Shoes: My Problem With Flats

I have a problem with flats, well maybe the problem is me. You have heard before that I only have one pair of flats at any given time. You have also heard ( in When you have a Pair of Chanel Ballet Flats, Why Would You Ever Need More Flats?) how this has cause me many dilemmas in the past when said flats have failed!

So I was really delighted to replace my old flats with a cute pair of Jazz shoes, but alas another pair of flats bite the dust for Pearl. In some freak flaw with my shoes the black dye ran into the white leather – as nobody else had returned the shoes we are guessing it was just a fault with my pair. Oh well I was sad to see them go to the big shoe graveyard in the sky, but happy that Chanel replaced them with these babies. They are black leather ballerinas with a gold toe, just the thing for the coming A/W and you know I can never resist a bit gold lame!


13 thoughts on “Shoes: My Problem With Flats

  1. Great to know that Chanel will replace in that sort of situation – and rightly so given how much they cost. These are really cute and a great wardrobe classic.

  2. I have a problem with flats. My problem is that I'm unlikely to ever be able to get my mitts on these incredible Chanel treasures!!!!! They are amazing and I love them on you! xo

  3. They are so beautiful. Despite having many pairs of heels I pretty much live in flats. I definitely need some like this.

  4. Those are great replacements! Not too shabby at all. I have to wear heels more often. I wore my Michael Kors, which were my most comfy heels and got blisters! Im out of foot shape haha.

  5. Chanel are brilliant with repairs and replacement etc. They actually offered me a refund or exchange but I needed a pair of flats so got an exchange.

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