What Frida Did for Fiat

Did you know Gucci is at its 90th anniversary? Did you know that it is also the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy? To celebrate both, Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini in partnership with Fiat Centro Stile, have designed a special edition Fiat 500! The Fiat 500 by Gucci combines the style and craftsmanship of two of Italy’s most respected brands.The car comes in two colours black and white, the unique eye-catching glossy pearl glass paint complement one another. The black with detailing in shiny chrome, which contrasts sharp black and white for a contemporary and racy feel. White with satin chrome detailing and ivory and black interiors for a softer, sophisticated look. The same colour combination can be found on the key cover, which gives customers their first distinguishing sign of the “500 by Gucci”. The exterior is further customised with rims mounted on 195/45 R16 tyres, with the unmistakable retro spoked design, to match the colour of the interiors, and embellished by the “diamant├®” on the spokes, an absolute novelty on cars in this category. Yep you heard that right, diamant├® detailing!

The 500byGucci will be available in the UK with two engines: the nimble yet economical 1.2 ltr ÔÇô which will cost ┬ú14,565 OTR ÔÇô and the award-winning 0.9 ltr TwinAir, priced at ┬ú15,765 OTR. You can find out more on the website where it is available exclusively online and also register for further updates.

The website also has a special collection of matching accessories, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist a set of driving gloves, loafers and a handbag. Imagine zipping around Milan Fashion Week in one of these, or cruising around London. I think the cars are really cool, the Gucci collaboration is done so stylishly.

You can now match your designer Italian bag with a designer Italian car!

Frida Gianinni – image courtesy of Gucci

Viral video by ebuzzing

Two Way

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Men’s Gold Label top / dress on the left with VW + Melissa shoes and VW belt, on the right with Topshop jeans and VW bag boots)

Just a quick post to show you the dress I was wearing as a top the other day. It is actually a large menswear top but who says the boys should have all the fun. I always make a point of checking out menswear too, I really believe fashion is universal you should just try on what appeals to you.

I know everyone has been having more problems with Blogger commenting again, all I can say is please persevere and send your complaints to Blogger via email or Twitter.
Enjoy your bank holiday,

This Is My Not Amused Face

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label top and boots, Topshop jeans)

I have been having immense issues with Blogger these past two weeks, as have many other Blogger bloggers. It is such as shame as I have always been the one to champion Blogger in the debates between them and WordPress. After Blogger totally shut down last week, I did get my posts back which they had deleted but not the comments. Comment you all took time out to write. Back to normal for a few days and now this week the problems begin once again. I could not sign into my blog for a whole day, I only managed to by installing Google Chrome web browser instead of Internet Explorer which I usually used. Today I have been trying to post for 6 hours. I have had to log in with Explorer to upload my images as Chrome would not upload, but then Explorer would not let me save or publish. So I had to write and save the HTML in Exp and then copy into Chrome to publish. Neither browser would let me alter the images so I had to download Firefox which is what I am now using to write this post. On top of all this everyone on trying to comment on Blogger blogs yesterday was met with problems.
I know Blogger is a free service, but I would be happy to pay for it if it didn’t have these problems. Therefore this means I am in the process of moving my blog.

Alright rant over! This post and the last post were actually going to be one large post but due to the problems it isn’t. I wanted to post the Jonathan Ross interview with Vivienne Westwood as it is really respectfully done, I find many interviewers try to patronize or don’t take Vivienne seriously yet when you take the time to listen the lady talks a lot of sense.
I wear this top quite a lot, it is actually a dress but I tucked it up today. The logo is Vivienne’s Active Resistance to Propaganda which you can read about on her website.

Here are some more close ups of my beloved old bag boots, I talked about their design HERE. It’s nice to be able to wear things you don’t see everyday, children seem to be very taken in by them! The musician Pete Burns wears them a lot, Pete Burns is cool, he probably has more Vivenne Westwood than me, we also both have a butterfly tattoo on our thighs, I am reading his autobiography at the moment.

I really like seeing people wearing Vivienne Westwood, I have an entire folder of images, same for Chanel. I am fascinated by how different people interpret fashion. Is there a job which involves that skill I wonder?

Vivienne Westwood on Jonathen Ross Show

Has anyone else been having serious trouble with blogger this week? I have been unable to log into my blog and having problems with comments too, so here is a quick post just in case I get locked out of my own blog again. They really need to sort it out!
This youtube video, in two parts, is my absolute favourite Vivienne Westwood interview. Jonathan Ross is one of the only interviewers who genuinely listens to what she says and shows her utmost respect, hence the interview is joy to watch. Vivienne has some really important points to make on environmental issues as well as fashion. Its Wednesday, go grab a coffee and take a little break with Queen Viv.

