Blog Sale Day Sneek Peek

Don’t forget Blog Sale Day starts tomorrow, Sunday 1st Aug at 11:00am so far we have about 10 bloggers taking part so there should be some excellent goodies on sale!
For a little heads up I have a nice selection of vintage dresses, and lots of designer clothes and accessories including Chanel, Fendi, Vivienne Westwood, McQ and D&G and lots more. I have clothes, belts, sunglasses, jewellery and shoes and I am still sat sorting out more!


Getting One Over on Winter

As we move into A/W 10 Vogue proclaims ‘Fashion gets real’, ‘There’s less of a desire for show-off fashion. I want beautifully chic clothes that make me feel like a woman.’ Hmm I don’t know about you but I have always wanted ‘beautifully chic’ clothes, in fact I have always bought ‘beautifully chic’ clothes. Maybe the glossy magazines have shifted their reader demographic but I was never enticed by the IT bag, never have I staggered around like a WAG in heels I could not walk in, high yes, sculptural yes, but never so ridiculous that I have looked a fool.

Every winter for the last few years I have lovingly taken out my Chanel biscuit (tan/ beige whatever) coat, my McQueen black full length coat with belt and slight military edge, my tan Jimmy Choo knee boots, black Chanel over the knee boots, dark jeans, flannel shirts…. you get the picture. Whilst I absolutely adore the over the top, flashier pieces in my wardrobe and in magazines -I don’t actually wear them every day. Especially not in winter, when my main priority is not getting frost bite on my nose. So, I feel almost insulted at this new revelation that women want clothes they can ‘wear’. My favourite glossy Harper’s Bazaar always has the best new season break downs, lets take a peek:

Yep, I swooned over the camel coats, luxurious knit wear, snugly shearling and sharp tailoring, but none of this is new to me. I could pretty much match each look already with my existing wardrobe and I bet you could to. There are some pretty amazing pieces, last forever classics, to ‘invest’ in, I for one will be first in the queue when Zara get in the Celine-esq wide leg trousers and I would love a Burberry flying jacket, but these are the kind of thing you could pick up any where – off the runway, high street or vintage, they aren’t really exciting though are they? Or am I too quick to judge? Every season I have a quick wardrobe recce to see what I am missing and what I should keep an eye out for whilst it is still out of season or might be in the sales. This got me thinking about what I actually wear.

I have two types of outfits, those for everyday running around (grocery shopping, taking dogs out, sitting in my freezing office) and those for when I have actually put some thought into my outfit (going out, meeting friends, business meetings, work when I cant hide in my office). You guys see both on the blog, but more of the latter as with the former I literally wear the same thing with only slight variation. In winter this is generally jeans and a plaid shirt / leggings and a jumper dress. As soon as I see the A/W shows, however there is usually one item that stands out and I lust after it for six months until it is mine, said item is hardly ever practical but always beautiful, said item is also usually footwear, said item usually costs my entire budget. A/W 09 you was the black suede Burberry boots (as worn above).

I loved them, I still do but I can count the amount of times I actually wore them on both hands. What I wore most days were a flat black pair of Primark lace up boots, in fact I wore them out so then I wore a very similar pair of Henry Holland ones alternating with another very similar pair from Clark’s. I really still am not all that keen on any of them and that’s my point. I blew my money on a fabulous pair of boots, but ones I couldn’t wear every day – suede and insane height being the issue. So this year as I start my lusting I stopped at the Chanel faux fur boots and passed for the Burberry:

This years Burberry’s are a super sensible pair, they have a low heel and are the kind of leather that will only look better with age. I suspect these boots will last for many years to come. So I sold last years Burberry’s (shedding a slight tear) so I could get these. A stunning pair of boots I can wear every day. Hey, I am still in love with the Chanel’s and if I save up maybe I can get a pair too, but I am so much happier at the thought of being able to wear a pair of boots I absolutely adore EVERYDAY, than I am at the thought of having a special pair of boots to only wear on a few occasions.

