MFW: Another good thing about being a blogger…

… and not an industry professional critic is that I am not obliged to write gushy reviews just because I went to the show. So I can say WTF is up with this season, I am not the only one voicing their honest opinion as Make Do Style said Prada had her in tears and not in a good way.
Seriously someone read this Prada review and tell me that it wasn’t wrote by a guy held over a barrel:
So here are the my highlights from Milan Fashion Week.
Jil Sander
Great big floaty oversized dresses, skirts and trousers, you know I love a high waist and anything oversized, this is what I want to be wearing.


These two looks stood out for me, I like the idea of bringing in winter accessories into sprint and summer. The juxtaposition shouldn’t work but the feather shrug against the turquoise really appeals to me, as does the aubergine jersey.


Erm I just liked this jumpsuit!


I really liked some of the vintage details in this collection such as the olive house coat, and high waist loose trousers. For some reason I really love the blue printed tunic with the tassels maybe I am being brainwashed.
Emporio Amarni
Now this is a collection that really got my attention, the sleek layering and statement necklaces balanced with chocolate and tan leather.

Dolce & Gabanna
No mentioning the lace over leopard, the fresh white summer suit and beautiful white lace dress really spoke summer to me. I also love the huge chunky gold necklaces they really shout D&G to me.
So it is with bated breath we await the Paris shows, I almost don’t want to look in case of more disappointment. I might be jinxing things but I am really excited about Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Vivienne Westwood Gold label and Alexander McQueen – please don’t let me down!

Before I sign off we just have time for two impressive feats at MFW, Alexandria Shulman and Emanuelle Alt in the hottest shoe combo, Isabel Marrant and Prada.The stunning Anna Dello Russo in YSL. I always love Anna but am so impressed with this as I hate that entire YSL collection and yet Anna manages to make it look good – she is a goddess!

Come on guys I really want to know what you loved and hated over in Milan?
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Shopping in Unlikely Places!

After a tip off from a friend that TK Maxx had re-established their high end designer section now called ‘Gold Label’ I went for a look. I was certainly impressed with finds from Celine, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney, Costume National and Chloe to name but a few. Here I am trying on a Jil Sander shirt which I bought for ┬ú52 with the original price at ┬ú710! I am also trying a gorgeous James Lakeland jacket which I decided not to buy. The next +J collection by Jil Sander for Uniqlo will be available from the 2nd Oct online and 16th Oct in stores. It has had some great reviews so I am looking forward to checking that out.

I also got this beautiful Chloe jumpsuit in the softest wool, it will be a real staple for me this winter. Oh and you see those boots? The are the ones featured in the Primark Lookbook, I just had to brave the crowds to check them out. They really are lovely I like the high wedge and two tone materials. They aren’t going to last me a lifetime but for ┬ú20 even if they only last this season I am happy with that.

They also had these very Chloe crepe wedges and some great pairs of pointed toe stilettos in differing heel heights and colours.

These Jil Sander ombre pony hair boots were also in TK Maxx couldn’t resist trying them on.

I got these new season Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes last week, they have some great new styles including these buckled ones too.

(image courtesy of hervia)

I absolutely love this seasons Melissa range which you can check out on who have just launched their new look website, modelled by my stunning friend Tanya wearing this seasons Gold Label dress, Vivienne Westwood for Lee jeans shorts and the famous SATC shoes.

Speaking of winter wardrobes it’s about time I finished off putting away all my summer stuff, I actually really enjoy doing that just haven’t had time yet. Anyway it just goes to show you never know where you might find new bargains, must try to stop being such a fashion snob!


(Wearing: vintage dress, Dior shoes, Fendi clutch, Felder Felder belt & cuff, Links of London bracelet)
I really love this dress but I hate to iron the pleats it takes me about an hour so I don’t wear it as often as I would like. I teamed it with the black accessories and fierce shoes to stop it looking too prim. I really like the high Victorian-style neck.