Making My Own Summer: Cath Kidston

Since summer seems to have abandoned us Notherners I thought I would make my own summer. Adding lots of florals and pastels to my outfit really put me in the summer spirt. Cath Kidston tote bags are the perfect anecdote to miserable weather, I mean who wouldn’t be cheery with a bag like this?

I think this would be the perfect bag to take on a picnic, it is really roomy and can be fastened to make it more of a rectangular shape. To be honest though it will most likely end up being a practical everyday bag. With its voluminous main compartment it is great for work, you can fit folders and laptop in there with ease, it also has a couple of pockets for bits and bobs. Being made with Teflon I also don’t need to worry about it’s durability. I will be slinging this beauty over my shoulder all summer.

(Wearing: vintage Chanel blazer, vintage top, Matalan jeans, Vivienne Westwood + Melissa shoes)

Cath Kidston don’t just have a gorgeous new range of tote bags they have pretty summer clothes, lush fabrics and all manner of kitch things from phone cases to jewellery. To me Cath Kidston seems such a fundamentally English brand, one that has been around forever but Cath’s company was only set up in 1993! It all began with Cath selling vintage fabircs and wallpapers until she began to develop her own prints and products featureing them. I like to day dream about having a lovely big kitchen filled with Cath Kidston prints and shabby-chic furnature. My dog Sirius would absolutely love one of the dog beds too, he is partial to a nice bit of plush decor.

What do you think of this floral feaste of a bag?


Shoe Saturday: Cool Running Shoes

Amber Rose, Leighton Meester, Kate Bosworth

One thing I have been noticing recently is the adoption of running shoes by celebrities. Not that I think the lovely ladies above are going to the gym in theirs but it does give inspiration for wearing trainers as a fashion item. I hold my hands up, that my trainers are strictly for exercising in, but I may be convinced to give them a try in the style stakes. I particularly like the high-top styles.
My current trainers are a classic pair of Reebok Easytones. I know people have been skeptical about all these toning shoes which have become popular, but anyone who has actually tried them will tell you they do work. They work by creating more resistance when you walk, it is similar to when you walk on the beach, making you legs work harder. It is quite a simple thing really. Of course wearing a pair of these shoes will not replace a gym work out, but you can liken it to wearing ankle weights – a little extra help.

This season Reebok Easy tone have created all sorts of styles and colours, here are some of my top picks.

The original classic design Easytone Reenew in black and silver

These hightops Easytone Freestyle come in a variety of colours but the grey and coral are my favourites. The Easytone Fashion Sandal are a nice summer alternative, with the added sling back strap for extra support.

The Easytone Fusion are skate inspired design, similar to the ones sported by Kate Bosworth above and perfect with jeans. For the more classic trainer design the Easytone Trend is a stylish choice, perfect for Tennis.
What do you think of running shoes as a fashion item?

(Image credits: Ladies trainers Spartoo, celebrities fashionfame.com, thegloss.com, sneakermestupid.com)

A Small Show of my Appreciation for Prada (Warning: contains flashing images)

yNuW1E on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Woop, woop, woop over excitement!! How better to convey it than with flashing images!! Don’t stare at it too long or it makes you feel a bit nauseous. I will put up a much calmer slide show on facebook (come friend me if you already haven’t).
I already talked about the Prada faux fur scarves here, where we were pondering why the scarves / stoles were available in both real and faux fur. I can now tell you that the faux are actually called ‘Eco Stoles’ as in eco-friendy so Miucchia was considerate that some of use would prefer our foxes running around in the wild – only some of us mind.
Anyway, having brought home my pink fluffy lovely my mum decided she needed one too. The lovely Evelina at Sloane St Prada was so helpful sending us lots of photos of colour options. If you shop there I recommend you ask for her. In the end she couldn’t decide so I just ordered her the baby blue and the midnight blue. These were the other two I had favoured when I was in the boutique. I also decided I needed a midnight blue one for myself too – I blame Ashely Olsen looking so good in hers. I know I will live in it come winter, perfect with black. I know, I know it is behaviour like this when you have to wonder about my sanity. But you have to trust me, Im a doctor after all. I have been very well behaved this season, I haven’t obsessed over anything. Then all that obsession came out in one go. So if I just throw some words around like ‘investment buy’ and ‘trophy piece’ that levels it all out right?
Besides, see how happy I am!
Anyone else acting crazy lately, with fashion or life in general?

