Shoes Shopping & Questions About Selling?

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood top, lace skirt, belt & shoes, Steven Harkin Clutch)

This is what I wore to go and meet my friend L in town for a coffee and generally get some fresh air after being stuck inside for so long being ill. On the being ill front I managed to see the practice manager at the Rheum department on Monday, she was great actually once I got hold of her on the phone she had me go right in. I now have confirmation that the problems were caused from side effects and they should ease off once the drug is out of my system. They are not going to start another RA drug yet as they think my Vitamin D deficiency is still causing problems so they want to assess that again in a months time and decide where to go from there. In the mean time I have a new anti-inflammatory drug to try along side a drug which should stop the side effects I had from the other anti-inflams. Anyway boring as this all sounds I hope to be feeling somewhat human again in the next week or so. To add a little cherry on the cake my right wrist has decided to develop a very painful ganglion! I am a walking medical dictionary.

I have to admit as usual I looked a whole lot better than I felt, and had to stay in bed the whole next day to recover. After being on the RA drugs I had forgotten quite how bad it feels not to be on them. Liken a couple of hours drinking coffee and trying on a few pairs of shoes to running a marathon and you are somewhere near. But as I always say there is no point worrying about tomorrow.

As I am sure you will be expecting, the sales are going to be starting soon so this was purely a reconnaissance mission. For once I was the voice of reason and neither of us bought a thing – except some make-up. I have been looking for an eye-liner that doesn’t smudge all over my face by the end of the day and have been recommended to try Mac so I will let you know how that works. I am usually put off Mac because it is always so busy but I needed the damn eye-liner so I risked it. After having them turn down the music so I didn’t have to yell at the SA I came away with my little pot of liner and a new brush. The SA was really helpful so I can’t wait to try it out.

We had a good look around Vivienne Westwood where I finally decided to try on a shirt I had been eying up all season. I knew as soon as I tried it on I would fall in lust with it, but I was very sensible and put it back. Lucky I did as just two days later I got a call saying it was on sale! I have it mail ordered so cannot speak any more of it until I have it safely in my hands in case I jinks it.
We then just went for a look around Selfridges shoe department. We are boycotting Harvey Nics. Why are we boycotting HNs? Well actually it isn’t their fault entirely, but by association. My friend L bought a beautiful Michal Kors bag just 6 months ago, but the screws holding the handle together literally disintegrated! HNs took the bag to have it sent to MK for repair, yet after making her wait 6 weeks she got a phone call saying the bag couldn’t be repaired and she could have a refund. The point was she loved the bag and didn’t want a refund. It would have been very easy to fix too, especially as they still sell the exact same bag on their online store in the USA – we could only find it in other colours in the UK. I just think this is appalling customer service and it has put me off every buying MK. Fortunately L found a gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag in Selfridges – who will fix your item themselves if the manufacturer is unable, so this story has a happy ending.

All the shoes in the pictures are this seasons Prada, I really like the swirled design they have incorporated into their shoes this season. I could never wear the two pairs with the higher heels, they felt very unstable, but that’s why I like to try them on for fun. Check out the Vivienne Westwood wall paper in the photo in the mirror above.

We had to cut through the Arndale shopping center, a place I try and avoid at all costs. Where I was met with the bastard child of Chanel and Lulu Guinness I had to take a snap to show you, I think perhaps it is a clutch bag or possibly a phone!

I am in the process of writing a post on selling tips for car-boots, eBay and Etsy so if you have any questions I might be able to answer just let me know and I will include them in the post.
Have a great week,

I also did an interview for Looknbe this week which you can read HERE

In this post I wore lace, which is the item of the month on EveryBody EveryWear, click the link to see how lots of other bloggers styled their lace piece!

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22 thoughts on “Shoes Shopping & Questions About Selling?

  1. I have just spent more time than I should browsing the Steven Harkin website. Your clutch is so beautiful, a really classy and subtle take on the Lulu Guinness lips design. Although speaking of LG-esque clutches, that silver shiny thing is going to haunt my nightmares! Awful, just awful.

  2. You are a true inspiration of how to cope with pain or illness. You fill your life with beauty and don┬┤t worry about tomorrow.
    You are my hero, dear Pearl.
    Mil besos.

  3. Oh you poor thing, going through the mill like this. You have all my sympathy.

    But I do like your boycott – bad CS deserves a good boycott and that 'bastard offspring' made me laugh! xx

  4. I can't stand Michael Kors, so that doesn't surprise me.

    Sorry to hear you're going through it at the moment, I hope it improves soon. xx

    (My current liquid liner is MAC, on a recommendation, and it's amazing. Could do with it being a little less gloopy, but with practise I can get a good line and it just does not budge!!!)

  5. You look fabulous as per usual (I really love the top), you're a great inspiration to keep on going despite being in so much pain. I really hope that you finally get the right medication to help you. And I am so jealous of your shoe window shopping!

  6. So sorry to hear you are still struggling i hope the meds sort themselves out for you real soon and you start to feel human again. But you are so right you have to keep smiling ;-)) Love your top so lovely and colorful. I am off to read your interview…have a lovely week, dee xx

  7. I just couldnt leave your website before telling you that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors Will be back often to check up on new posts.

  8. Pearl we all know you lovvvve the arndale really! ;)I'm glad you had a nice day out though xx

  9. I love the nude swirly ones. Good ol' Prada. I have to say, I love the eyeliners in the little pots. I splashed out on BeneFit and it's been great – stays on even when my eyes water (which they do, like mad!) You look so wonderful in that top picture, my lovely. Hope you feel better every day xx

  10. Dear Pearl, first of all thank you for leaving your comment on my blog, you know I admire your style so much and to see your visit made my day 🙂

    I hope that soon the doctors will find the special mix of pills so you can feel better, you deserve it for your positivity towards life

    Last but not least, love those Prada shoes! the twirls are hit this season, also in eyewear (it looks amazint)

    xoxo from Argentina

  11. So sorry about your RA acting up, I hope you find a better treatment soon!! I'm lusting after those Prada heels but I'd trip over my own feet and wince in pain if I walked a block!!

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