What To Wear For Fashion Week!

Clothes strewn all over the place, no floor visible, an empty suitcase longs to be filled – and regrets it as soon as it is heaving at the seams, panic, invites and excitement… it can only mean London fashion week is here again! I will be dragging my suitcase to London today to meet up with fellow blogger Florrie and hit the shops before the insanity begins. I am looking forward to seeing what the London branches of TK Maxx have in store, hitting up a few beauty counters and then a relaxing early night.

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom is joining forces with TK Maxx again this season to report on the goings on at LFW. I will be taking over TK Maxx’s Twitter too so be sure to follow us both @pearlwestwood and @TKMaxx_UK for live updates. I will of course be updating the blog daily with what I wore, street style, the models, the celebs and of course reports from the shows.

What to Wear to Fashion Week

I get asked a lot about what to wear for fashion week. It is a tricky subject┬á I guess and really depends on your objective. If you are just going to see the shows and review collections then it really doesn’t matter what you wear. The thing is with the explosion of street style, photographers are everywhere. Even if you don’t intend on being photographed you invariably will. Of course most fashion editors and buyers have a great sense of style, in fact this is what caused the fevered interest in editors who are now style icons such as Anna Dello Russo and Emanuel Alt.

On day whilst I was waiting to meet someone just outside the arena, it was pouring down with rain and people were rushing around trying to keep dry. A woman hurried past with a plastic carrier bag on her head. I’m not joking she wore it like a beanie hat! Perhaps she had just left the salon, who knows. Out of nowhere two photographers appears, who could resist! But the woman was really upset about having her photo taken, she asked them to delete the images. The thing was they wouldn’t, which I think was really rude behavior. But the lesson to be learned is that there will be photographers everywhere so be sure you are ready to get snapped!

How to get Street Style Photographed at Fashion Week

These days however there are people who go specifically to fashion weeks just to get snapped by street style photographers. You can easily spot them as they walk in laps around Somerset House. Many wear outrageous outfits to lure in the snappers. Of course with the fashion crowd there are those who wear crazy outfits every day too. As soon as you enter Somerset House you are met with a fleet of photographers some experienced faces you will recognise others new to the blogging scene. You can divide the paps into two groups, 1. those of the professional ilk Tommy Tom, The Sartorialist et al who are after stylish Vogue worthy snaps and 2. those after a more fun, striking photos. Thus depending on whose attention you are trying to grab will have effect on your outfit. If its the former you need to think chic, if its the latter OTT!

The rules:

1. Look like a model, sorry but it is true if you look like a model or are in fact an actual model you can wear whatever the hell you want and get snapped.

2. Be tall, kind of comes with the model thing but towering above everyone else is sure to get you noticed.

3. Wear Celine

4. Wear something simple like jeans and a white shirt but load it up with accessories, statement necklaces and arm fulls of shiny bracelets is a must.

5. Wear something this season from a runway collection, nice bright colours help too think Prada, Miu Miu, Pierre Hardy.

6. Have swishy hair, everyone loves a hair swish.

7. Wear socks which clash with your shoes, you may well only get your feet in a photo but still its something.

8. Wear something on your head, like Carrie Bradshaw’s bird or ADR’s cherrys, the bigger the better.

9. Wear more Celine

10. Go naked -well it would get everyone’s attention 😉

Outside Margaret Howell

How to Take Street Style Photographs

Walking up to a stranger and asking to take their picture can be quite daunting. The only way to start is to jump right in! Fashion week is a good place to begin as there are lots of others doing the same thing and people are expecting to be snapped! There is a bit of snobbery with street style, some will only give credit to the long standing photographers, but even they had to start somewhere. I am sure Scott Shulman didn’t wake up one morning with a Canon DSLR attached to his hand. Everyone was a beginner once. The main thing to remember is be polite. If you want to take someones photo ask them politely, offer then your business card so they know who you are and what you will do with their photo. Never badger, respect the fact someone may not want to be photographed. Also respect the fact that during fashion week people are there to see shows and shows often run late, clash and overlap. If someone is is a rush don’t stop them. If someone is happy to have their photo taken and they have time try and get them to stand against a nice, clean background, think about how the photo is set up. Also look for interesting details as these can make a great photo too, don’t just focus on the full look.

You can take all this with a pinch of salt though, fashion is there to be enjoyed! My philosophy is wear what you want, be yourself, do your job and soak it all up. One thing I do want to say is always remember that fashion weeks purpose is for designers to showcase their collections to buyers. They need their designs exposed and bought. I think people can forget this at times and get caught up in the atmosphere. The street style, the outfits are all just perks that a add an element of fun, the real business of fashion week is very serious and that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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