Shoe Saturday: New EMU Winter Slippers

As I mostly work from home I wear slippers a lot of the time, in fact I used to keep a pair under my desk when I worked in the city. Having dogs trail mud all over my carpets and chasing them up and down the garden, my slippers take a lot of abuse. Regular £10 a pair slippers last me about three weeks, I feel like I am constantly buying them. So I decided it would be worth investing in a really good quality pair. I toyed with going for the UGG Australia ones as I do favour their boots, but at half the price I thought I would give these EMU ones from Spartoo a go.

EMU Jolie slippers

The sheepskin is very thick and they are very warm and cosy. They have a good grip – useful for when your dog empties his water bowl all over the laminate floor. I like the grey suede and they fit true to size. The only thing that I was surprised about was that the sole is not as soft as I was expecting. I thought for slippers they would have used a softer, more cushioned sole but it is rather firm just like you would expect for out door boots. I have only had them for two days so I will have to report back about how well they wear, but I am pleased with them.

Have you tried any sheepskin slippers?


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