LFW: Dans la Vie S/S12

‘Clash Beauty – My Pop Madonna’

Dans la Vie by Rira Sugawara S/S12

Dans la Vie meaning ‘A start in life’ is Rira Sugawara’s line launched A/W 11, making S/S12 her second collection. The Japanese designer has a love of prints and created four distinct designs to show in London this season. The collection theme was formed from the aftermath of the Tokyo earthquake, it developed to include Madonnas, watching over and overcoming the the disaster. The first print ‘Camouflage Madonna’ was created by alternating stripes of a green Madonna with a red flower on yellow back ground. These pieces were accompanied down the runway with Madonnas ‘Like a Prayer’. Next was ‘Red Angel’ introduced with Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’, a dusky pink with cherubs holding huge flower petals. ‘Rose Madonna’ an intricate print of Madonna watching over tiny angels hard at work amongst pearls, hearts and pink roses, was viewed whilst ‘Only Girl’ by Rhianna played out loud. The final print ‘City Tokyo’ had a more solemn feel, darker in colour with yellow flowers against images of the city streets, repeated Madonnas watching over, as the collection finished amid Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’.

Whilst the underlying tone of the collection evokes sad memories of that day in March when disaster struck, the message of hope and protection was not lost. These beautifully constructed garments in bright colours and sumptuous fabrics reminded us all that life goes on.

I have to say this was on of my absolute favourite collections, whilst I am always a fan of print the details can sometimes be lost or the garment over taken, not here, not at all. The prints and designs worked in perfect harmony. Each look instantly desirable, I could have reached out and taken each piece, hurried it away home. Skirts were full, carried by tulle underskirts, waists nipped in, jackets cropped with matching shorts. There were also handbags, huge tote and oversize clutches perfectly complementing the garments but also envisonable as perfect statement pieces alone.

FPOW +TK Maxx for LFW

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  1. Wow, I love this collection! Especially the first ones. They work so well against the carved wooden background of the location! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment! Glad you liked the cards! Hope you are having a lovely day- the sun is out!!!!

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