black toe, surely? Or get the same from French Sole/ Pretty Ballerinas and save the difference for a pair of heels? Also, drying shoes by a radiator is a big fat no-no as you have out. Tsk, tsk, don't do it again x

  4. phew.. what a story- so pleased to hear they are fixed.. not sure i would dare get the rubber sole addition- brave move!
    I love the caramel, but had the same dilemma in there the other day… would i get the heeled pumps or the flat ones…. a driving shoe luxury ( i LIVE in heels too!) I did love the tweed platform heeled pumps with leather toe….
    would love you to call by. katie.xxx

    fashion clocked

  5. I think I would scream and cry if that happened to me! You poor thing! I agree with you on the flats…I'm a heels girl all the way! I only own 3 pairs of flats and that was for work reasons (required.)

    I say caramel and black btw…classic and is more your style.

  6. I agree with you: you wouldn't 🙂
    I have the black ones (same as your first picture) and I got exactly the same pair on sunday ÔÇô btw they now come up ┬¢ size bigger for some reason as I used to be 39 and had to get 38.5 :s Anyway, I think they are the most comfortable flat shoes EVER. I have the same ones in beige and white and they do mark quite easily so I must say I still prefer the black ones (or beige, if you want a change). I also tried (and should have bought) a quilted flat in black and they looked quite cute on, much better then on display. Have fun shopping!and Well done on saving your shoes 🙂 x mimi

  7. @Mimi – that is exactly what I thought about the sizes going bigger, I tried the exact ones I have in the same size but they felt too big, apparently they got a differnt manufacture for them! I was thinking about the quilted too, but I decided to wait and see if I can find a pair of this summers black with pearlised white toe when I am in the US, I think I would just dirty up pale ones too easily xx

  8. Yes, they told me the same thing. If IÔÇÖm being really picky (lol), the patent bit at the front is smaller as well, but they still look amazing and are so comfortable 🙂 Hope you find beautiful shoes in the US, please post the pictures 🙂 xx

  9. I love the patent leather black ones! They match everything I own !
    I own a pair of beige and black ones that look amazing with my beige leappord jacket . The navy flats with the silver toe are a must! They will last forever! Jut keep replacing the soles!
    I have had all the soles removed and replaced .. I pretty much only wear flats since I’m 5″10 alreDy! The black and white are better in a high heel for sure … Xo

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