That said as chic as the camel visions on the Chloe runway were, I would fall into a fashion coma if I actually confined myself to wearing variations of tan (or any single colour) for an entire season. So I will take your lady-like high waist trousers, petite stilettos, chunky knits, mid-length skirts and mash it all up with something like this:

Flashes of scarlet, dark and sumptuous lace and best of all embrace opulence with gold embroidery, velvet, prints, jewels, reds, greens and blue. Lion date optional!

Chanel Haute Couture 2010
How about you, are you more minimalist, or do you love the boldness of the winter collections?
What items will you be updating your wardrobe with?
P x
P.S Don’t forget BLOG SALE DAY Sunday 1st Aug – click on the link on the right for more info
(photo credits Chanel, Harper’s Bazaar)

Fake Christian Louboutin

Bravo to Christian Louboutin, for standing up to the counterfeiters. Grazia magazine recently published this article on the efforts of CL to halt counterfeiting. The little boy you see through the bars is one of the workers in the counerfeiting factories, he must only be around ten years old, if the down right illegal and immorral nature of buying fakes won’t stop you, I certainly hope this will. Although I know none of the readers of this blog would condone buying fakes, many people out there still do, some inoccently deceived but many knowing full well what they are doing. So CL have set up where you can follow their latest progressions in their fight to stop the fakes, and also see a list of unofficial sites selling fakes (there is seven pages). There is also a satisfying youtube clip of a bulldozer crushing thousands of fakes.

So, here’s to you Christian Louboutin for taking the first stand where other design houses turn their back, I applaud you.

And hope very much to own a pair of your shoes one day

The only thing I have bought from H&M

(Wearing: H&M cape and dress, Chloe shoes, vintage Chanel bag, Chanel ring)

I really do not like H&M. The only time I ever go there is when they have a designer collaboration, where I have got some lovely things. Their regular lines however I am never impressed with, the style and design aside I just find the quality very poor. The only time I ever go in is when I am with a friend. So I was surprised on my last visit (after being forced in there, by trading my friend to go in Zara – which she despises) to see quite a few really good buys.

This dress and cape were actually on a mannequin where they caught my eye. I had intended to wear them with my blue and grey Pierre Hardy shoes and red Chanel bag to mix it up a bit, but I couldn’t resist coming over all Chloe and doing head to toe beige (or whatever the ‘in’ word for this colour is at the moment). The cape was ┬ú30 and is really good quality, the dress was ┬ú30 and I feel really over priced for the the fabric, but I really didn’t have the energy to go find a similar one and I do love the very long back hem. It creases like a Shar pei dog at the slightest movement so will only ever get worn under the cape, this over all other things seriously enrages me about cheap fabric.

I really love these shoes, but alas I have only worn them a couple of times as I don’t want them to get ruined in the rain.
Whilst the shoes look good with tights I realise the entire outfit is slightly ruined by them, but I like in Manchester and it is bloody cold.
They also look great with my black maxi dress, tucked up in one side of my belt so you can see my shoes. I was waiting to wear this outfit again to get better photos but guess what? It is raining again!!

Grazia are calling these new mid-heels ‘petite stilettos’ I love it, much better than ‘kitten’ I never really got that!


Thoughts on the Weather and other things

(Wearing: Chanel bag, jacket, necklace, boots, Topshop jeans and tee)

It’s pretty hard to believe that there is a hose-pipe ban in the North West at the moment, when it is bucketing down with rain and the fountain is 8ft high!

Not really the weather for wanting to pose for photos! Here’s a close up of my boots, I wear them all the time and have had them for years, but I have a feeling they have never appeared on the blog before.

My mum looked very chic that day, wearing Jaeger blazer, Pierre Hardy bag, LV scarf and Westwood shoes. I’m not sure where her jeans are from.

