(Wearing: Love dress, Vivienne Westwood shoes, vintage jacket, Felder Felder belt)

The lovely people at In Love With Fashion sent me this dress on their own LOVE label to try out. As you know I am not much of a dress person, and certainly not a maxi dress person so I picked this out on purpose to see if I could be converted – I am!
I initially thought I would wear this with my Burberry boots, layered up with a vest and cardi but it turned out to be a sunny day, and this was what I threw on. The dress is a true maxi so at 5.2″ I expected to have to hem it, eager to wear it and so not having time to break out the wonder-web I simply pinned up the sides and tucked it under the belt.
You can check out Love to at and if your quick they have a bargainous sale on! And benefit from 15% off by entering ‘PARTY 15’ to celebrate all the students getting their exam results!
Whilst we are on the subject I may aswell take the chance to show you some of my favourtie maxi-dress looks!

Just goes to show your maxi is certainly a keeper for A/W!

16 thoughts on “Love LOVE

  1. Definitely a good look for you – love how you're wearing it with the leather. Note to self: must do some more outfit posts. Was going to try one after work, but the Manchester rain reappeared…surprisingly!

    Hope you're good x

    Mrs Bossa Does the Do

  2. You look great in a dress! I love a maxi, Being 5'2" also, it is suprising how flattering they are on us little people! e xx

  3. I think you look great in this dress and should give a chance to dresses. I am. Ussually a skit lover I am trying hard to wear dresses without feeling awkward.

  4. The dress is lovely, I love how you've styled it. I've yet to try a maxi dress but I might just give one a try!

  5. you really look beautiful and the colors of that maxi is darling. You should do the dress thing more often it suits you!

  6. oh la la! super sexy! your waist looks tiny! the dress totally suits you. i can see it looks great layered over long sleeves in the winter with a a big chunky scarf and boots. really lovely. i like the colours in it. xx

  7. Your dress looks lovely on you.

    The blue dress on SJP and Ashley Olsen's are gorgeous too xx

  8. This dress looks beautiful on you. I love the print. I am 5ft 2 as well and have real trouble finding nice maxi dresses, I am definitely going to have a look at these as I never get round to altering clothes.

  9. You look great. I love the floral on you. I have a solid black maxi and love it. Also, Ashley Olsen's one in your post is gorgeous!

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