An Easy Way to Work the1920’s Style

From Chanel to Spijkers and Spijkers there is a real 1920s influence on fashion trends for spring/summer 2012. Fashion in this period was all about fun and glamour combined however it can be a very hard one to pull off. The iconic Flapper girl is tall and willowy with a boyish figure and short bobbed hair, perfect if you were born that way but many of us were not. Personally I break out in a cold sweat at the very sight of a dropped waist dress! So how can you still work this trend with a different body shape? The easiest way, as with all trends is to go for the accessories. A string of knotted beads and the all important shoes!

The key to the 1920s shoe trend is a low heel, because you can’t do the Charlston in a pair of skyscrapers! Atelier Voisin have nailed this trend with their wonderful collection. I particularly like the Mary-Jane styled ‘New Poche’ (shown here in black suede but also available in nude) and the stunning ‘Solale’ with brogue style detailing. The shape of the shoe is also important, aim for an elongated almond shaped toe, not too pointy and not too round, somewhere in between. This combined with a low heel, around two inches, gives a very elegant, vintage style.

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