Outfit: Chanel Clogs Make an Appearance

(Wearing: Chanel clogs, belt, bag, vintage dress)

Just a quick little outfit post today since it has taken me all day to upload just one photo, bad blogger misbehaving again. I am now trying to figure out who these people on Celebrity Big Brother actually are?? This isn’t what I wore today, as it is absolutely freezing up here but

the other day when it wasn’t too chilly.

I actually wear these Chanel clogs (from S/S 2010) all the time but they never seem to end up in that many blog photo’s. They are so comfy, love ’em!! The dress was one intended for my Etsy shop but I decided to snaffle it back! It is one of those great dress which can be styled up for all seasons. Would love to show you another photo but blogger is just not complying!

So in the spirit of Big Brother, which bloggers would you like to see in the house if they ever did a Blogger BB?


N.B If you don’t know what BB is, it is a TV show where a bunch of “celebrities” are forced to live together in a house, erm yeah that’s it really!

14 thoughts on “Outfit: Chanel Clogs Make an Appearance

  1. That dress is so pretty on you, I'm glad you decided to keep it.
    I haven't watched CBB 'cos I know I'll get addicted once I start.
    If there was a blogger BB I'd like to be in it with you, then I could pinch all your shoes. x

  2. Pearl this dress was made for you – a perfect fit and really lovely, I especially like the cap sleeves and the button up collar. A great outfit for a miserable August day!

  3. haha a Bloggers BB. That would be cool. They would have to bring all their clothes and then they could do a swap. It could be like BB meets Wife Swap or Trading Spouses or whatever.

  4. Gah that belt is killing me!! I know what you mean about those fab clogs, I have two maxi skirts that I wear a hell of a lot but I haven't even taken pics of them yet. Well hon, you would have to be there so I could serve you hot soup on your pain-days and I could get pretty roudy with Vix, Helga, Sarah, La Dama, Jennie, Veshoevius, Sacramento, Lakota and I would love to give Terri squeezes all day long. What a mix!! xoxo

  5. Thats an interesting question, you, Kate from MDS, as she and I have a lot in common (lol) Ruth from Wildernesschic, she is scream, Christina from Fashions Most Wanted as her stories are so interesting, Becca from Smashingbird for a catch up and her sister Snowy Stylista because I miss being able to talk fashion with her on a regular basis since she moved away x

  6. Hi my dear-great question, I'd love to meet you, Christina, Vix, Smashing Bird, Mrs Fab-I already know Kate, Wendy, Liz and Margaret!! Well done on snaffling your dress back, it looks fabulous! Have a good weekend xxxx

  7. I almost bought that dress!! I tried to once, actually, but PayPal wasn't working. I have a very similar style in hot pink – you may have inspired me to wear it today…
    As for Bloggers BB – you, Kate, Penny D, Vix and Odd Socks Alex. No question. xx

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