Outfit: Drop Crotch Jeans

(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Red Label jacket, Gold Label Bondage boots and belt, Anglomania + Lee jeans)

I am not usually a jeans person, in fact I don’t really like denim all that much. What I do like are Vivienne Westwood drop crotch trousers hence the reason I just had to snap up these Lee collaboration jeans. I also got another pair in camo print which I have worn loads but don’t seem to have taken any outfit photos of, will have to rectify that soon. I have had this jacket for years, I remember when I first got it – I was three sizes smaller then so it looked even more exaggerated, people would stop and stare at me in the street. Big shoulders were not your every day occurrence as they are now thanks to Balmain, you certainly wouldn’t have seen a shoulder pad on the high street. Must have had it about six years now, doesn’t time fly!


5 thoughts on “Outfit: Drop Crotch Jeans

  1. Hi my dear-what a gorgeous outfit, I love how Viviennes clothes transcend seasons, even decades-your jacket is pure timeless class and I adore those trousers xx

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