Man Wisdom: How to Wear Jeans

I was having a conversation with friends the other day about how jeans have become an acceptable ‘smart’ item. Gone are the days when they were only seen as causal wear and you wouldn’t meet night club dress codes wearing them. With this then come many different styling options, no more are jeans the only partner to a t-shirt.

Imran Khan styles his jeans with a shirt and tie, keeping the neck open and breaking it up with a colourful belt for a more causal look. Yet loose the trainers to create a smarter look. David Beckham ever the trend setter works his jeans with an oversized cardigan and scarf, I really think this is such a great look for autumn. The key jean for both these looks is a loose fit, distressed pair such as those from Humor jeans, who also do an awesome drop crotch.

For a different take on blue jeans you can also try a colored jean. Wearing black jeans with a shirt and blazer looks chic, the added detail of a brooch is really creative. For those who are fans of something louder the colour pop jean is a great option, worn with black accessories to keep the look cool and streamlined.No just your average jean right!Pearl


Shoes: My Problem With Flats

I have a problem with flats, well maybe the problem is me. You have heard before that I only have one pair of flats at any given time. You have also heard ( in When you have a Pair of Chanel Ballet Flats, Why Would You Ever Need More Flats?) how this has cause me many dilemmas in the past when said flats have failed!

So I was really delighted to replace my old flats with a cute pair of Jazz shoes, but alas another pair of flats bite the dust for Pearl. In some freak flaw with my shoes the black dye ran into the white leather – as nobody else had returned the shoes we are guessing it was just a fault with my pair. Oh well I was sad to see them go to the big shoe graveyard in the sky, but happy that Chanel replaced them with these babies. They are black leather ballerinas with a gold toe, just the thing for the coming A/W and you know I can never resist a bit gold lame!


New Season Shoes – Zara Hits the Spot

Whilst perusing the new arrivals for A/W I was stopped dead in my tracks by the Zara shoe section. Now I am always a fan of Zara shoes for a High Street fix, there tends to be that one little gem that jumps out at me but this season I would take every single pair!
First up are the faux snakeskin knee boots, the easiest way to update your look this season is with a bit of snakeskin and Zara came up trumps. They also have a yellow and cream ankle boot option in store but not as yet online. These will be perfect with knee length dresses for that 70’s vibe.

Still with the snakeskin, who could resist these colour pop courts, matching oversize clutch bags available. My tip, get the opposite colour clutch to the shoes.

A low cut ankle boot or bootie is the perfect option for pairing with wide leg or cuffed trousers and with detail like this you will want to show them off.

The other stand out trends this season are glitter and Dalmatian print, thanks to Vivienne Westwood and Miu Miu for the former; Topshop Unique and Burberry for the Latter. A simple midi heel is a great way to wear a high octane trend for day, my tip wear with grey ankle socks.

When I saw these peep-toe ankle boots I really was lost for words, like a Givenchy/Christopher Kane inspired hybrid but a design all of their own. The white and bronze give a nod to the 60’s futurism, the perfect partner to a short skirted dress.

What more could you ask for!


Outfit: The Lady Doctor

(Wearing: Chanel jacket and pearls, Vivienne Westwood dress, Prada shoes)Oh dear you can tell when the nights are drawing in, the grey sky’s do not make for good photo’s. Three days of August left and with it we can wave goodbye to the summer. I have already started to pull out warmer and wintery pieces such as this jacket and shoes. Whilst it is nice to revisit old favourites that have been stored away over the summer, I do find it stressful having to re-evaluate my wardrobe once again, summers fail-safes no longer suitable for the weather.
Taking influence from Chanel A/W 2011 

Other than torturing myself over how tight my leather leggings have got, I really enjoy finding fresh ways to wear things I already have stashed in my closet. This season I will be taking influence from Chanel, Largerfeld sent out lots of dark blacks and greys which are always my favourite colours. I can try wearing my classic jacket with turned up trousers and kitten heels, or dress it down with military boots and slouchy socks.

Chanel A/W 2011

Another thing I really like about A/W is the make up. I never wear much in summer but for winter I like to pile it on. Usually in the form of dark lipsticks but this year I couldn’t resist Chanel’s new eye collection Illusion d’ombre. They are little pots of cream to powder eye-shadow packed with shimmer. You can swipe them on sheer for day or build and layer them up for a dramatic evening look. The runway models wore Epatant a greeny-grey, whilst I chose Illusoire a mauve-grey and Mirifique which is black. As always the nail colours are amazing too I am wearing Graphite a silver-gold iron-filing-like colour, I also picked up Peridot which is a golden-green which shimmers like beetle wings and there is Quartz a champaige-browny-gold which is very pale. These are going to fly off the shelves so I would be quick to snap them up.

I am preparing for winter early I know but it is so cold up North, especially at night. I already bought a new coat and will share it with you soon, next on my list is a nice pair of boots, is it too early to put my fire on?


Halston Glow-in-the-Dark Dress

Here you can see the subtle green glowAs I was browsing through the new arrivals on NAP for some new season inspiration, one thing really caught my eye. This Glow-in-the-Dark dress!! That right thanks to Halston you can be disco fabulous in this one sleeve sequin number and still find you way to the loo when you get home feeling a bit squiffy! Or even better no scrabbling around for your frock when it is lost inside your wardrobe.

