Company Style Blogger Awards: The Event

We had a hell of a ball at the Company Awards, it was a nice and somewhat rare chance for all of us bloggers to get together and have have time to chat – nope fashion week doesn’t count as we are all working and┬á rushing around.

Selina, Florrie; Margaret and Gemma


Charlotte, Akeela, Margaret, Fleur

Jen, Selina, Florrie

Akeela and Fi

The Company team

We might win…

We might not. We conceded that far more categories were needed in the awards especially a Blogger with the Best Boobs: winner Helga and a Blogger who is just generally Fabulous: winner Vix!

Charlotte’s hand made hat and clutch are made from old records, I was amazed listening to how she makes them.

A chance to see New Looks Spring/Summer collection, lots of pretty pastels and vibrant prints. I fell in love with a pair of printed trousers from their Limited Collection and would love to pair them with the snakeskin print heels you can see above.  There was also make overs by Gemma Kid Beauty and lovely canapes and cocktails.

You can see lots more photo’s from the event over on the Company site including┬áBlogger Style and all The Winners. Thanks Company for such a fun night!

9 thoughts on “Company Style Blogger Awards: The Event

  1. Haha! I love your winners/losers face! Hilarious. I love all the photos, follow most of these blogs myself! 🙂

    And they should DEF have a boobs category hahaha!

  2. Ah, bless you! It was lovely to see you with Margaret. I can’t believe you didn’t win, there’s no justice is there? You looked totally gorgeous. Yes, let’s have our own awards, then we’d all be winners! xxx

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