LFW AW12: Teatum Jones

During London fashion week schedules are always pretty hectic, sometimes you can end up with four shows clashing! I really hate to let any of the designers down and miss the show so a huge thank you to Lawrence for attending on my behalf and writing this fantastic review. I am enthralled with the delicious AW12 collection ‘Once Upon an Innocence’ the Wilhelm pants and ethereal prints, everything is so right for now:

I was very delighted to swipe PearlÔÇÖs invitation off her oh-so-busy schedule to attend the Teatum Jones presentation at the ravishing Heritage Suite on the third floor of the iconic Liberty of London department store. As I clutched the textured forest green invitation at the entrance of the stunning monochrome tutor building, a man approached me and immediately directed to the lift, leading my way to the third floor. Subsequently upon arrival, Ushered in by friendly ladies from Trace Publicity. Then a sharp looking waiter appeared after I scribbled my name down on the guest list ÔÇô I picked up a glass of fresh apple juice with lashings of ice and walked into the beautifully carved wooden walls of the suite.
I was greeted by ┬¢ of Teatum Jones; Rob Jones who designs with his pal Catherine Teatum (who I also shared a few words with) ÔÇô As you probably have noticed by now, the label is named after each otherÔÇÖs surnames combined. Having both been separately schooled in menswear design they both had work experience working for Luella Bartley, Warren Noronha and John Richmond before setting the label up in 2009.
Rob was telling me that the inspiration for the collection was a blend of 20th century Hollywood crime scene photography and 19th century GrimmÔÇÖs fairy tales in a modern wayÔÇô If Hansel & Gretel was to happen today… It would receive a front page story of every respectable newspaper (WORLDWIDE) But I shall say this; the odd inspiration did translate into something very exquisite and alluring.

The colour palette was a mix of conservative shades of charcoals and khaki against the electric magenta pinks and fluorescent lime green a somewhat accustomed trademark of the label with their colour schemes. The fabrics ranged from chalky tweeds, stonewashed silks and thick pressed wool. The fabulous cocktail dresses had special hidden pockets and pleats within that revealed coloured smoke clouds in the panelled print that was splattered across skirts, trousers, free-hugging blouses and frilly backs of the tasteful midi dresses. The waist and neckline was underscored by the use of pony hair neon kelly green belts ÔÇô The colour was also used on seams and colour-blocking silk turn-ups. The bygone Hollywood glamour inspiration was thrown out of context by the idea of children playing in their fatherÔÇÖs jackets – Acted out by the exaggerated gold-poppers, chunky zips on the oversized tailored coats with bubble sleeves and patch pockets.

Overall the collection is excellent, Charming and sexy without being outrageous. IÔÇÖm quite certain Liberty will pick up the collection in store for sale ÔÇô Fingers crossed a few pieces will be featured in editorials to come. I wish Rob and Catherine the best for your pretty label, it was very nice meeting you and now I know that I remind you and look like your intern ;D
Big thanks to Pearl and Trace Publicity
Lawrence (Eclectic Uniform blog)

LFW AW12: How my Blackberry saw it!

I love capturing little moments on my phone to Tweet and Facebook so I wanted to share some of my favourites.

┬á1. Traveling down to London, hurling my stupidly over stuffed suitcase but keeping snug in my new McQ scarf from TK Maxx. 2. Bora Aksu show invite I love the illustration, I am planing on framing some of favourite ones. 3. I was wearing these white pop socks when a little girl sat next to me informed me they didn’t match my outfit, she was about 7 years old, kids are just so honest! 4. The sun rising over Somerset House. 5. My new shoe obsession, I took a fair few pairs down to London but I just wanted to wear this pair all the time, moss green velvet Moschino’s another TK Maxx bargain. 6. Inside the BFC show space, it is mind blowing just how many people they fit into it. 7. Inside the Savoy Lancaster ballroom for the Maria Grachvogel show such a beautiful building. 8. Awaiting the front row at Maria Grachvogel. 9. Jameela Jamil presenting live from LFW. 10. Ketchup in little tiny pots, cute. 11. Brix Smith Start and pug Gladys, yes she really is as lovely as she looks on TV. 12. The Antipodium look book shoot, more on that to come. 13. Toe shoes! With The Fashion Turd. 14. Baby Bell on a cheese plate, it is just wrong! 15. and 16. London at night, so beautiful, outside the Louise Gray show. 17. The prettiest invite from Aminaka Wilmont, a tiny credit card wrapped in tissue and covered in blue glitter. 18. Show invites, it never fails to impress me just how much detail and creativity goes into them.

