Shopping in Unlikely Places!

After a tip off from a friend that TK Maxx had re-established their high end designer section now called ‘Gold Label’ I went for a look. I was certainly impressed with finds from Celine, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney, Costume National and Chloe to name but a few. Here I am trying on a Jil Sander shirt which I bought for ┬ú52 with the original price at ┬ú710! I am also trying a gorgeous James Lakeland jacket which I decided not to buy. The next +J collection by Jil Sander for Uniqlo will be available from the 2nd Oct online and 16th Oct in stores. It has had some great reviews so I am looking forward to checking that out.

I also got this beautiful Chloe jumpsuit in the softest wool, it will be a real staple for me this winter. Oh and you see those boots? The are the ones featured in the Primark Lookbook, I just had to brave the crowds to check them out. They really are lovely I like the high wedge and two tone materials. They aren’t going to last me a lifetime but for ┬ú20 even if they only last this season I am happy with that.

They also had these very Chloe crepe wedges and some great pairs of pointed toe stilettos in differing heel heights and colours.

These Jil Sander ombre pony hair boots were also in TK Maxx couldn’t resist trying them on.

I got these new season Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes last week, they have some great new styles including these buckled ones too.

(image courtesy of hervia)

I absolutely love this seasons Melissa range which you can check out on who have just launched their new look website, modelled by my stunning friend Tanya wearing this seasons Gold Label dress, Vivienne Westwood for Lee jeans shorts and the famous SATC shoes.

Speaking of winter wardrobes it’s about time I finished off putting away all my summer stuff, I actually really enjoy doing that just haven’t had time yet. Anyway it just goes to show you never know where you might find new bargains, must try to stop being such a fashion snob!

16 thoughts on “Shopping in Unlikely Places!

  1. You must Stop ever: life is too short, and fashion your real pleasure he, he…
    I has been lovely this trip with you through the different shops and brands.Love the Melissa shoe, wow.
    thank you my friend!!

  2. Those buckled Melissas are amazing.

    I do need to go and check out TK Maxx, I am quite lazy with shopping but you found some great things there.

  3. Thanks for taking us shopping with you. You look amazing with your hair tied back, I love it.
    Particularly loving the brocade jacket at the top and the Westwood shoes but there agian the jumpsuit's pretty special, too. xxx

  4. Hi there-wow, the Jil Sander blouse and jumpsuit are amazing, I really hope my local store has this range, I will check it out for sure!!

  5. I'm definitely need to check out my local TK Maxx! I love your new Westwood shoes and those red buckle shoes are gorgeous!

  6. @Queen of Mayhem – we already had a shop over here called TJ Hughes so they thought having TJ Maxx would be confusing so they changed it to TK – to be honest I find it more confusing having TJ and TK Maxx why didn't they just call it Maxx?

  7. I also picked up a bargain in tk maxx this weekend, FWM merino cardi, £109 down to £15!! I love a bargain! Your Primark wedges look great. e xx

  8. I love the primark boots but dont think i could be bothered to look for them! I'm not soo keen on the new Hervia website or the new melissa range, the 1st was my favourite althought the buckled shoes look so much better on than on the website.

    I know need to check the new TK Maxx out in York to find some buys like yours!

  9. @ aroselikethis – it was ┬ú99 from ┬ú460 so expensive but well worth it as I know I will live in it all season. I have a 'summer' jumpsuit which is black with like a vest top half and harem bottom which was ┬ú15 from Primark and it is gorgeous so I had my eye out for a winter version. Was so chuffed to find this one!

    @snowystylista – BARGAIN!!

    @Your Lady – I went in around 11 on Tue and it was pretty quite I guess most people are at work that sort of time. The new website it a bit hard to navigate I agree, I really dont get along with drop down boxes. All the new Melissas look much nice in person I wasnt keen till I saw them in the shop. There is a weird pinky coloured pair I though would be hidious but they were really nice!

  10. crazy that there were so many incredible things at tkmax. i actually just saw a friend today who had on the most gorgeous dress that she had just picked up at tkmax. i need to get myself over there! xx

  11. I must get myself over to TK Maxx pretty soon, though I usually just end up buying candles and notebooks there. I'm such a boring shopper!

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