The Lilly: Lilly Pulitzer

(Wearing: vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, vintage necklace)
I went out for a days shopping with my favourite girls Florrie and Emma and came back with the grand total of two pairs of socks. Sale socks for 50p each! Surprising for me yes I know but I was very ill and I guess just enjoying the company of my friends. I remember seeing a corner of this dress in Cow vintage and thinking the print looked cute, but I didn’t even bother pulling it out to take a closer look.

Emma had tried on a pretty purple dress right at the start of the day, but decided to wait and see if she saw anything else before buying it. At the end of the day, having thought it over she decided to go back and get it – but forgot until they were on the train home! Cue a frantic text to me to go back and rescue the dress. A couple of days later I had time to go get Emma’s dress and had a little look around Cow whilst I was there, this bright floral print called out to me again so I grabbed it on the way to the till along with another dress. It was only ┬ú20 for the two, I didn’t even bother trying them on, so it was to my delight when I got them home that not only did they both fit beautifully but the floral one was Lilly Pulitzer!

The print is actually very neon, that doesn’t show up on these photo’s which is a shame as it is wonderful!

If you don’t know all that much about Lilly here is a wonderful article on an exhibition of her dresses, most from personal collections. Here some of their owners share their love of Lily (Click the images to enlarge).



13 thoughts on “The Lilly: Lilly Pulitzer

  1. i was out from the blogsphere, and here you are! your new blog is stunnig, and i totally love your floral dress!
    i will be back soon with a new post, i miss a lot to bloggin’!
    many kisses,

  2. Oh wow, you found that in Cow?! I haven’t been in for ages though when I do it’s either with people who know me rwell because I can guarantee that I’ll be in for over an hour, pour over every section (even the men’s) and then try on half the shop. I think their pricing for some of the items is a bit high – for example I saw, in the dress section, an ancient St Michael’s little girls summer dress, actually one of the same designs that I had worn to primary school, it was a bit tatty and they were trying to sell it for ┬ú25! But sometimes I find little gems, and sometimes designer stuff like you have! I must visit soon, and the rest of the Northern Quarter!

  3. That dress is so pretty and I just adore the happy and colourful flowers.
    I’m sure you look like sunshine in it. I fancy your necklace too.
    Warmly hope you are well. Have not been here for a few weeks. Love the changes. xx

  4. I wondered why you hadn’t posted recently. I didn’t realised you’d changed addresses! The blog looks fabulous and I love that dress, gorgeous print. Wearing opaques and black boots with it is just perfect. x

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