West to the Wood

Here are some of our photo’s from London, unfortunately Jen and I were full of a cold the first day so our other fabulous outfits weren’t documented. Rich described it as hauling around the dead, we were a right state. In fact on the first day we felt so bad we pretty much just camped out in Worlds End, drank gin and took Bechams. This seemed to be a winning combination as we perked up a bit by Sunday, here were are mucking around on Carnaby St. Due to the horrendous colds we didn’t get much chance to do anything we planned or see anyone we had intended. But we did manage to haul home a ton of Westwood and some little treats from Marc Jacobs. Here I am wearing the new dress I bought it is called the ‘Wizard’ dress from this summers Gold Label collection, I also bought the belt too. I bought a fabulous gold ‘Mummy’ cardi and two sets of badges. We got a small but fabulous stash – more photo’s soon.

(We are all wearing Vivienne Westwood except Jen’s skirt which is Prada and vintage sunglasses – Jen’s are Rayban mine are some cheap crap)

As we were walking to the tube from our hotel we saw a bloke who had to have been a body guard standing next to a fancy car. Our presumptions were right as the beautiful, immaculately dresses, sunglasses wearing Jude Law came out to the car. It was nice to actually see a real movie star – I have only ever seen ‘celebrities’ in everyday situations – like Johnny Vegas in the pub and soap stars shopping.

I have more tails but will save them for another post, hope you enjoy the Vivienne Westwood street style posing!

24 thoughts on “West to the Wood

  1. How lovely you all look in your wonderful outfits – I bet people thought you were movie stars! I can't wait to see all your shopping – how ever did you get it all home? I saw Pete Burns on Monday in James Street but Jude Law gets higher points LOL! xxx

  2. Nobody could even imagen that you had a cold. You look so chic and fabulous, and so do your friends.
    Does gin helps with pain and colds???

  3. Fabulous outfits all! Nothing beats Westwood, I was lusting over a netbook case designed by her the other day!! xxx

  4. You hide being ill so well, it's sickening ;D

    Viv's clothes can look very 'costume-y' on some, I love how you make every piece look so natural – it's everyday glamour taken to a whole new level.

  5. Love your dress! I've seen quite a few stars 'on duty' because I lived near a cinema where they had a few premiers. My best spontaneous celebrity spot is John Hannah in a french restaurant, which isn't hugely sexy, though that was in 2001 or 2002 or something when he was better known. Also comedians are obviously everywhere during August in Edinburgh, but they're not really celebrities are they.

  6. Actually, I lie. I was in a tiny bar in Paris with Sofia Coppola once in 2008. Ok, not with her, but there were like 20 people in there in total. Noone else seemed to recognise her so I wasn't 100% sure it was her, but I checked afterwards and it definitely was.

  7. Sorry about your cold but I'm glad it passed so you could have some fun!
    I actually saw Jude Law once as well! 🙂 The funny thing was we looked so normal haha. But in that situation he happened to be casually doing business somewhere I was rather than spotting him outside with the bodyguard and car!
    Loving the Westwood overload though Jen's Prada skirt is rather fabulous.

    Florrie x

  8. Sheer, unadulterated fabulousness. If you are full of 'cold' in that first image than all I can say is that the sunglasses are doing an excellent job – because you look absolutely radiant, and, as mentioned before, fabulous!

  9. Great photos…you both look very well on a cold!
    Good haul as well – love the dress and belt, that colour looks great on you. But, as always, the shoes win out! I fell in love with them when I saw them on you in Manchester!
    Hope the gin's worked its' magic and you 100% now!
    Z xx

  10. Brilliant – I always love seeing photos of your Westwood posse! (you can't tell your sunnies are cheap – I thought they were Raybans!)

  11. Such a bummer to be sick on vacation! Although it looks like it wasn't too bad! (I usually drink tequila to ward off colds…ok not usually…)
    But like I said it looks like you still had an amazing trip!

  12. Superb- I love a bit of viv's designs out and about (VW must be worn on the street, innit), you all look stylish and having a whale of a time!

  13. while i love all of your outfits, Im in love with that prada tshirt! I must have one. where would one be able to purchase such an item? please dont say in my dreams!

  14. You look way too gorgeous to be in the throes of a cold!! I'm dying to know more about your legwear – quite amazing! Hope you're feeling much, much better Pearl:)) xo

  15. @Jessica – its the skirt that is Prada her t-shirt is Vivienne Westwood from last summers Gold Label I have it too. I have seen them pop up on eBay a few times if you keep you eye out. They also do a similar style at Worlds End x

  16. You all look great, shame you didn't feel it! Fancy seeing Jude in the flesh you lucky girl!

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