A Saintly Revelation

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Worker boots, parachute dresses, cropped and draped leather jackets, asymmetric knits, handkerchief hem vests emblazoned with crosses, ripped t-shirts, studded belts and sequined party dresses.
You can walk down any UK street and see women and girls dressed in any one of these looks, clumpy boots and leather jackets have become something of a uniform for those of the glam-grunge attitude.

What you don’t usually see is the star studded A-list dressed in the exact same clothes.
This is All Saints and this is where this unusual concept began.

Established in 1994 as a menswear store they moved into womenswear in 1998 and a high street revolution began. This was the first, and perhaps still is the only high street store which acts like its designer contemporaries. With its own design aesthetic, unique and hand finished clothing it developed its own brand identity and loyal following too, but keeping prices at a upper high street level.

For the first time ever the London street kids were setting the fashion standard for the celebrities, with Rhianna, Gwen Steffani, Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Coco Sumner, Jessica Alba, Pixi Lot, Agyness Deyn, Tallulah Adeyemi, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller to name but a few all being fans.

Besides the unique designs and the exceptional quality basics the thing I personally find really impressive about the collections are that they are really easy to interchange and style, from different collections and different years All Saints pieces always work together. Here are my top picks from this season.

For work wear the Ismene trousers ┬ú90 look sharp with the Enid blouse ┬ú55 and Bura shoes ┬ú185, the blouse can be switched for the Irrochka top ┬ú75 which would look great layered over the Raff granddad top ┬ú60 for a perfectly interchangeable day to night look – just remove the Raff top and cinch with the Chepi belt ┬ú95.

Another All Saints signature are the stunning evening dresses such as the Origami dress £85 and the Irrochka sleeveless dress £110 both perfect with the Arachine heels £155, or dressed down for day with the Damisi boots £175. Again both these shoes can be worked with the lux basics of the Bell maxi skirt £40 and the Bell leggings £40 dressed up with the heels or down with the boots.

I can’t wait till pay day so I can go take some of my own advice!

5 thoughts on “A Saintly Revelation

  1. Hi there-I love All Saints pieces, some really inspirational looks and key pieces here! Hope you have a great weekend too my dear! x

  2. I used to wear boots when they weren┬┤t so fashionable. For me nothing more confortable than chunky or ankle or any boots for that matter.
    Back from hospital and all is well.
    Thank you for your kind words and wishes.

  3. Your giveaway came in the morning post, so I am about to paint my nails in a lovely shade of pink.
    It was also thanks to you that I got to know about the shoes.
    As I said: you are a wonderful sourcer of inspiration and beautiful things.
    Un abrazo fuerte y mil besos.

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