There is just something about her isn’t there, could anyone else have resurrected a 20 year old pair of boots and cause such a phenomena that they went back into production? What, you don’t know that story? Well the pirate boots were first created in 1981 by Vivienne Westwood in her Pirate collection. But when Kate stepped out in a vintage pair from Relik in 1999 it prompted the ‘Moss’ effect, with such a high demand for them Relik was receiving 50 enquiries a week. Hence the boots went back into production and are now one of the most highly sought after fashion classics. Don’t you just love that story?
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Vogue Street Chic July


Vogue Street Chic London Fashion Week Feb 2013 Photo by Dvora Lay


London Fashion Week Street Style, Elle Belgie

Photography by Pearl Westwood used for Misguided.co.uk LFW feature

NewLook TV LFW Street Style

Rianna Phillips.com

LFW Daily


Company Blogger Awards ‘Who Wore What’ Feature

CCompany Award nomination

Nominee for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2012

In Best ÔÇÿToday Im WearingÔÇÖ Blog, Best ÔÇÿWe Love Vintage Blog, The Best Fashion Insiders Blog and Overall Winner: The Blog You Love The MostÔÇÖ categories.

Pearl was featured on the Pierre Hardy Face Book Page ‘How do you wear Pierre Hardy?’ Gallery: View the gallery here
Featured in Print, Grazia Magazine: Style Hunter Issue 25/01/11
Interview for The Independent – Expert Sales tips

Matador and Variations on a Theme

(Wearing: Vivienne Westood shirt, brooch, bag, shoes / Dries van Noten shirts, Burberry boots, vintage velvet jackets / Vivienne Westwood blazer, Primark check shirts)
When the weather is dreary do you ever find yourself pulling on the same old comfort clothes? Seems like this week my trusty old jeans were doing the trick, ah yes I know you never see me wearing jeans and now its ‘enough, enough already’.

And just because I still find it really amusing that Chloe also loves matador jackets

Right thats it for me then, off to pull out my A/W wardrobe before I have to wear these jeans again! Is it me or has Autumn come early?
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Gnome hunt

The very nice people at Link of London are holding the BEST competition!

Touring around the UK over the next few weeks they are holding gnome hunts, yep you get to run around like a maniac in your city to find the gnome, if you do you can win a free Links of London Friendship bracelet worth £105.

The Manchester gnome hunt was last Saturday, and after following the clues left on twitter there was a group of us congregating at MOSI. After half an hour of frantic searching we found the gnome in the gift shop, and posed for our photos, then it was a mini-marathon run to the shop to collect our treasure!
My mum and I both got the double wrap bracelets, two of my friends got the black same as me and my other friend got a single one with black and copper thread, to be honest they were all stunning it was hard to choose!! There was around 25 of us in the big group and it was great to meet everyone, especially a great group who had come all the way from Glasgow!

The hunt is on in Dublin this weekend, then Glasgow, Birmingham and London, and finally an online version so everyone gets a chance.

Thanks Links it was a fun event!


Old Hack

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood shoes, bag, shirt, brooch, Primark sweater, Matalan jeans)

A little bit of DIY with this outfit, I hacked off the sleeves of my sweater and hems of my jeans. The jumper is relatively new it was the perfect soft grey jersey so I bought two, one extra to customise. These jeans I have had for years I always buy two pairs of jeans when I find a good pair. I cut off the hems earlier in the summer to show off my clogs, but really like how they look turned up too.
You really can’t beat socks either!!
P xx


(Wearing: Love dress, Vivienne Westwood shoes, vintage jacket, Felder Felder belt)

The lovely people at In Love With Fashion sent me this dress on their own LOVE label to try out. As you know I am not much of a dress person, and certainly not a maxi dress person so I picked this out on purpose to see if I could be converted – I am!
I initially thought I would wear this with my Burberry boots, layered up with a vest and cardi but it turned out to be a sunny day, and this was what I threw on. The dress is a true maxi so at 5.2″ I expected to have to hem it, eager to wear it and so not having time to break out the wonder-web I simply pinned up the sides and tucked it under the belt.
You can check out Love to at http://inlovewithfashion.com/ and if your quick they have a bargainous sale on! And benefit from 15% off by entering ‘PARTY 15’ to celebrate all the students getting their exam results!
Whilst we are on the subject I may aswell take the chance to show you some of my favourtie maxi-dress looks!

Just goes to show your maxi is certainly a keeper for A/W!

