So Jackie O

The fabulous Jackie O

The people over at Mister Spex said to me, Pearl tell us which pair of sunglasses on our site are your favorite? Sure I said but before I tell you which ones I chose I will tell you a secret. Well maybe it is more of a delusional fantasy, but when I put on a pair of sunglasses I want to feel like a film star. Perhaps it is due to the fact that living Uoop Norf we rarely see the sun so it is a special occasion every time it decides to grace us. Or maybe it stems from my love of dressing up, who didn’t don their dad’s sunglasses as a child and jump around pretending to be a rock star? Anyway I like sunglasses, I love all the different styles, colours, designs around. Each summer there is an ‘IT’ pair and I really feel each style has its own persona. Like aviators for that cool cowboy style, Wayfarers for the indie chic, Prada perspex for the futuristic fashionista and of course the big, black frames for the glamour puss. It is the latter that I always turn to when it comes to choosing sunglasses. I like to hide behind their huge lenses, almost like a mask, I could be anyone, how mysterious. So you can imagine my delight when I finally decided on these Ray-ban’s, to see the model was called ‘Jackie O’, fate I would say!

Ray-ban Jackie Ohh

Will prance around in them for you once they come!

10 thoughts on “So Jackie O

  1. Okay, I just can't seem to leave your blog today.. I've just spent ages on Mister Spex' site, choosing my favourite – my first impulse was a large tortoise shell style that look exactly like the Chanel sunglasses I had bought to order(more than I usually spend on sunglasses) in the late 90s, because everything was teeny tiny then. Guess what: sure enough they were RayBan (always my favourite brand) and also from the Jackie Ohh range.

    I love the ones you choose: black frames are perfect for you with your hair and colouring – I always lean towards tortoise, because my hair is brown with all kinds of sunbleached highlights – and I love the clean design of this post: that black and white photo, then the text, then the sunglasses. As a graphic designer, it's a perfect layout, for a print magazine, book, or ad.

  2. Those are fabulous love the whole Jackie o thing!! The leopard top is really cool also looks great ~Love Heather

  3. You? Posing and prancing?! I'm not having that!!! 😉

    I'm much the same with sunglasses – I want glamour all the way. I flirted with aviators when I had my tiny funky fringe, but now the bigger the better! xx

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