Since the weather is awful and I am stuck inside working and waiting for a nice man to come and remove a wasp nest from my roof, I thought I would do some wardrobe planning for A/W and sort out some more things for the blog sale. But I did promise to show you my sales haul. These are the shoes I got in the sales: two Pierre Hardy ( such a bargain I got two) the pales ones are strictly summer but I will wear the darker ones with tights throughout A/W. Since the incident with my Chanel ballet flats (they seem to be OK since Timpsons fixed them), I figured I should have a back up! In my opinion sensible shoes do not count, and neither do the Dries van Noten sandals because they were from eBay (LOL am I convincing you, sure I am not even convincing myself). Of course they are still brand new in the box due to this terrible weather. The Chanel heels I am not even going to try and justify, they were just too beautiful not to get, they are the kind of shoe I would wear to my own wedding they are so stunning. The Prada shoes of course broke so they have been returned, I also returned a second pair of flats (I mean, who needs more than one pair of flat shoes). The Wang’s I am still undecided about, awsome yes, they go with lots of outfits sure, but eeeeek are they high!

(Wearing vintage blouse, belt and jeans, Chanel flats / Prada shoes and vintage jacket)
I wasn’t going to post this photo on the right as I look really awful but since it is the only photo I have of me wearing the Prada’s out I figured I should. This is the only time I left the house in them. I ‘eveninged-up’ my outfit by swapping the flats for heels and throwing on my sequin jacket (somewhere in the process I lost my posture, I swear I wasn’t drunk).
Here are a few more random outfit photos that aren’t really good enough for a proper post. Apparently I don a pair of sunglasses and feel the need to pose like a tourist LOL! These are things I have worn to work.
(Wearing: Left Vivienne Westwood jacket, Topshop? harem pants, Zara boots / Right Vivienne Westwood blazer, Anna Sui blouse, random jeans, Chanel clogs, Miu Miu bag)

(Wearing: Comme des Gacons H&M cardigan (the quality is awful look at the neckline where the print is wearing off), Erdem blouse, Zara shorts, Nine West shoes, Sunglasses through out Oscar de la Renta)
Well I guess I should go back to worrying about important things like paying bills, wasps nests and world peace.
I hope where ever you are you are having a lovely day, and even lovelier weather!
P x

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa mon Prada est caput

Remember my lovely Prada shoes with the Lucite heels? After wearing them only once both insoles started to peel away and the sole on one foot was half falling off! I actually returned the first pair I bought as the sole looked like it was starting too peel, but I hadn’t worn them and presumed it was just a faulty pair. Then it happened to these so I guess it is a design fault. Totally not acceptable for a ┬ú520 pair of shoes (I got them on sale but that isn’t the point).
So I wave bye bye to my lovely shoes, but looking on the bright side I can at least exchange for a different pair. My favourite Prada’s this season are the low or mid hell pointy toe, in black and white. But to my horror ‘Manchester doesn’t want kitten’ so there will be none of the lovely ‘petite stiletto’ pointy toes Prada’s coming in. They can order me a pair from another store but I need to know the product code – anyone know it? Or where I can find it? Please let me know. Otherwise I will be making a trip to London.
Help me! Pearl x

Want, Buy, Need

I am in serious need of these Burberry A/W 10 boots. They are very practical, and I do actually need a pair of winter boots. I just love their Victorian style with the lace ups and the chestnut colour is divine.

I really like them in black too, but I think the chestnut are just a bit more special. I have also fallen for the snugly looking shearling jackets, but alas a £3,000 jacket is a bit dear.

Lucky for me I found this lovely sheepskin jacket on another shopping trip with Florrie and Emma. I think I will dress it up a bit with my Mongolian wool scarf and giving it big turn-up cuffs.

I also picked up a few other bargains, two pussy bow blouses and a jacket from Cow. This jacket caused much amusement, yes it is velvet with gold embroidery, a bit like a matador! But I couldn’t resist it, I though it would look good layered up when it gets colder as it is so soft. You can also see a t-shirt I picked up a few days before at the Vivienne Westwood sale.

