Happy Sack

(Wearing: vintage dress, Matthew Williamson for H&M jacket, Fendi clutch, Vivienne Westwood belt, boots and tights- in collaboration with Wolford)
In my last outfit post I mentioned that I was feeling the Westwood love again, and Wendy B asked me why my love had dwindled in the first place. It is hard to explain really as of course you will know there is rarely an outfit which doesn’t have a small piece of Westwood, such as my belts. This summer was the first time I didn’t even go to the sale, not even for socks (I have a whole draw just for my Westwood socks). I guess I just wasn’t feeling it.
After having a huge clear out and featuring some of the Westwood outfits I used to wear I just realised that it wasn’t Westwood I wasn’t feeling but simply my own wardrobe. I had, I think changed my style without realising it and needed to work the pieces in newer ways rather than buy loads of new clothes. Somethings you wear forever and some just for a season.
Anyway the LOVE is now back with a vengeance, so much so I had to make a few updates! These boots are called ‘Sack’ boots due to the construction, if you can imagine putting on a pair of court shoes then putting you feet into drawstring bags that’s kind of the effect! You can tie them up in so many different ways to change the look. I had a black pair a few years ago and loved them to death so decided I would very much like another pair, though buying another black pair just didn’t feel like I was getting something new, if you see what I mean. So I went for this gorgeous tan colour – which might get me out of wearing so much black too.

The unusual tights are from a collaboration Vivienne Westwood did with Wolford.

On the runway

The tights on display with Sack boots at the recent Vivienne Westwood Exhibition

The Sack boots were first created in 1982 for the Nostalgia of Mud collection and have had many incarnations ever since, (can from Claire Wilcox Vivienne Westwood book). I cannot tell you how much I love the outfit on the left of the right hand page, they grey and rust, the leggings and baggy top.
Can’t wait to see the next Gold Label show at Paris FW, I loved the Red Label at LFW!

15 thoughts on “Happy Sack

  1. I love those tights! I have the same pattern in a cardigan, and I have those sack boots also but in yellow leather! true classic. Love your outfits x

  2. You look beautiful in white, it really suits you. Those boots are incredible, I've never seen anything quite like them. xxx

  3. Hi Pearl,

    Loving this look today! I adore you sack boots, I always wanted to have a pair myself, they are fab!
    Funny enough, I was reading some of your previous posts about minimalism and stuff and it's so weird because, I am just like you a Westwood lover, but then it came the change of season and something in me also changed… I don't know if I wanna go plain, greys and black or carry on with the mad Viv clothes… What is this? Do you think there is something in the air??


  4. @ Eri – I know its so strange, I think I have just ended up wearing the Viv in a more minimal way. I think just wear what you feel, some days just call for full on mad Viv, some days I can go for the camel and some days I still want to dress head to toe in black. I think girls like us dont fit in just one fashion box! x

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