Street Style: Before Inbar

Before the Inbar Spector S/S12 show I spotted the designers team piling out of cars, many wearing looks from her last collection. I cannot express how much I loved this collection all black and zippered. I was quick enough to catch one of the girls for a photo. You can see the Inbar Spector website for her past collections and her latest collection will be by next post.

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

Its Knitwear Season

I think we have done decidedly well with the weather so far this winter, in fact we are five degrees warmer this November than last year. I have managed to avoid my thick winter clothing and get away with just a warmer coat or light cardigan. It wasn’t going to last long though and this week has seen the temperature drop and that traditional November chill is in the air. Time to pull out our heavy coats, hats and gloves. This season has seen a real embrace of knitwear from the fashion industry, so no more boring old threadbare jumpers from last year, its time to embrace the new knits. As money is tight around Christmas here are some on trend but very affordable pieces of knitwear from Joe Browns and styling tips on how to look chic this winter.

When Alexander Wang brought loose fitting sports wear to the runways he caused something of a storm. No more are sweaters and jogging pants reserved for the gym. He added chunky heels and messy hair for a glam-casual look. I would pair this Sloppy Joe Sweater with a pair of grey jogging pants or leather leggings, a pointed court shoe and a statement necklace for casual cool.

Cable knit jumpers made a huge come back last year after Alexa Chung stepped out in an over-sized Aran cardi. This Textured Knit and Scarf set makes accessorising easy  and worn with a fitted pencil skirt makes it work friendly too. The cropped sleeves make it perfect for layering with either a long sleeve t-shirt below or a blazer over the top.

For the highest of high fashion labels Givenchy and Balenciaga to adorn their jumpers with animals, it must mean your dodgy old Xmas sweater has now gained serious style credentials. This Quirky Cat Sweater adds a dash of glam and a lot of fun to your outfit. I especially like that it has a bow detail on the back. By far the easiest piece to dress up with heels or down with jeans, it will be your go-to item this season.

Finally knitwear isn’t just reserved for sweaters oh no, these Crazy Alpine Leggings will not only keep you snug but add a welcome dash of colour to those grey days. Teamed with sneakers, snow boots or heels this is a very versatile piece!

How will yo be keeping chic in the chill this winter?

Marni to design the next H&M collection!


Move over Versace, now this is something I can get excited about. Marni’s signature block colours, prints and distinctive shapes are right up my street!

H&M is proud to announce a spring designer collaboration with the Italian brand Marni. Famed for its original prints and inventive spirit, Marni is one of fashionÔÇÖs most-loved labels, and its Founder and Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni has created for H&M a spring collection for both women and men which capture the essence of Marni. Available from March 8, 2012 in around 260 stores worldwide and online, the collection features both clothing and accessories all at H&MÔÇÖs prices, meaning everyone will have the chance to enter MarniÔÇÖs world.

ÔÇ£I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints. As always, I love juxtaposing prints and colours, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic adding sporty utilitarian elementsÔÇØ. Consuelo Castiglioni, Founder and Creative Director.

ÔÇ£We all love the collection here at H&M and we believe that our customers will do the same. Marni has such a modern touch with everything they do, mixing prints and accessories in a playful but chic way. ItÔÇÖs fantastic to see how Consuelo Castiglioni coordinates her designs, matching new combinations of print and colour, with such incredible craftsmanship behind every piece. The collection will arrive in stores at just the perfect time, as a lovely statement for springÔÇ£. Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor H&M.

Marni is a label that sticks to its own path, setting its own trends for print, cut and silhouette that are always playful and elegant. Marni has remained a family owned-business as it has grown to become an international luxury brand with stores around the world.

MarniÔÇÖs collection for H&M has all the freedom and experimentation for which the label is renowned, with all-over prints in strong colours all intended to be worn together in layers that both match and clash. For women, the colours are vivid and the prints are bold, be they African inspired or simpler colour blocks. The silhouettes are all Marni staples, with full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped trousers and jacquard knit, and fabrics range from silk to crisp cotton poplin. To finish the complete look the collection also includes jewellery, shoes, bags and scarves.

For men, the colours and fabrics are softened for a relaxed take on menswear staples that is truly Marni. The use of print is subtle, often as a lining or as a contrast detail for shirts, the silhouette a modern and relaxed take on masculine classics. The Marni collection is the latest designer collaboration for H&M, which has previously collaborated with brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, and most recently Versace.

Courtesy of H&M

So will you be after a piece of the action?

Fancy Flat?

After all my talk about flats Ive been hankering after a new pair myself. I couldn’t resist this gorgeous ‘Quinala’ leopard print pair by Guess, which I ordered from Spartoo. It was a hard choice as the site has so many gorgeous shoes. They are a cool leo print with black patent trim and buckle detail on the front. One thing I really like about animal prints is that whilst they are quite a statement they are really versatile and go with everything.


Shoe Saturday: How to Wear Evening Flats

Pixie Lott, Nicole Richie

With Christmas and New Years fast approaching Ive had a few questions about party wear so I will be dedicating a couple of post to the topic. One thing I did want to go into are some ways to wear flat shoes to an evening event. Now you all know I am a heels girl at heart but sometimes that just isn’t possible for whatever reason. Such as during pregnancy, illness or just because you aren’t a flats kind of girl! I have to admit I always feel a bit odd wearing heels to a house party so have been reaching for my flats more often. Many people worry that flats just aren’t dressy enough but that simply isn’t true, especially with the great choice of flats out there at the moment.

You can use shoes to dress up your outfit, a pair of Glitter flats will add instant glam to any look be it a simple dress or pair of wide leg trousers. I think with a statement shoe like this you can either keep the rest of the outfit simple or wear with a vibrant print for a striking effect. I have my eye on a pair of these which I will wear with vintage dresses as I love a contrast.