I assured the girls that matador jackets would totally be in Vogue next season, so I had to have a chuckle when I picked up Elle collections a few days later and saw this look from Chloe A/W10.

I think I will give the matching pants a miss though!

You have probably been wondering why I haven’t shared my sales splurge with you yet. To be honest I am having a bit of sales guilt in the shoe department and will share all once I’ve decided which ones to return. Eight pairs is excessive even for me!

I also picked up this House of Holland shirt, menswear but the perfect loose fit. A Halston Heritage jersey dress which can be worn strapless or as a halterneck and an Alexander McQueen skirt with a fabulous full and floaty length. It is a bit big so will have to get it taken in but I think it will be perfect for fall.

Also wearing my other sale purchase a Chanel poppy brooch.
Decisions, decisions!
P.S Don’t forget about the BLOG SALE DAY click the icon top left, and if you love my blog please take a minute to vote for me in the Comso Blog Awards x

Join me for Blog Sale Day

I am sure you have heard about blog sales – basically bloggers selling their own clothes via their blog. I have been mulling the idea of a sale over in my head for a while but it wasn’t until How to look Fab in your Forties wrote a post on her sucessful buys that I decided to hold a sale myself. Not only that but I think all us bloggers who want to hold a sale should all do it on the same day and have a huge international blog sale!

Interested? Here is the plan:

1. The sale day will be Sunday 1st August, from 11:00am.

2. If you are going to hold a sale just forward me your blog link (to [email protected]) by then and I will post the entire list of blog sales on my blog, along with my sale.

3. Simply put your sale live and copy the links list, so that everyone holding a sale will also have the full links list. That way everyones sale gets advertised.

4. Hold your sale! You might want to make up your own terms and conditions but here are mine as a guide: All the items will be photographed and described on the blog, with a price in sterling. The items will be sold on a first come first served basis. Payment will be by paypal only. International buyers are welcome but the shipping will be ammended to cover the cost. The first person to email me with their paypal email (so as I can send them an invoice for payment) will have the item placed on RESERVE for 2 hours. If payment is made the item will be marked SOLD. If payment is not received, the item will be offered to the next person. All items will be posted out Tue 3rd (as the Mon is a bank holiday). No returns will be accepted so please think carefully before you buy. All clothes will be either new or in an as new condition, any defects will be listed.
So I if you want to hold a sale let me know, and please forward this to all your friends. I hope you will stop by on the 1st and check out my sale. I will have something at a price for everyones budget, designer and vintage.
P x
N.B Check out Fab’s latest update for some really good tips:

Extreme Icon

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania sweater dress, Christian Dior shoes)
As the weather is so appalling this week in Manchester, my photos are pretty poor. So here’s what I can (erm maybe that should be can’t) do with photoshop on a rainy afternoon.

The photos aren’t the point of this post anyway, its a pretty basic outfit I wear everyday in the colder months but look at the SHOES!
That’s right, they are the Dior Extreme heels which Carrie Bradshaw wears obsessively through out the first Sex and the City movie. In fact she has them in black, brown and gold python.
What you won’t believe is where I got them. In a charity shop. For ┬ú59.90. They retailed at around ┬ú600 I think, so hows that for a bargain.
I’ve also got a bit of a sales and shopping with Florrie haul to show you next post, but I just had to show you these first!

A Rather Unusual Outfit!

Not my usual attire, but my PhD graduation gown and a bit of Chanel of course!

Not that you could actually see it, but I was wearing my ‘Carrie’ Halston Heritage dress underneath.

Had to show you my mums outfit, Jaeger suit, Chanel shoes and brooch, Pierre Hardy bag and Vivienne Westwood tee. I bough her the tee as I thought it was pretty funny, she said ‘you know what would be funny? If I wore this to your graduation’ and so she did!
To be honest I was rather fond of my gown,
P x