Chanel takes over Harrods

During September Chanel took over Harrods. Gone were the trademark green flags and in their place the double C’s were flying high.

All the windows along Brompton Road were transformed into a little piece of Chanel heaven.

Showcasing the A/W collection.

Chanel also took root in the ground floor hall with a sumptuous beauty parlor. All the products displayed in huge glass jars, like shining boiled sweets.

For one very special day top make-up artist Marian Newman was there doing ‘Tweed Nails’, as a huge Chanel fan you can imagine my excitement and I booked my slot weeks in advance. Marian was absolutely lovely and my nails perfection. I only wish I had worn my tweed jackets so I could have had nails to match!

In the beauty parlor there was a photo-booth where I got to show off my new manicure.

Some special edition beauty products were created for the event too, my favourite was the Kensington lipstick in a Barbie pink.

Couture close up of intricate beading and sequins

Chanel also transformed part of Harrods into Chanel World, entering through a pearl curtain and finding yourself in a maze garden where the trees had Camellia flowers and even the watering can sported the double C’s. From the magical garden you could pass into a number of rooms each with a Chanel theme from Haute Couture, Coco’s play room, the perfume room, step into a giant 2.55 handbag and browse the books in the reading room. Unfortunately photos were not allowed so all I can show you are my sneaky ones taken on my phone.

Chanel clad Teddy’s in the toy room

Chanel dolls scale rue Cambon

Oversized Chanel 2.55 and jacket

Jovial Chanel mannequins

It truly was a wonderful experience, being in the world of Chanel.


7 thoughts on “Chanel takes over Harrods

  1. This looks fantastic. Love the nails. Just back from Amsterdam where I saw world-leading pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet in concert. Apparently he insists that Vivienne Westwood personally makes all his concert outfits, which made me think of you. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  2. Love, love, LOVE the nails. I’m a bit obsessed with doing mine in weird and wonderful colours – those are just fantastic. Hmmmm… how can I replicate this on my own nails? Emma

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