Shoe Saturday: Maki Uehara

As soon as I first laid eyes on the shoe designs by Maki Uehara I was drawn in hook, line and sinker. She combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with quirky Japanese design. What drew me into the Tokyo designers shoes were the unique styles, yet with a very classic, wearable base.

Naomi, Nako

Sumie, Asumi

I think all of the styles I have shown here would be a perfect A/W upgrade to any wardrobe, also note the ridged, rubber soles for perfect grip on slippery wet streets. The hardest thing would be choosing just one!


(Images: Spartoo Shoes)

I am Not Recycling, I am Wearing

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Worlds end Dress, VW socks, bag, belt, VW+Melissa shoes)

You have seen this dress before, it is my favourite, I intend to buy it in a billion colours. But you know what, I AM NOT RECYCLING! I am just normal, wearing something more than once. Is it just me or are you all sick of hearing that term in the magazines? Especially in regards to Kate Middleton, so she wears her dresses more than once, really is it a crime? I applaud her restraint actually because if I were a princess I would be demanding haute couture.


Review: Fauve Lingerie

Lingerie Please asked me if I would like to review any of their products, as I have previously enjoyed working with them I happily agreed. I chose this set ‘Mia’ by Fauve. The bras come in either a padded or unpadded style and the knickersoption a thong.This set caught my eye for the pretty black lace with the plum ribbon detailing. The set is beautifully made and has lovely details like the little bow and bead detailing on the front of both the bra and knickers, with one also hidden on the back of the knickers.The lingerie was a good fit, I would say the bra size are slightly on the generous side – fastening on the tightest clip for me. So if you are between sizes I would go for the smaller option. The cup fit was true to size. I find some lace underwear can be uncomfortable, but this was not one of them, the lace was very soft against the skin to wear. Fauve was not a brand I had been familiar with before but it is certainly one I will be coming back to again.

I really love to wear pretty underwear, I always find you feel confident even if you are wearing casual clothes over the top.Lingerie Please has some lovely undies, something to suit all price ranges and my favourite – back seemed stockings, I would really recommend checking them out.Pearl

Summer in Manchester

Rich and I felt the need to illustrate just how cold summer in Manchester has been, courtesy of matching peach puffer jackets in TK Maxx! I could have laid down and slept in that coat it was like a soft, snugly sleeping bag!

Things have been hectic this week as apart from a few tweaks my new blog is almost ready to go live!

Exciting times,


Outfit: From Gold Label to Red Transition of a Design

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label cardi, necklace and bag, Anglomania ‘Sword’ trousers and VW+Melissa ‘Skyscraper shoes’)

This was just a casual outfit to go for tea in China Town, we love Wasabi. I was met with the demand ‘Are you wearing new season???’ from Rich, ‘No, its Gold Label from years ago actually’ we headed with Rich still undecided if he was more in a rage as he thought I had gone buying Westwood without him, or that I had a piece of Gold Label he hadn’t seen (read allocated for stealing).

(Rich wears: VW Gold Label cardi, ‘Nebula’ top and bag, MAN trousers and shoes)

I though you guys would like a nice tourist shot in China Town, a couple of new gift shops, one laden with Hello Kitty have cropped up. I will be taking Florrie there soon, I am sure of it. I wore the Skyscraper shoes which I have to say were really comfy, but after quite a lot of walking around I started to feel like I had whip-lash in my ankles, I am not sure if it was the deceptively high heel or my rheumatoid arthritis playing up so I need someone else to tell me how they have gotten on with them! Speaking of shoes how much do you want Rich’s brogues?? One thing that infuriates me about Westwood mens shoes is that they don’t come in smaller sizes. This season they have a blue velvet slipper that pains me every time I see it, so beautiful, I am trying to talk all my male friends into buying them so I can live vicariously through them. My friend Chris would look amazing in them (should he be reading).

Vivienne Westwood Red Label A/W 2011

Anyway back to the Red/ Gold Label confusion. Vivienne Westwood has four main clothing lines, Gold Label is the demi-couture mainline which Vivienne designs herself, then there is Red Label which features more tailoring and Anglomania which more casual and MAN for menswear. All the sister collections feature elements from the Gold Label which diffuse a few seasons later. Many designs are made more mainstream and appeal to the mass market, however they can always be styled up in more extreme ways, such as they are in the runway shows. I have noted before that those who do not understand the brand (ehem reviewers) have difficulty visualising the collections off the runway. In fact when you walk into a Westwood store (apart from Worlds End) you are met with more classic tailoring and suiting than you are the wild pieces.

Gold Label Greek design

There are always difference between the Gold Label originals and the Red Label diffusion’s, mainly the GL will have been twice the price due to it being made in limited numbers and higher quality materials with elements being handmade. The Red Label is more affordable and produced in higher numbers. Here you can see the script incorporated into the design has been altered. In the GL it reads ‘Active Resistance’ whilst on the RL it reads ‘Red Label’ and ‘Westwood’.

Red Label Greek design

I always find it interesting how they do this, in this case I can see that the more obvious branding will appeal more to the mass market than political slogans. I really like so much of this seasons Red Label lots of knits and tartans. I will leave you with the original design in the Gold Label collection, one of my all time favourites.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label A/W 2006