A Glimps Inside My Wardrobe

Top Felder Felder, Bottom both Vivienne Westwood
I was thinking about the key pieces in my wardrobe, I don’t mean the classic basics like the stack of jeans, flannel shirts and Westwood t-shirts. But the special things that make my jeans different to everyone elses, the things that are my classic pieces but not everyone elses. The cherry on the cake, if you will!
For me accessories are absolutely key, you really can make any outfit special by the shoes and bag. But for me belts are always key too, especially these two Westwood ones I have had for years, it is very rare that I won’t wear a belt. There is also my newest addition this cross studded Felder Felder belt, I was trying to win one last week to no success, but luckily I found this one on sale, I know it will be another I will wear to death.

Clockwise from top Miu Miu, Chanel, two Fendi
I don’t have tons of bags like a lot of girls because the ones I do have are something seriously special. The big Miu Miu one is my everyday bag as it hold so much junk, the Chanel 2.55 I guess needs no introduction if I could only have one bag for the rest of my life it would be this one. Then there is my brown Fendi which can be a clutch or shoulder bag, I loved this bag so much I waited months for the NAP sale, sat there till it went live at midnight and then snapped it up! These last two bags are the most versatile, go with anything bags. Then I have the multi Fendi, which was a Xmas gift from my mum, I love how it makes any outfit work as it just clashes everything up so much.

Top Chanel, Ann Demeulmeester, Bottom Chanel x2, Vivienne Westwood

Shoes are something I do have quite a lot of! There is one thing I won’t scrimp on, take these pumps I have had for 3 years, the red mary janes for about 5, good quality shoes last and are well worth the money if you think how many pairs of Faith or New Look shoes you might have bought in that time. This is my one pair of flats, well I did buy a new pair in the sales, but they are such a classic that go with everything. The mary janes I love, comfy and striking what more can you ask for. The Ann D boots are from last summer and I have worn them so much, they are really comfy and go well with the peg leg style trousers I like. You also see my favorite pair of evening shoes, the tiny little charms are so detailed they are a work of art. The silver toe shoe-boots though win hands down when it comes to my favourite shoes, they are perfection!

Vivienne Westwood brooches

Crystal cuffs, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood ( centre) rings

I seriously love jewellery, mostly costume cheapo pieces that are rather load and often garish! These however are my all time favourites, I have had the orb brooch years, and years it was my first Westwood piece, I have lost count of the times I’ve had to have it repaired! It instantly dresses up any blazer or simple dress, and can be worn as a necklace too. Then there are my two cuffs a gift earlier this year and one that has rarely been taken off since. I also love these three rings, the feather another early Westwood pieces, the heart a birthday gift and the black stone a gift to myself on completion of my thesis.

Whistles skirt, Christopher Kane tee, Vivienne Westwood skirt, vintage beaded dress, vintage Chanel cardi, Anglomania playsuit, Prada gilet.
Clothes are a bit harder to choose I have so many favourites, but these are just a few pieces which I feel are pretty unique and irreplaceable. The orange gilet is possibly my favorite thing ever, mostly due to the way it repulses so many people LOL! The vintage beaded dress was one of those pieces you imagine and wait and wait until one day you find the exact one you are looking for. One thing all these pieces do have in common is that I always feel fabulous whenever I wear them.

Jackets! Chanel, Ann D and Dries van Noten

If there is one thing you might say I have far, far to many of it has to be jackets, I just LOVE jackets. I guess you could say I collect them! Each of these are that extra bit special due to my my coming across them, such as the Ann D I have told you all about from a charity shop, and the vintage fantasy tweed that I had been searching for for years.

So there you have a few of my favourite things, if I have one piece of advise to pass on it is quality over quantity every time. Build up classic pieces which make you feel fabulous and your wardrobe will last you a life time. I know these pieces will last as I can imagine my mum wearing most of them, but even if I don’t want to wear orange prada when I am 80 I sure love to wear it now.

Here are a few blog pics which show my favourite pieces in action, often worn together.

So confess what are your most treasured pieces?

P x

Studio East Nomimation: Laura J Thomas

Designs by L J Thomas
I was asked by Studio East to make a nomination for their ‘Next Big Thing’, identifying the newest designers and artists.
I nominated Laura J Thomas, after seeing her collection at the Manchester Metropolitain Univeristy graduate fashion show.
“I recently saw Laura ThomasÔÇÖ designs at the MMU BA fashion show, and was totally captivated. Out of all the designs hers, for me, had the most instant desirability contrasted with runway impact. I would have happily bought and worn every piece. The collection is based on AlzheimerÔÇÖs disease and the ridges it creates in the brain as the disease progresses, the tucks in the garments represent this. ThomasÔÇÖ aim is to create clothes for a consumer who appreciates high quality garments.”
You can see more of Laura’s designs on her website http://www.ljthomas.org/ and view and vote for the nomination here Laura Thomas. Here pieces are available to purchase on request [email protected].