LFW might only last for 6 days but it is such a huge part of any one in the fashion industries life. I still have all my show reviews to come which I can’t wait to share.

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

LFW AW12: Maria Grachvogel

Maria Grachvogel AW12

Elegance for the cool girl. This is what I always think when I see Maria Grachvogel’s collections. The long flowing gowns, the wide legged trousers, the draping, every piece Red carpet worthy. Yet every piece could also be worn on the streets of London, in a nightclub … wherever you so choose. That to me is the key to her allure, it is echoed in the styling of this seasons collection, chunky platform wedge boots, both ankle and knee high in black, grey and bone. Designed for Grachvogel by Atlanta Weller they are tough. Yet they work seamlessly with the collection, where other designers would have chosen dainty strappy little heels, Grachvogel choose boots perhaps to signify the wearability of her collection as well as to highlight the fact she has never feared away from anything. She went to work in the City to raise capital to set up her own label, she was one of the first to recognise the potential of Victoria Beckham when she had her walk in the February 2000 show. Long before Beckham was taken seriously in the fashion world.

The signature print of the collection was the firework ‘explosion’ print white hot with reds and greens against smoky black. There were touches of a delicate leopard print with shimmering gold lame, mottled green with charcoal gray, jewel colours peridot and garnet, petrol blue. Whilst elegant there was a relaxed feel, reminiscent of the Deco and jazz eras. A time of freedom in dressing and a new found confidence for women. Wonderful statement jewellery designed by Erickson Beamon for Grachvogel complimented the collection. With deco cuffs and earrings, long and collar length tusk necklaces in oxidised silver and gold.

Grachvogel explained to The Wall Street Journal “I donÔÇÖt know if you saw the chocolate dress with the belt? ThereÔÇÖs three different ways of wearing that, depending on whether you wear it with the belt, without the belt, very short, kind of almost tunic-y. So that takes you from the office to an evening dress to, I donÔÇÖt know, if you are just going out for dinner or clubbing in the evening and want something even bordering on casual. So I think itÔÇÖs that effortlessness and that ease that really sums up the collection.”

There is something about seeing a collection on the runway that you can never fully appreciate from a photograph or on a store hanger. You see the ‘realness’, you see how each garment hangs on a woman’s frame. You can see how the different fabrics react together when layered. The way a wide trouser leg swishes from the side, the drape of a drop back gown. One thing Grachvogel’s collection sparked in me was a desire to try on these pieces, not just one, but all of them. This is not just from seeing the clothes but also how the designer describes them. The signature Magic pants, called so for their unique cut, with seams running up the back of the leg, are designed with the satin side of the fabric against the skin. I mean just think about that, really imagine how that would feel. So silky and luxurious, teamed with a pair of black leather biker boots, you couldn’t not feel invincible, which is of course Grachvogel’s aim to make all women feel like women.

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Shoe Saturday: The Ultimate Proposal

United Nude ‘Block Pump’, outside the Savoy

A young man named Rem Koolhaas, was in love with a girl. He tried everything he could to win back her affections after she jilted him. He tried and tried to no avail. Then he decided upon a brilliant idea, a crazy idea. To design her a shoe. Then he met Galahad, who just happened to be the heir to the footwear dynasty Clarks! They came together to create the brand United Nude.

 The brand has produced some beautiful and breathtaking architectural shoes. The Mobius was one of their first designs, nothing before had ever been seen like it. It is now available in knee and ankle boots and is one of their classic designs. The Eamz is a gravity defying court shoe, its sole elevated from the heel. This is a truly innovate shoe brand, born out of love and continued with passion.

LFW The Trends: Style Steal

As London fashion week draws to a close, no time is spared before the models are stalking down the Milan runways. With New York down and Paris still to come we are only half way through the fashion season however some strong trends are already starting to emerge. You will be pleased to know that many of the key trends from spring/summer can be carried through to next season. Prints are here to stay wear clashing now and with rich jewel colours for later. Pastels, traditionally summery but sticking around for winter, just team with greys for a  fresh take. With the Olympics hitting London the sporting event has had influence over fashion. Be it silk bomber jackets or brightly coloured trainers this is an easy trend to work through any season.

Here I have picked out some of my favourite street style looks incorporating trans-seasonal trends, plus some easy ways to shop their look.

Sport Luxe

Charlotte of Fashion Guitar

Leather Jacket, Pink Bag, Hi-Top trainers: all TK Maxx.com

Casual Tailoring

Wool hat, Red Sunglasses, Blue Jeans: all TKMaxx.com

All Season Pastels

Sarah of Fashion Dotty

Red cardigan, Printed scarf, Court shoes: all TK Maxx.com

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

LFW AW12: Round Up Day 6

That’s it, London fashion week AW12 is over. The season ended with Menswear and went out with a bang. There is some seriously hot talent in Menswear, which is often over looked with all the hoopla for Women’s wear. Kate Moss sitting front row with husband Jamie Hince at James Small gave the day a celebrity hit which is very much needed to gain exposure for the the designers.

For autumn/ winter you would be forgiven for mistaking these trends for summer. There were lots of bright colours including sunshine yellow and neon pink, plenty of cut-out details, crochet and mesh, even shorts, yes shorts for winter.

On the street the looks were dapper, many favouring full suiting or simple elements such as a blazer, brogues or cravat. Prints were were also chosen by many, echoed in the runway collections, subtle pastel prints will be big news come autumn. All this sounds very formal yet quite the opposite is true. Sportswear influences will always be popular on the street be it trainers with a suit or a casual rucksack.

One lesson we should learn from the guys is their eye for detail. This is something I actually feel many Menswear retailers are missing a trick with. The department stores are very drab, even monotonous with row upon row of extremely similar merchandise. Yet the men are just as keen, actually perhaps more interested in finding something unique in this mass market world. Talking to guys today from a range of ages and backgrounds the majority wanted something special, something different, perhaps limited edition or rare vintage. One group of well dressed young men got really excited telling me how they shopped, how they found a piece to complete their look. From new season Nike’s to bargains in TK Maxx, one thing is for sure, guys love to shop and image is everything!

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

(Kate Moss image via Grazia Live)

LFW AW12: What Pearl Wore Day 6

That’s it folks, London fashion week AW12 has drawn to a close. As you can see it was rather windy and cold which meant I couldn’t wear the outfit I had planned. Instead I pulled on this moth eaten old wool jumper, which my mum absolutely hates – sorry mum, but I love it! I am wearing mostly vintage with the exception of my F&F skirt, Louboutin’s and my TK Maxx snakeskin effect clutch. This clutch is huge with lots of pockets so I use it a lot and as you know I can’t get enough of clutch bags.


LFW AW12: What Pearl Wore Day 5

This post is dedicated to everyone who has asked what my problem with earrings is. It genuinely is that I always forget, but here you go lots and lots of earrings! I wanted to go for a mix of texture rather than colour with this outfit so matched the velvet shoes from TK Maxx with the Prada fuzzy clutch, Aran knit and chiffon dress. Many, many bulky layers today as it really is perishingly cold. With thanks to Florrie and David for the shots.

This look was also featured on:

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