My Vivienne Westwood Shoe Collection

Top: fuchsia suede boots with rosette, Bag boots tan, Bag boots black, Bondage boots black, Bondage boots yellow, Pirate boots brown, Sack boots brown, Sack boots black.
Upper Mid: Mary Jane red, Mary Jane black, Low 3-strap black, Low 3-strap silver, T-bar silver, Piped Court silver, Piped Court brown, Roman 3-strap yellow.
Lower Mid: Sack boots grey, Argyle Peep toe, Crackle gold t-bars,Animal Toe Mule red, Animal Toe Court black suede, Tracy Trainer beige leather, Tracy Trainer beige canvas multi striped.
Bottom: Bow slingbacks black, Tartan Gille, Melissa Lady Dragon Heart black, Melissa Lady Dragon Heart red, Melissa Lady Dragon Cherry white, T-bar beige, Temptation black.

You all knew I was obsessed, but did you ever realise just how much? Thought it would be nice to have a light hearted post after yesterdays, but thank you all immensely for your comments. So here is my entire Vivienne Westwood shoe collection. The odd pair have come and gone. But this is what I have amassed over ten years. Quite ridiculous isn’t it, but as Carrie Bradshaw says I like my money where I can see it, in my closet!

27 thoughts on “My Vivienne Westwood Shoe Collection

  1. They really are beautiful, aren’t they!
    I’m loving my brown MJs, but haven’t posted about them yet. They are very comfy, I think it is having those toes shaped into them; they really do fit your foot!
    Glad you’re feeling a little more upbeat today, but that previous post needed to be written,didn’t it?
    Z xx

    • You are right Zoe it did need to be said. My mum says I deserve all the shoes in exchange for feel so shit LOL! She actually just bought me those black mary-janes last week, which was so nice of her. Haven’t worn them yet as I always get them rubber soles so they last longer first. Can’t wait to see your pair 🙂 xx

    • There is 30 there! Oh dear that would be telling, Im not 100% sure but I think around 30 I’d say more than half are VW!

    • The Gold Label Mary Janes and Piped courts for sure, you can include the Sack boots with that too as they are just the Piped courts inside. The Accessories Sack boots are really comfy too but you already know that! The Crackle t-bars and the bow sling backs are that exact shape too so really comfy. Now I used to wearing heel I wear the Bondage boots all the time too but I do get these in a size up as I find them more comfortable this way. Of course the Pirate boots are comfy too but they do need breaking in the first few wears, I haven’t worn the Roman sandals out yet as they are for summer but they feel like they are going to be lived in so comfy and as you can adjust the width really perfect. I think thats why I love VW shoes so much because they are so comfy. Except the Melissa’s though but then they aren’t really proper shoes for wearing daily anyway just a bit of fun.

      • Thank you so much for the info. I’ve been having a hard time deciding on new shoes to get, since one of my resolutions is to stop buying uncomfortable shoes I can’t wear, so this helps a lot!

        • Happy to help, feel free to bombard me with questions LOL! But you are on a safe bet if you go for any of the Gold Label shoes xx

  2. I love shoes, my husband recently sighed and asked if, as we’re redecorating, I should ‘put in more shoe storage’ rather than curb my habit. Hahaha!

  3. WOW fantastic collection, there’s no doubt about it that when you are feeling down the thought of shoes can perk you up, it may sound superficial, but who cares.

  4. Wow, what an amazing collection! How many of these do you wear on a regular basis?

    I only have Melissas, because I am vegan so leather shoes are totally off my radar. I really regret not getting that t-bar style in red, and also the pale blue ones with the red heart on the front. Will have to keep stalking ebay.

    • Other than the t-bar pair I don’t really wear any of the Mellissa’s that often as I don’t think they are all that comfortable for when you have to walk far, I wear all the others daily. I think that’s why I ended up with so many pairs as I they are very comfy and easy to wear.

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