Note the necessary over-sized clutch, needed to smuggle bones home from the resturant for my dogs, Sirius has the dog version of flu at the moment so needed a treat! Anyone know how to stop your purse smelling of Tennesse sauce LOL!
P x

LFW Overview

Another London Fashion Week comes to a close, so as I did with NYFW here are my personal favorites. Again taking full advantage of the fact that this is my blog and I can post what I want, I am only showing the collections I personally want to be wearing. I go by the rule that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all but some of the collections had my jaw to the floor for all the wrong reasons – I might just have to do a post, but anyway here are the lovelies (in alphabetical order just in case you were wondering):
Antonio Berardi
Simple and chic with pops of orange, the cuts were so fluid yet retained structure
Betty Jackson
I always love Betty, I think it is a mix of the earthy colours and tactile fabrics
Burberry Prorsum
Studded trenches, yes please!
I am not a floral person but this kind of floral I can cetainly do
Holly Fulton
The queen of graphic prints
Felder Felder
These girls are the original chic-goths, leather, dark prints, studs, this is possibly my favourite collection
Hannah Marshall
I really like the sheer draping mixed with tailoring
House of Holland
Henry, it is OK to admit your style has changed, you don’t have to always have the tongue in cheek collection. If we pretend the ridiclous earrings aren’t there this is a very chic and stylish collection for Holland, reminds me of a Marc Jacobs-Chris Benz feel, I love it.
Jaeger London
I don’t know where to start with Jaeger, the floaty sheers, safari jackets, tan belts with pockets, the flashes of colour, the leather! This was one collection that had me staring and staring at every look, so detailed.
Kinder Aggugini
Another one I loved sooo much I had to watch over a few times, summer black with tribal prints, I really want to be wearing looks like this, especially the black dress with the splash of leopard and the geometric print cowl neck top.
Michael van der Ham
Maker of fairytail dresses extrodinare
I don’t know what this colour is called but I want it! I want it to wear with black and fluro!
Paul Smith
Perfect shirts and perfect trousers but with Smith’s quirky twist
Roksanda Ilincic
Floaty and pretty but there is something that doesn’t make the collection overly femine
Sass and Bide
A surprising one for me, but I couldn’t resist the prints and draping
Todd Lynn
Grey, structured, sold
Topshop Unique
The cropped flares in bright prints are right up my S/S wish list
Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Do I really need to explain why? Capes, prints, asymetric knits, floral pirate boots!!!

Next I will have to do a post on the trends, but I will wait until after Paris and Milan to get the full run down. Though I have seen a nice dash of summer black which I really, really LOVE.
Hope you have all enjoyed LFW, it really is the home of the new designers and the quirky. Wonder what Milan will bring!

The Hottest A/W Looks for Under £50

From aviator to snow bunny this look book has all the key looks for A/W 10, what might surprise you is that it is all from Primark. I am usually not a huge Primark fan because a lot of the clothes are badly made, but then so are many other high street brands. I also know that this post will bring with it cries of how they use child labour etc, but this has never been proven and if it were true the company would not be trading. Just because they have cheaper prices than other on par stores doesn’t necessarily mean that they pay their staff any less as opposed to charging more and making high profits.
I am not condoning ‘throw away fashion’ but there are a lot of people out there who can only afford to shop in Primark, I certainly shopped there pretty much exclusively as a student. I also got a lot of wear out of my purchases and I still have a few really nice things from there which I still wear. Especially as now all the other cheap clothing options are being exploited such as overpriced charity shops and extortionate vintage prices. I am not saying there aren’t good vintage and charity bargains out there but they are hard to find.
Regarding charity shops I always thought the point was to provide those less wealthy people with access to affordable clothing whilst helping good causes with the money they make. It seems lately that that many charity shops only consider how much money they can make, many refusing to accept Primark clothes! Why not just have a huge box of for the Primark stuff and charge 20p an item, you still make money and people still get affordable clothes! I would like to put that to Mary Queen of Shops. Charity works both ways.
Anyway thats me off my soapbox, I often get asked how to create ‘looks for less’ but most of my bargains come from vintage shops or ebay and I know there is nothing more infurating than seeing something you really like and not being able to replicate it which is often the case with vintage. I would never recomment recreating an entire look from one store, there is no individuality in that but take inspiration from their looks books hunt out the vintage finds and mix them up with affordable high street. Then you can save up and treat yourself to a key piece which might be more expensive. I often dressed up my outfits with my Vivienne Westwood orb brooch and handbag before I became a hard core designer addict! Here are some really old outfit planning photos I found to show you, think ‘Student Pearl’!

Both all Primark except Vivienne Westwood belts left approx ┬ú80 right approx ┬ú200 and vintage boots from ebay around ┬ú20. As you know I still wear these belts, I still have the boots but they really aren’t fit to wear anymore. The cardi and dress look just ins’t my style anymore but they were given good homes. I stiched a flower onto the grey hat for an individual twist, there are lots of things like that you can do to personalise your look.

