Old Hack

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood shoes, bag, shirt, brooch, Primark sweater, Matalan jeans)

A little bit of DIY with this outfit, I hacked off the sleeves of my sweater and hems of my jeans. The jumper is relatively new it was the perfect soft grey jersey so I bought two, one extra to customise. These jeans I have had for years I always buy two pairs of jeans when I find a good pair. I cut off the hems earlier in the summer to show off my clogs, but really like how they look turned up too.
You really can’t beat socks either!!
P xx

7 thoughts on “Old Hack

  1. Great make do work! Excellent idea and looks fab.
    Guess what – I've got a Chanel Paradoxal giveaway on my blog xx

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! Love how you've hacked at the jeans, they show off your wonderful shoes to their full advantage. xxx

  3. Hi my dear-very inspirational, I want to find a grey top like this and adapt it like you-looking great as usual! x

  4. I love cutting up clothes to make them just how I want them. The grey looks great with the shirt underneath.

  5. I like the idea of buying two and customising one 🙂 This is obv why I have three pairs of identically styled flats!! xx
    Chanel went to Paris! And the scarf was VITAL when I returned to rain yday.

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