Matador and Variations on a Theme

(Wearing: Vivienne Westood shirt, brooch, bag, shoes / Dries van Noten shirts, Burberry boots, vintage velvet jackets / Vivienne Westwood blazer, Primark check shirts)
When the weather is dreary do you ever find yourself pulling on the same old comfort clothes? Seems like this week my trusty old jeans were doing the trick, ah yes I know you never see me wearing jeans and now its ‘enough, enough already’.

And just because I still find it really amusing that Chloe also loves matador jackets

Right thats it for me then, off to pull out my A/W wardrobe before I have to wear these jeans again! Is it me or has Autumn come early?
P xx

5 thoughts on “Matador and Variations on a Theme

  1. Autumn come early? It sure has! I've been more concerned about footwear choice and hair than clothes this week as the rain and sunshine seem to be having some kind of relentless competition…

  2. I pull on the same old comfort clothes practically every day, regardless of the weather! That's why you don't see daily outfit posts from me. Too boring!

  3. i love these looks! your velvet jacket is so gorgeous. . and i think that it feels like it's almost winter, so cold everyday!

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