Left vintage top Aflecks palace approx £15, New Look gilet, Primark jeans, dress and tights, Jimmy Choo boots I got for £49 in Selfridges sale reduced from £750! I still have and wear all these except the green dress which just got far too short as I got far older LOL!

For more Primark looks and prices see:
And for a totally FREE wardrobe update don’t forget to enter my Nails Inc and Chilli Pepper Giveaway there is a manicure set and two beautiful dresses ends Sunday!

Happy Sack

(Wearing: vintage dress, Matthew Williamson for H&M jacket, Fendi clutch, Vivienne Westwood belt, boots and tights- in collaboration with Wolford)
In my last outfit post I mentioned that I was feeling the Westwood love again, and Wendy B asked me why my love had dwindled in the first place. It is hard to explain really as of course you will know there is rarely an outfit which doesn’t have a small piece of Westwood, such as my belts. This summer was the first time I didn’t even go to the sale, not even for socks (I have a whole draw just for my Westwood socks). I guess I just wasn’t feeling it.
After having a huge clear out and featuring some of the Westwood outfits I used to wear I just realised that it wasn’t Westwood I wasn’t feeling but simply my own wardrobe. I had, I think changed my style without realising it and needed to work the pieces in newer ways rather than buy loads of new clothes. Somethings you wear forever and some just for a season.
Anyway the LOVE is now back with a vengeance, so much so I had to make a few updates! These boots are called ‘Sack’ boots due to the construction, if you can imagine putting on a pair of court shoes then putting you feet into drawstring bags that’s kind of the effect! You can tie them up in so many different ways to change the look. I had a black pair a few years ago and loved them to death so decided I would very much like another pair, though buying another black pair just didn’t feel like I was getting something new, if you see what I mean. So I went for this gorgeous tan colour – which might get me out of wearing so much black too.

The unusual tights are from a collaboration Vivienne Westwood did with Wolford.

On the runway

The tights on display with Sack boots at the recent Vivienne Westwood Exhibition

The Sack boots were first created in 1982 for the Nostalgia of Mud collection and have had many incarnations ever since, (can from Claire Wilcox Vivienne Westwood book). I cannot tell you how much I love the outfit on the left of the right hand page, they grey and rust, the leggings and baggy top.
Can’t wait to see the next Gold Label show at Paris FW, I loved the Red Label at LFW!

Joan Jett & Cherie Curry Take the Runway?

Marios Schwab SS11
I had to do a double take as an army of Joan Jett’s and Cherie Curry look-a-likes stormed down the runway for Marios Schwab SS11. Schwab says the collection was inspired by his father who made lingere which he wanted to contrast with biker toughness.
Who better to embody that than the Runaways, wheather Schwab is admitting it or not!
The Runaways, Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning as Joan and Cherie in the new movie

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Unique watch & shop

Fall 2010 Lauren by Ralph Lauren online fashion show ÔÇô 12.00 Thursday September 23rd

I really like the new concept for the Fall 2010 Lauren by Ralph Lauren online fashion show going live this Thursday (September 23rd) at The show features the latest looks from the Fall collection and also highlights the launch of the Lauren by Ralph Lauren handbag collection. Your can view and shop their favorite looks instantly by selecting and purchasing the styles directly as the models walk the runway. Here is a sneek peek clip:

The show will feature commentary from respected fashion editors including Cosmopolitan’s fashion director Michelle McCool, Harper’s Bazaar’s executive fashion and beauty editor Avril Graham, Marie Claire’s fashion director Nina Garcia, and online style expert, Christina Caldwell.

Viewers will have the option to hear any/all of the editors’ remarks as the looks come down the runway. After the show concludes, you can leave questions for the editors and readers can seek style advice and tips directly from the editors by utilising a unique Q+A capability.

I would love to know what you think of this concept, is it a fun and helpful addition to regular shopping or are we getting technology overload?

LFW Update

I have been saving up my LFW favourites to go in one post, but I have been sent some really great videos which I thought you guys would love to see too.

HereÔÇÖs the video from day four at London Fashion Week 2010, featuring exclusive interviews, backstage coverage and beautiful catwalk shows from Holly Fulton, Erdem, Christopher Kane and Roksanda.

I also think you will love J MASKREY’S SPRING / SUMMER 2011 fashion film directd by Jez Tozer. The way the body art is layered over with sheer fabrics looks phenominal.

Right that makes is 15:50 so I am off to watch the Burberry live screening which starts as 16:00 GMT, Hope you are all enjoying London Fashion Week, P x