If you want your dress or jewllery to be the focal point of your outfit then a pair of Classic flats will work wonderfully. Nicole Richie above demonstrates  this well with her bright dress and statement sunglasses the shoes take a back seat in this look but keep it polished.

If you want something in between full on and plain then a pair of Embellished flats might be for you. Pixie Lott pairs hers with a chic little black dress and an oversized blazer, which looks perfectly smart yet playful and ready to party.

A way I like to dress up my flats is to add a pair of coloured tights. Either with a little black dress like the Saturdays girls or with a matching or contrasting print they give extra dimension to an outfit.

(Image credits:Saturdays, Nicole, Pixie, Womens Shoes)

Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Know Sh*t About Vintage

Vivienne Westwood ‘Deep Sky Blazer’, Mini Crini 1985

Due to the amount of comments I received on my post regarding Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair I wanted to address a few issues raised. For the record I published and replied to every comment except those which I felt were not at all productive to our discussion and were little more than a torrent of swear words. I have some young readers and I do not find it appropriate for them to have to see that kind of thing. I think it is great that so many of you are passionate about vintage and that we can all leave our opinions and suggestions and really debate this kind of thing.

Firstly I just want to clarify my disappointment with the fair was that from their website I was led to believe I was going to a barginous event where I could find vintage pieces up to 75% less than I could in high street vintage shops. I personally love the 80s all bright coloured polyester dresses and huge gold-tone blingy jewellery. I tend to pay any thing from ┬ú3 to ┬ú25 for an 80s frock depending on quality and condition etc so thought that I could get something nice for my budget of ┬ú30. I didn’t set out looking for a rare 1920s beaded gown for that price.

As I said in the original post, I appreciate how hard it is for traders and that they have high over heads to cover, but surely they went to the fair knowing how it was being advertised. If their stock didn’t fit in with the company ethos surely choosing to sell at another fair would have been wiser. I didn’t go through every single item at the fair and check its price. As I said none of the items that appealed to me seemed particularly cheap, yet┬á if I had seen something I absolutely loved at a fair price I would have bought it regardless.

Just because I didn’t want to spend money on a ‘quality’ vintage piece that day doesn’t mean I am ignorant of what else is out there. It does not mean that the fair was stocked with beautiful pre-50s pieces which were highly priced due to their rareness and that I did not appreciate their value.

You may or may not agree with me, but we are all entitled to our opinions.

Chanel 2.55 Handbag circa 1955

White mini-dress, 1960s

Printed dress, 1980s

Floral shirt, 1980s

St Michael belt, 1980s

Crystal Frog Bangle, 1980s

Vintage comes in all shapes and sizes, nobody owns the term ‘Vintage’ it is not a brand. Therefore its definition can vary, it can mean different things to different people. I chose to display some of my favourite vintage pieces in this post to demonstrate this. These days anything older than the 1990s can be classed as vintage. I really don’t see why it matters, at the end of the day they are all just old clothes. I collect such old clothes, I also collect old clothes from the 2000’s. Prada 2007 is a particular favourite. I am not a vintage snob, if I like something I place a value on it in my head of what it is worth to me.

The Westwood blazer and Chanel bag to me are priceless. They are both museum pieces. Yet they mean something to me because of their fashion history and I wear them regardless of what price a museum curator may place on them. In fact to another they may just be old junk. I equally like this 1960s dress, I like the shape and the fabric. It is impressive due to its age that it is still so immaculate. The 1980s dress might not be as valuable, if we place say ┬ú50 on the 1960s dress then the 80s one surely comes in much lower. I didn’t pay a lot for it but I took it home, fixed the hem and loose seems, I hand stitched the corsage to the front to conceal an age old stain. Doing all this increased its value because it increased its saleability but it also increased its value to me due to the love and care I gave it. The floral print blouse is the worst quality polyester material, it makes my hair static when I wear it. I guess we could say it is worth about ┬ú5? The belt is leather, it is a nice quality belt but what is it worth? Personally I think I paid about 50p for it.

I specifically wanted to include this frog bangle, it is a big and bold 1980s piece, yet it is in perfect condition, not a stone missing or a flaky area of gold. It was the last thing I purchased from a vintage fair, at Manchester’s Vintage Threads. This is my favourite vintage fair, it has things from every era and is what I call affordable – something for every budget. I paid ┬ú20 for my bracelet, which I think it a fair price. It has little intrinsic value, but I liked it.

So when I get comments like ‘U dont no sh*t about vintage’ I will delete them, they are not productive to this blog, they are valueless like a moth eaten rag. I know quite a lot about vintage, I have a PhD part of which I specialised in analysing ancient Egyptian textiles. 3,000 years old you don’t get more vintage than that! But what I do or don’t know about vintage was never the point of my original post, it was about something being misleading in its advertising, yet maybe that wasn’t what some people wanted to read.

Dream Sequence

I was just going through some more of my photos from London Fashion Week – Honestly I have hundreds – when I found this one Florrie took of me. I haven’t edited it as I really like the dreamy feel to it, the way the light is falling. I am always day dreaming. I think the best place to have your head is in the clouds, so long as you feet are on the ground. This was such a fun day, I am wearing pink eye shadow, a fashion show freebie from the Body Shop, I don’t think I had ever tried pink eye shadow before. I had just bought that had, a random find in Convent Garden. I will probably never wear it again, but on that day, with that outfit it was perfect. I love things like that.


Street Style: Behind the Lens – Photographers Special #3

…The girls

A superb lesson is layering and colour,

How to be effortlessly cool and comfortable,

Patent red Miu Miu’s are the cherry on this preppy look.

We’ve seen the guys now its time for the girls, these were some of the chicest lady snappers courting Somerset House.

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW