(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania jumpsuit, vintage Chanel jacket, Dior shoes, Miu Miu bag, vintage necklace and the hefty Harper’s Bazaar September issue)

We had the video mode on by mistake so accidentally made a clip, thought I would have a go at a mini-vlog!!
The jumpsuit (technically I guess it is a playsuit as it is short but I detest that term, I am not 5 years old), is in one of Vivienne Westwood’s trademark prints, the ‘Pirate Squiggle’. When she launched the 1981 ‘Pirates collection the print featured heavily. This was the year I was born so I guess it was made for me!

“With Pirate, Westwood began an exploration of historical cut and tailoring that would inform her life’s work. The loose-cut trousers and romantic, billowing shirts, with their vernacular ‘squiggle’ print, were based faithfully on 18th century men’s clothing. Westwood blended the idea of the pirate with the North American Indian and the early 19th-century French Merveilleuses. This heady mix created a collection that bursts onto the London fashion scene in a riot of gold, orange and yellow.”
Claire Wilcox ‘Vivienne Westwood’ V&A Publications, 2004
Modern Pirate boots in the Squiggle print

Even Pirate wall paper!
What do you think of the Pirate Print?
P x

21 thoughts on “Pirate

  1. Love Vivienne Westwood, love the yellow, love the pirate squiggle and those boots are amazing, where are they from?

  2. I think yellow suits you very well.
    I did not know that print was called pirate print. Live and learn, he, he

  3. @Style Eyes – the squiggle boots were a limited edition they run every now and again, they also did them in differnt colours I love the white with red. They aren't available at the moment I dont think, unless Worlds End in London still has them x

  4. I used to pop in to Worlds End on way home from school to admire the pirate collection!
    So fab choice xx
    and I love this months Harper's Bazaar.

  5. Ha, Harper's is HUGE, isn't it?! Love the jumpsuit on you.

    Thanks for your comment on my lost piece of VW (and Melissa)- it made me laugh! They did smell weird, true…but they were so PRETTY. x

  6. The jumpsuit is amazing, yellow and black is such a stylish combination.

    I agree with 'playsuit' being a horrid word, but even worse is 'onesie', as I have seen a few US bloggers call them. Ew ew ew!

  7. I love your dress (the colour is gorgeous, especially paired with that bag) but I'm not sure my eyes could bear to stare at the wall paper all day! That image makes them hurt lol, it's a bit much.

    Florrie x

  8. I keep trying to read Harpers on the Loo but never get past the adverts! Love the outfit, a gorgeous shade of yellow!

  9. I love the pirate wallpaper and covet the pirate boots! The eighties pictures brought back some memories, I grew up in the eighties and when Prince Charming was top of the charts my mum made be some velvet pedalpushers and a lace shirt to wear to the school disco! I was a posh pirate!

  10. dear Pearl, I really like your blog, just discovered it, love your Westwood pirate print, so cool to own something by a designer on display in the V&A. love your new Burberry boots, best wishes Blighty

  11. Hi my dear!! This is one of my favourite outfits of yours, very covetable and oh so stylish-I love the jacket and playsuit together x thanks so much for your lovely comment too!

  12. oh wow, the jumpsuit is awesome! how did you come across it if you don't mind me asking? i always wonder where people get such classic pieces! great blog x

  13. @Eri – wow I would have loved the navy one too, would love to see how you style them up!

    @Chloe – mine isnt an original 80s one, its from last summers Anglomania collection so I just got it in Manchester Anglomania store ,you can check out http://www.hervia.com for the lastest Westwood x

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