Shoe Saturday: Winter Warmers

 Ash Brizz                       Elle Jude

When the snow starts falling, as it inevitably will it is all too tempting to reach for the Wellies or uggs. How about something more stylish? I know, I know you won’t be tottering around Tesco in heels but let me finish! For something with grip so you won’t slip on the ice a cool flat alternative is the hidden wedge in the Brizz trainer from Ash. Or try a chunky heel, you can always spike your heel in the ice for grip – true story. The Jude from Elle ankle boots have a sturdy heel and gripped sole.

For the evening you can always grab a cab so leave the safe shoes at home and go for something a bit more swanky. I think these Boule clogs from Koah would be the perfect thing to wear with some thick wool tights. If you want to glam it up these Pedro Miralles boots are chic and will keep your ankles warm. Perfect with a little festive frock and black opaque tights.

Koah Boule                                           Pedro Miralles Salta

4 thoughts on “Shoe Saturday: Winter Warmers

  1. I have a Clarks clogs which looks just like the Koah Boule clogs minus the fur. If I had to choose one of these for myself, it would probably be the Elle Jude boots – wonder if they are comfy for walking?

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