Shoe Saturday: Alexa Champion of Ugly Shoes

Who doesn’t love Alexa Chung? She is your cute, friendly girl next door who brightened up our Saturday morning TV. But she is also a genius, loafers, brogues, deck shoes, mocasins, who else could have made geeky, ugly shoes a must have item. Prompting many designers to produce pretty and stylish versions of the originals. Here are some of my favourites.

Pare Gabia ‘Aumane’ black patent loafer ┬ú85

Gardinia ‘Melf’ loafer ┬ú175

Gardinia ‘Xynia’ loafers ┬ú180

Pare Gabia ‘Imor’ fuchia suede loafer ┬ú65
Geox ‘Snake Moca’ deck-shoe ┬ú88

Ugg ‘Dakota’ mocassin in tobacco ┬ú123
I think all these would look wonderful this summer with jeans, leggings or even pretty dresses. The only problem is deciding which ones.
Go on admit it, your quite taken too!
Images courtesy of Spartoo

21 thoughts on “Shoe Saturday: Alexa Champion of Ugly Shoes

  1. Hehehehe. Well I think I would buy boots instead myself,but thank you for the lovely photos of mocassin shoes.
    have a wonderful weekend Pearl.
    Here, we are having anothe sunny day, yeahhhhhhhhhh

  2. I love ugly shoes! Even though I'm not an UGG boot fan, I really like those mocassins! They look super comfy and look like they've also got a good tread on them, which most don't so that's a good bonus, but I'll prolly have to deal with some cheaper ones from New Look!
    Charlotte 🙂 xxx

  3. So you can be fashionale and have comfy feet, too!
    I had some fuschia suede penny loafers back in the 1980's. xxx

  4. They look so comfy! My friend just got a pair of loafers just like the black patent pair for about £5 in a Preston charity shop yesterday. They looked great with her skinny jeans. xx Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Sorry Pearl, I just cant see it!! They are man repeller shoes! I love love love ballet flats but even those are considered ugly by my boyfriend! Alexa looks fab, love her outfits but not the shoes!!

  6. I do love these, I think they go a long way to making certain outfits look less tarty. Mini skirts and heels so often just look trashy, but a mini skirt and loafers or other flats has more of a French 60s chic vibe. I prefer the ones with a bit of a heel, like the first three. I think it is slightly more comfortable, and they look less like old lady driving shoes.

    ps I hate the term used in the comment above, 'man repeller'. I know lots of people use it to describe ugly clothing, but it pisses me off because it implies I give a shit what men think about what a wear! The term really makes me shudder. xx

  7. See now I have gradually been won over to the church of ugly shoes (though I still have one foot firmly routed in very lovely shoes – it gives me a funny hirple but whatcha gonna do?) BUT, and here's the crucial thing, sometimes they really don't flatter. I need to be super careful with ugly shoes!

  8. I used to wear loafers back in the 90's, think thats why I don't like them now! Although I do love heeled brogues!

  9. I liked the Jimmy Choo Leopard print ones from last season and have also always wanted an LV or Todds pair, I'm not fussy……

  10. Yay for Loafers! I can't help feeling its a bit passive-aggressive of Alexa – she has such perfect legs she looks good in anything! In wearing them with bare legs and a short skirt she's saying 'Don't try this at home, mortals!' – notwithstanding my leg-envy, I love loafers. Toast have a great pair this season I'm drooling over.

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