I am Not Recycling, I am Wearing

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Worlds end Dress, VW socks, bag, belt, VW+Melissa shoes)

You have seen this dress before, it is my favourite, I intend to buy it in a billion colours. But you know what, I AM NOT RECYCLING! I am just normal, wearing something more than once. Is it just me or are you all sick of hearing that term in the magazines? Especially in regards to Kate Middleton, so she wears her dresses more than once, really is it a crime? I applaud her restraint actually because if I were a princess I would be demanding haute couture.


21 thoughts on “I am Not Recycling, I am Wearing

  1. Yes, I agree. Recycling and vintage fashion being green are just the latest buzz words in the fashion press. it's been going on for years (decades) of course.

  2. Ha, yes, I AM sick of hearing it. The whole Kate M is getting really boring, actually, but that one has been winding me up lately.

    I love that dress. It was made to be worn by you…! xx

  3. That is a beautiful dress, the fit is perfect. I bought a Monday blouse and the neckline is so well cut and really flattering, it is my first piece of Westwood amazingly! Re the recycling, can you imagine how difficult it is wearing something different for every special occasion and not being aware of any nuances of the look – does it crease, does it ride up when you sit etc etc. I think it is great to feel the cost per wear of an item is reasonable even though it cost a fortune in the first place x

  4. Hear hear! Or should that be 'Here here!'?
    Anyways, I was wearing vintage donkeys years ago when it was know as secondhand!
    And as for KM…when I was at Katrines', we used to remodel a certain lady's clothes, including some stuff that was (a) from other design sources and (b) her ex-maternity wear. No name, no packdrill; but it was never jumped on by the media, as far as I know, not like the 'journos' nowadays, they just seem to be grabbing at straws for an article. Scum!
    Z xx

  5. i don't understand how it can be classed as recycling if all you are doing is re-wearing something you own. stupid! re-styling? maybe.

  6. I agree – the terms gets thrown around a bunch as if it were something novel but it just describes behavior that is perfectly routine for generations upon generations of people. Also, LOVE that dress on you!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Yeah, it's total bollocks! Buying something and only wearing it once is silly no matter how famous or not you are. Plus, I guarantee that most famous folk wear the same old shit over and over on quite non pap-tastic days. That Kate takes some schtick. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of her frumpy style, but she always seems likeable and it sucks that it's evidently now time to hate on her having built her up. How V British.

  8. you look so fabulous in that dress, i'm not surprised you want more of them!
    Magazines have a job to do I guess, which is spread BS to get us to buy more. I have worn my favourite items so often. I don't care if anyone notices I'm wearing that piece again.

  9. Gawd,I know! Recycling,pah!It's just wearing something you love….again and again…who cares!
    Love this outfit,you look fierce!!xxx

  10. That dress is soo blooming foxy! The constant press attention of what Kate wears (or continues to wear) is getting a bit tiresome …she's either too skinny, too bland, wearing the same thing again. I wouldn't mind but her style is really normal not outstanding. xx

  11. Crazy isn't it, I'd like enough clothes to never have to wear something twice but I am sure even if that were the case, there would be pieces I loved and would want to wear again.

  12. Isn't it just what normal people do? I don't have that many clothes – if I only wore things once then I'd be either naked all the time or bankrupt!

    KM doesn't annoy me at all – I like the girl – but the way the media are portraying her is doing my head in. "Style icon" "OMG not a style icon anymore" Err, did she ever put herself forward as one? No. And given that she has to be quite sensible and restrained in her choices, she was never going to be the big trendsetter they all wanted her to be.

  13. Ha ha – yes indeed – I think our grandparents would have simply called it what it is: getting plenty of wear out of our clothes! And talking of plenty of wear – my goodness, if I owned this dress I'd be wearing it every day. It looks fabulous on you.

  14. WHAT a sock-shoe combination!! I applaud you, those knee-highs have made my day 😀

    I completely agree with the silliness of prasising people for wearing something (gasp!) more than once. I personally make myself envision three different outfits I can create BEFORE I buy a new item; better for the purse, the guilt of buying new things and my creativity!


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