Walking on Gold Dust

I got this vintage dress months ago, whilst it was still really cold, er pretty much like it is now. These pictures were taken in that 2 weeks of summer we just had which seems a million years away now, as I pull out all my knitwear again.

(Wearing: vintage dress, Vivienne Westwood belt and shoes)

With all these thoughts of cold weather my mind is draw to next autumns collections. I can’t get excited about sandals and neon when all I want is to snuggle into a huge cardigan and swath myself in an oversized scarf.

The collection I am most excited about is the Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. As soon as I saw the gold glitter covered runway I knew this was going to be something special. What unfolded was quite a pair back collection for Westwood, beautifully tailored pieces, skirts in heavy tweed, wool trousers and key knitwear pieces. All set off with statement shoes in gold glitter, sequins and beads. Even if your budget can’t stretch to Westwood this is a really easy look you can likely style from things you already have – Queen Viv would readily encourage this. An old sweater with a pair of tailored trousers – I am sure you can all dig those items out, add a bright pair of socks and clash them with your best heels. You can even update you work wear, who doesn’t have a skirt and a blouse you can style with knee socks and a cheery pair of heels.

A touch of Glam Rock

I can’t wait to see which of the show shoes make it to retail, I have high hopes for a pair of flat loafers in gold sequins and I would rather like a pair of the lace ups in gold glitter and tartan.

Ah well it’s only 4 months till September and until then I will be championing the gold shoes early,


(Images courtesy of viviennewestwood.co.uk and VW facebook page)

Man Wisdom: The Small Things

You would be forgiven for thinking that menswear is plain, formal and a tad stale. Given the fact you can count on one hand the number of men you see on the street in cutting edge fashion. Of course there are the true classically stylish gents, think Tom Ford, who believes shorts should never be worn. The men who head to Saville Row, the laid back chic Italian men ooze, the old school gentry to traditional Scottish dress.

What is exciting now however, are the men who have the age old rules of style and yet are adding fashion forward variations into the mix.

Monogramming a classic leather briefcase is nothing new, however adding clashing colours and a sleek pouch design gives a fresh new approach.

Denim shirts, the corner stone of the Texan tuxedo, have been a long time dated, yet a bleached shirt looks uber modern especially with the style perennials of a navy suit and trench.

Women’s fashion magazines are screaming neon is the thing this season thanks to Christopher Kane and Co, yet it works even better for men. A simple grey cardigan with neon yellow edging screams fashion yet paired with classic tailoring is kept chic.


(Images Tommy Ton for Style.com)

Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots Puzzlement!

As you all should know by now – and if you don’t you can read all about it here – Vivienne Westwood pirate boots are steeped in history.
A Fashion Pearls of Wisdom (FPOW that abbreviation is courtesy of my friend Aimee, I’d never thought of abbreviating it before!) reader Alina and I have been having something of a debate about her pirate boots. I though we should tell you the story and see if anyone can help:
The boots in the photos are Alina’s she bought them vintage and says ‘The seller has told me that they were bought from the store in 2004, but that she was told that they were old stock from before the reissue. Two differences I have noted between your pictures and these boots is that when you look at the insole of the boots, there is no ORB logo where the heel is, everything else is the same, the Vivienne Westwood name is there identically to your boots, but the orb is missing. The other difference is that the heel does not have a rubber layer below the stacked wood heel, but rather it is a leather layer.’ Alina was wondering when they changed the buckles from the rounded ones on her boots and the more square ones on the boots you can buy today.

I said ‘agreed they could be vintage ones from the 80s, but as they have an Orb logo they must have been made after 1987 as this was the year Westwood introduced the orb logo – she modified it from the traditional orb (without the Saturn ring) from the mark used by Harris Tweed, the namesake of the tweed and the collection produced using it. The Pirate collection was in 1981 so they must have been produced for quite sometime before they were discontinued in that case.

The other suggestion is that the first batch of reissued boots may have had the rounder buckles, then they changed them to the square ones and the sales assistant may have been mistaken. I know they reissued them in 1999 – after the Kate Moss effect.’

Any thoughts?
UPDATED: I can now confirm that the first boots reissued up to around 2004 were made with the round buckles, the square buckles are a more recent design alteration.
The original pirate boots from the 80’s do not have orbs and have the Worlds End label – you can see a pair here and on my friend PennyBlossom’s┬á blog here.