Outfit: The Lady Doctor

(Wearing: Chanel jacket and pearls, Vivienne Westwood dress, Prada shoes)Oh dear you can tell when the nights are drawing in, the grey sky’s do not make for good photo’s. Three days of August left and with it we can wave goodbye to the summer. I have already started to pull out warmer and wintery pieces such as this jacket and shoes. Whilst it is nice to revisit old favourites that have been stored away over the summer, I do find it stressful having to re-evaluate my wardrobe once again, summers fail-safes no longer suitable for the weather.
Taking influence from Chanel A/W 2011 

Other than torturing myself over how tight my leather leggings have got, I really enjoy finding fresh ways to wear things I already have stashed in my closet. This season I will be taking influence from Chanel, Largerfeld sent out lots of dark blacks and greys which are always my favourite colours. I can try wearing my classic jacket with turned up trousers and kitten heels, or dress it down with military boots and slouchy socks.

Chanel A/W 2011

Another thing I really like about A/W is the make up. I never wear much in summer but for winter I like to pile it on. Usually in the form of dark lipsticks but this year I couldn’t resist Chanel’s new eye collection Illusion d’ombre. They are little pots of cream to powder eye-shadow packed with shimmer. You can swipe them on sheer for day or build and layer them up for a dramatic evening look. The runway models wore Epatant a greeny-grey, whilst I chose Illusoire a mauve-grey and Mirifique which is black. As always the nail colours are amazing too I am wearing Graphite a silver-gold iron-filing-like colour, I also picked up Peridot which is a golden-green which shimmers like beetle wings and there is Quartz a champaige-browny-gold which is very pale. These are going to fly off the shelves so I would be quick to snap them up.

I am preparing for winter early I know but it is so cold up North, especially at night. I already bought a new coat and will share it with you soon, next on my list is a nice pair of boots, is it too early to put my fire on?


18 thoughts on “Outfit: The Lady Doctor

  1. I absolutely adore the transistion from season to season, rather like when I was back at school it feels like a whole fresh new start. New clothes (or re-found old ones) and new styling. It's like a chance to do anything you want differently and apply the material change to the rest of your life.

    I adore your grey jacket I can imagine that will get a lot of wear in the colder months (a.k.a about 3/4 of the year where I am haha) I also love your shoes.

    Leather leggings are one of my upmost favourite winter pieces there's nothing better to be than a leather legging, gorgeous ankle boot and tailored coat -dreams-

    Thanks for reminding me how exciting this time of year is! I just know you'll be styling out Autumn/winter to perfection!


  2. your jacket is stunning. I adore how chic Chanel catwalk looks are. I'd love a Chanel suit one day but I would be to scared of spoiling it to wear it anywhere.
    I must look to the a/w catwalk for inspiration. My wintery clothes seem so awful. I have no idea what I can do with them yet.

  3. love the whole ensemble, especially those prada shoes. I've officially given up on seeing any summer weather and I am purchasing new fall attire by the bucket load! (must stop soon though, running out of closet space)Would love to see your leather leggings, im still n the hunt for the perfect pair!

  4. Always so stunning and stylish, Pearl.
    We have gone from 40┬║ to 35┬║ so something is something. I am quite sick of it…All day in the A/C.

  5. Definitely too early to put the fire on! Wait till September!

    (says she, sitting here in a giant hoody and big fluffy socks. It is so COLD!)

    I love that jacket so much. Can't wait to see some of your takes on the runway looks. I bet some of your VW stuff will work perfectly with it.

  6. I love your jacket. I also love the Chanel AW11 collection. I have been so colkd today and considering putting the heating on!

  7. Oh I love this look and the Chanel pictures!! I don't normaly wear makeup but my hubby took me to the bobbi brown store and got me all hooked up so now I have all sorts of things to try out! I am like a little girl in her Mums Makeup bag hehehe Ugh tight weather already oh well I am guessing though you have some cute tights in your wardrobe… if ya have to wear them might as well make it fun! Its been in the high 90'sF to the 100'sF here I am not sure if it will ever be cool enough here for tights? ~Love Heather

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