Gnome hunt

The very nice people at Link of London are holding the BEST competition!

Touring around the UK over the next few weeks they are holding gnome hunts, yep you get to run around like a maniac in your city to find the gnome, if you do you can win a free Links of London Friendship bracelet worth £105.

The Manchester gnome hunt was last Saturday, and after following the clues left on twitter there was a group of us congregating at MOSI. After half an hour of frantic searching we found the gnome in the gift shop, and posed for our photos, then it was a mini-marathon run to the shop to collect our treasure!
My mum and I both got the double wrap bracelets, two of my friends got the black same as me and my other friend got a single one with black and copper thread, to be honest they were all stunning it was hard to choose!! There was around 25 of us in the big group and it was great to meet everyone, especially a great group who had come all the way from Glasgow!

The hunt is on in Dublin this weekend, then Glasgow, Birmingham and London, and finally an online version so everyone gets a chance.

Thanks Links it was a fun event!


9 thoughts on “Gnome hunt

  1. that's such a fun idea! haha, i love the photo of you with the gnome! such a great prize. i love that bracelet. really awesome that you won! xx

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