Robot Stripper Shoes & The Sales

(Wearing: Prada shoes, Primark dress, Day Birger et Mikkelsen necklace)

The sales are on and I guess you are wondering why I have been keeping quite! I have, in fact purposely avoided the sales, even (make that especially) Net-a-Porter. Instead I have saved up (yeah right, replace that with sold things on ebay) for a few major purchases, which I have had my eye on. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure my bank balence will appreciate it, but gah, it is so boreng!! I love the excitement of the sales, and the firivolous purchases it brings. The heart stopping moment when you spot something AMAZING at 90% off, the last one in your size!

So, having held off from the early days of the sales, I figured it would be pretty safe to venture out with my friend to look over the spoils – you know the folorn, slighty sad items no one was in a rush to buy. Actually some of my best bargains have been picked up on the last days of the sales, so don’t forget to take a final look around in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway we ventured into Selfridges when I spot the Prada lucite shoes, I had fondled them earlier in the year but even if they had gone on sale I felt they were a bit expensive for something I woundn’t get to wear all that much (and the other things on my list presided). Luckily for me (probly not for the employee who did it), one pair had been mistakenly marked down a bit more than they should have been. So the lovely manager said I could have them at that price anyway. It transpired that I was the ONLY person to have bought these shoes! Can you belive that, they are amazing. My friend agreed with the rest of the Manchester and said they were great if you were a ‘stripper-hooker’. I was thinking more robot, hence they are now refered to as the ‘robot-stripper’ shoes. Either way I absoultely love them!

They even have Prada stamped on the rivet

I love the way the lucite catches the light! In fact I loved the whole Prada S/S 10 collection, including all the shoes. I can’t get enough of the pointy toe pair either, so sleek!

I will reveal my other sale buys soon, so tell me what have you all bought in the sales?

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22 thoughts on “Robot Stripper Shoes & The Sales

  1. I love the shoes, shame you didn't tell us what bargain price you got them for! I must confess I am not as keen on the pointy ones, but love all the others. A great buy!

  2. @ Fab, oh I didn't did I! They still werent cheap but ┬ú245 from ┬ú520 I though was pretty good, they should have been reduced to ┬ú300+something – cant remember exactly! They had the flat ones and the ones with the clog-like studs, I dont know what it is about the pointy ones, they just really appeal to me!

  3. I do love the shoes. I think I had them in one of my favourites in my earlier post. You are a lucky girl.
    By the way, I am going to C├│rdoba tomorrow morning!!

  4. Totally get where your coming from about the Robot-ness! I wish I could save enough money up to spend on a few key items, being a student doesn't help.

  5. Great buy on the lucite shoes. I have some of my mother's from the '80s and they're always coming back in style…and during the times they're not in style, they totally freak people out. So worth it!

  6. I really like the clog style ones but Ive done my sale shopping now, waiting for it to arrive from net a porter, love the sales! Looking great Pearl, I think you will get a lot of summer/holiday wear from those shoes.

  7. Gez why do these anon haters have to populate the blogospher, Pearl has great style, if anyone knows how to dress for their body shape its her!!
    xx L

  8. Hi Pearl, Its me Annemarie, I got a silk tuxedo jacket and a grey poncho from Alice and Olivia. And a little quilted Burberry jacket for winter. Ive had the same Burberry jacket for 6 years now so it was time for a new one and it was well reduced. The only thing is I have no idea what to pair the tuxedo jacket with, First I thought skinny jeans but Im not a fan of the WAG/Alex Curren look, so now Im thinking It will be more bohemian with a really full vintage skirt and statment necklace so will be raiding Mums closet! Im adore your choices, and the whole point of style is that its individaul, I love you in your socks e.t.c, because thats YOU! Keep up the good work!

  9. Fabulous purchase! I mean, you sort of have to buy them when they get marked down that low! Perfect for summer!

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