A Vogue Birthday!

Today is my birthday! So I thought I would share with you some images from Vogue October 1981 the year I was born. I bought the magazine after Fab had bought one for her daughter’s birthday, such a great idea for a gift.

Couldn’t this girl be Freja Beha in Chloe!
The magazine has some pretty hilarious pictures and bazaar stories, and I certainly didn’t realise how obsessed everyone was with fur in the 80’s! But what was really surprising was how similar the fashions were to today!
Have a great day, I have a present to go buy!

16 thoughts on “A Vogue Birthday!

    I love, love the 80s fashion. My favourite time in fashion and music. I love that burgundy cardigan with belt.
    As you say fashion now a days is not so far away, and I am soooooooooooo glad!!!.
    Have a super day and tell us about your presents ok?????????????????

  2. OMG! Happy Birthday, my dear and U are so right, totally Freja! 😀




  3. Happy birthday! I am an October girl too, but 2 years before you. Looking forward to seeing your pressies.

    Also, that Ferragamo coat is something pretty special, isn't it.

  4. Happy birthday! Have fun celebrating and fingers crossed it doesn't rain here today, it's getting a bit gloomy! Don't forget to show us your presents! 🙂 xx

  5. Happy Birthday, Pearl! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    I was looking for Vogue edition for December 1980 but couldnÔÇÖt find it anywhere on line. Could you share where you managed to get your magazine? (my email [email protected]). Thank you very much! xx Mimi
    PS Hope you got lots of nice gifts, please share pics 🙂

  6. @Mimi – I got mine from ebay, I just set it save the serch so when one came up it emailed me, it did take a few weeks for one to appear.

    I dont have any presnts yet – long story, hoping to rectify that later in the week, so will show all then x

  7. Oh darling, if I had known it was your birthday I would have bought it for you, I would have loved to have done that for you, you little sweetie, I hope everything is OK xxxxxxx give me your paypal email address via FB and I will give you the money xxx

  8. @ Fab – Aw thats sweet of you but it only cost me ┬ú2 including postage – I think it actually cost more to post! But thank you for the offer xx

  9. Happy Birthday! I was ten in 1981, I think one of the best things at that time for me was my rollerboots and rollerdiscos!

  10. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
    Hope you've been having a lovely day, and also that I will be seeing you soon. xxx

  11. Happy Birthday my dear!! Hope you had a wonderful day and love these pics-great to see leather, chunky knits and fur in trend then and now!! xx

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